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We Asked a Number of Helmet Companies:

"I'd like to know which of your helmets will give me the most safety and impact protection at highway speeds. Do you have a list or chart by impact rating so I can buy the safest one?"

Here are some "highlights". But don't miss reading the full text oour our correspondence back and forth.

"It is not that little data is available, rather, the data that is available is not really applicable to street use." - Racer's Market

"A helmet that can take one of our headforms through these two impacts unscathed could probably handle a single impact somewhat greater than 17.3 mph but certainly no more than 23 mph." - Ed Becker Snell

"The laws of physic leads one to assume that there is a point after which a helmets will not protect your head from injury, but I can't tell you what that point is." - Pete Salters Laser Helmets

"... the speed of impact with a heavy helmet when you don't hit something with your head is important, as the heavier helmet stretches your neck more, with more risk of neck injuries." - Racer's Market

"All of our helmets meet the requirements for DOT FMVSS-218, the highest safety standard administered by the Dept. of Transport." - AFX Helmets

"All of our helmets pass the DOT safety standards." - BELL Helmets

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