I Hope Nobody Famous slips in the Bathroom!

Wednesday, January 7, 1998

Due to the untimely deaths of Congressman Sonny Bono (R-CA) and
Michael Kennedy in skiing accidents, the issue of mandatory
helmet use for skiers is being raised (again).  MSNBC's Web page is discussing the
issue of mandatory helmet use for skiers.  We are encouraging members to
contact the Web page and voice your concerns.  By making our feelings known we
can raise the consciousness surrounding helmet issues.  By contacting the
WebSite it may generate additional coverage of the issues on NBC. 

The Website address for more information on Congressman Bono's death and the
icon to get to the BBS for comments is:


The question asked is: How do you feel about requiring snow skiers to wear
helmets?  You may then post your comments on the MSNBC's BBS. If you want to
skip the article on Congressman Bono's death and go directly to the website to
make comments and to read others comments you may go to:


 For further information contact Steve Zimmer at Steve@mrf.org or contact the
MRF at 202-546-0983.



How To Kill Skiing and Freedom Too...

Fact: most accidents occur in the bathroom. I wonder when we'll be facing mandatory floor mats and safety gear in all bathrooms, private and public. Don't laugh...

Wanna kill the sport of skiing? It's easy. Just try to make skiers wear helmets. The Insurance Industry has already taken over the roads and the medical profession. Ever wonder why your lift ticket costs $50? Insurance. Why? Because we sue for hang nails in this country and the general public has bought into the notion that if you slip on someone's driveway that they are responsible. Bullshit! Well, everyone that has filed a claim for such nonsence is today finding that the Insurance Industry has become way too powerful and immessed in our day to day business and personal affairs, that they are running the show. And if they feel helmets on skiiers are a must to absolve their insurred clients from liability, then whether or not helmets make scientific or Constitutional sense won't matter. Why? No helmet will = no insurance. No insurance = no state license. Got it?

Hopefully States like Colorado won't give in and any state that does can rest assured that just like many folks stopped riding because of mandatory helmet laws, so will many skiiers. The big difference is, many folks can choose where to ski... and they will.

What we are experiencing today is "payback". Our debt to theinsurance industry has come back to haunt all of us. Eisenhower said to fear the Military Industrial Complex. Yes, but I think it's the Insurance Industry that will eventually destroy our freedoms, healthcare and freedom of commerce.

Resist them....

I wonder how the 10th Mountain Division who fought for our freedom in the Alps in the 2nd World War will respond to this?


Open Letter to the 10Th Mountain Divsion:

To Whom it May Concern;

I just learned of both S. Bono and M. Kennedy's skiing accident deaths and that there is a lot of discussion now about requiring helmets for skiers.

My father was in the 10th Mountain Division - Army Ski Troops and fought in Italy. As a result, I grew up skiing, visited camp Hale and went to college in Denver and still ski Colorado today.

I believe that helmets are a personal choice and while they may provide some safety benefits, as with motorcycle helmets, there are many instances where helmets cause neck injury and more severe impact due to the increased inertia from the helmet weight, not to mention reduced hearing and sight impairment.

I felt compelled to write the 10t Mountain Division, because you more than anyone understand the sport, it's idiosyncrasies, safety and are responsible for starting commercial skiing in the USA not to mention... having fought for our freedom so heroically in Europe...

What a slap in the face to the 10th Mountain Division's work and the lives sacrificed that the notoriety of 2 "famous" individuals coupled with an over meddling and over zealous Insurance Industry would dare to trample on our sacred freedoms.


Steven Shmerler

Father: Sgt. Walter Shmerler, 10th Mountain Division.