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STOP Junk Mail

Method #1: - This is for all that crap you get day in and day out that you don't open and normally just trash.

Go to your local print or copy store, invest $5 and buy a simple rubber stamp (self-inking cost more) with the words: Return to Sender Unsolicited Mail

Then, on every piece of unsolicited piece of junk you get (be sure there's a return address) simply:

  • Stamp the letter,
  • Run 2 lines diagonally through your address,
  • And put it right back in the mail box!

Return to Sender!

The letter will go back to the sender and hopefully they'll take you off their mailing list and, additionally, not sell your name to other mass marketers.

Just keep stamping and returning and eventually your junk mail will thin out.

Method #2: Junk Mail with Prepaid Postage Return Envelopes. Take all the junk the sender sent you, put it in their return evelope, cross out your name to make sure they don't send you whatever it is they're selling and send it all back their outer envelope that was addressed to you too. It's their junk, why should we have to throw it away? Besides, they've offered to pay for it, so why the heck not take them up on it. You might include a note to take you off their mailing list.


In the meantime, if you're anything like me, I get a small but devilish kick with each letter I return. It isn't much, but... it's a bit of control back.

Imagine if everyone started doing this...

  Tell your friends...

              Tell your kids...

                          Tell them to tell their friends, familiy and kids...

                                      Pass it on...

                                                Have Fun!

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