Vol. 143 Washington, Tuesday, May 13, 1997 No. 62

House of Representatives


Tuesday, May 13, 1997

Mr. Kim, Mr. Speaker, I rise today to recognize May as Motorcycle Awareness Month. In my home State of California alone, there are over 1 million motorcycle riders and. passengers. Having owned a motorcycle myself, I know that motorcycles are efficient and a fun means of transportation. Motorcyclists are an equal partner on the road and because of their small size, it is important for all road users to be aware of each other and learn to share the road. Though many people believe motorcycle drivers represent a select group, they are quite a diverse group of individuals that include lawyers, doctors, teachers, engineers, architects, law enforcement officers, military personnel, laborers, business owners and operators, veterans, city, county, State and Federal employees, elected officials, both male and female. Therefore it is important to recognize that motorcyclists are a large part of our community.

Since motorcyclists are at more of a risk due to their size, most riders take the California Motorcycle Safety course in order to be better equipped to share the road. Further, since the inception of the course, motorcycle accidents have decreased by 30 percent but, they are only halt of the equation because it is also important for cars, trucks, buses

and all other motor vehicles to realize it is necessary to look out for one another on the road and be cognizant of each other. It this were to be possible, accidents would decrease by even a larger percentage.

Motorcyclists are also recognized for their substantial contributions to the community given as individuals as well as through a number of organizations such as the Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs, the Modified Motorcycle Association, the American Motorcyclist Association, the California Motorcyclist Association, the Harley Owners Group, the Goldwing Touring Association, the Goldwing Road Riders Association, the American Brotherhood Aimed Toward Education Motorcycle Rights Organization, and many more. Through these organizations motorcyclists are able to promote Motorcycle awareness and safety throughout their community areas.

It is important to recognize the need for keen awareness on the part of all drivers that motorcycle riders are sharing the road with them. It is also essential to honor motorcyclists for their many contributions to the communities in which they live and ride. Thus, we should all take time out this month to make ourselves aware of motorcyclists and keep this awareness alive with every month that follows.

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