Bike Tanks Discovered in Waterbed
Believed to be over a Million Years Old!

What appeared to be a pair of everyday normal rocks have authorities and experts baffled. Biker Steve Relremhs, came upon these rocks resting in a stream in Kings Canyon State Park after breaking down and hiking to find an extra quart of oil. While crossing the stream, he immediately noticed their similarity to his tanks on his scoot. Upon closer examination Mr. Relremhs noted the rocks were a pair and had what appeared to be marks where holes once were for fuel.

"Yeah those suckers are tanks alright. Don't know how they turned to stone but they weighed a ton!" said Relremhs. But they weren't nearly as petrified as authorities who were hard pressed to explain how a pair of motorcycle tanks turned to rock and were estimated to be thousands of years old.

"The evidence of these rocks certainly lends credence to extra-terrestrial life here or possibly an earlier advanced civilization on Earth such as Atlantis" said Dr. Jim Nasium, professor of Astro Physics at Cal Tech.

Neither the CHP or Pete Wilson were available for comment, but Dick Floyd stated, "I don't care if those tanks were God's, the helmet law stays!"

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