Sen. Ben Nighthorse Campbell
Lays it Down...

DENVER, Sept 23 (Reuter) - Rebpublican Sen. Ben Nighthorse Campbell was being treated in the hospital Monday for multiple fractures to his right arm sustained when he fell off his motorcyle, his spokesman said.

Campbell, who switched parties after being elected as a Democrat, was injured near Cortez, Colorado in the southwestern corner of the state when he was riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle while viewing the changing colors of the Aspen trees Saturday, spokesman James Doyle said.

"He just hit some gravel," Doyle said. Physicians have not been able to set the arm and it is not yet known when Campbell will be released.

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Follow up:
Wednesday, September 25, 1996

In follow up to our post on Monday, I spoke with James Doyle at the Senator's office today who told me that the Senator is being treated at Southwest Memorial Hospital in Cortez, Colorado for multiple fractures of his right arm. He is expected to be released tomorrow and on his way to full recovery along with his bike which is in the shop.

Colorado is not a mandatory helmet state and as you can imagine, the reporters all want to know if the Senator was wearing a helment. He wasn't, of course, and only sustained injuries to his right arm. The Senator credits the isolation of his injuries to his ability to ride, Judo training and knowing how to fall. I'd say the key concept here is "training", (but we knew that). I was stoked to learn that the Senator was 3 times Judo Olympic Champion in the 1960's including winning "the Gold" in the Pan Am Games in 1963!

If anyone wishes to send a card please send them to:

Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell
405 County Road 334
Ignacio, CO 81137

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