June 05, 1997

TO: Steve Shmerler
FROM: Hank Hallmark, ABATE Local 19 & 44
REF: Motorcycle Awareness

Dear Steven,

I am faxing you a copy of the U.S. Congressional Record of our motorcycle awareness effort here locally. I know Congressman Jay Kim and he promised he would try to get it in so here it is. They personally brought it by office. I hope we can get it distributed to all locals.

I would like to share with you the success of our local motorcycle awareness efforts. Local 44 & 19 coordinated many of our efforts because we share relationships with several of our representatives. We received proclamations some joint rom Senator Jim Brulte, Assemblymen Bill Leonard and Fred Aguiar, the county of San Bernardino Board of Supervisors and the cities of Rancho Cucamonga and Victorville.

Senator Pete Knight and Assemblyman Keith Oldberg put our resolution through the Senate and Assembly and as I understand, it was passed by both. So we will be getting it presented to us at Local 44's July meeting!

As a result of our efforts, several interesting and hopefully productive opportunities have been presented to us. First, Ms. Leslie Whitney, the lady who lost her brother - Craig Denbow - in a motorcycle accident, Local 19's Vice President and a CMSP instructor and I will be meeting with Assemblyman Fred Aguiar or staff later this month to see what assistance he can be in getting the DMV California Driver's Training manual updated with more "motorcycle awareness" content. That afternoon we will be taping a TV program on "motorcycle awareness" at a local TV station and later that afternoon a reporter from a local newspaper will be interviewing us for an article on "motorcycle awareness."

Looks like we might be getting some "good PR" for a change!

Yesterday I heard from an assembly friend. He related that Dick Floyd was "badmouthing" ABATE folks questioning our birth circumstances and other such stuff. My friend's boss, Assemblyman Keith Oldberg was shocked to hear that type of talk about ABATE as he knows most of us in the High Desert. I'm giving some thought to a personal letter to Mr. Floyd.

I'm going to send a hard copy of the Congressional Record info to State ABATE Office and request that they provide a copy to each Local. This recognition is for the whole organization and each local should have a copy for their membership.

Hank Hallmark
1-800-360-3069 (fax & phone)

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