Signs We'd Like To See

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We be edumacated

Enough said

Image3 Image4
The "other" white meat...

Irony at its finest

Image5 Image6
Leave your soul at the front gate, please

Going Postal?

Image8 Image9
I don't even know what to say for this one

Seems like a fun family vacation spot

Image10 Image11

Higher Education? A major dilemma

Image12 Image13
Turbo bar stool, VERY cool

Image14 Image15
Some times a name change is the best idea

If you say so!

Image16 Image17
I think I'll keep driving!

A little extreme, I think!

        Image18 Image19
Somehow I don't think that will work!

Now there's a movie you don't see everyday!

DISCLAIMER: We're normally very strict about credits and copyright protection. Someone sent this in annonymously and we can't give credit, but wanted to share this as it's already in the public domain online. We certainly don't mean to take credit for the above. If ever we find out who owns these photos, we'll be happy to credit them, assuming they'll let us keep the page posted.

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