Age Requirement

21 Years Old



Chapter 20, Operation of Motorized Cycles; Subchapter 1. Motorcycles, motor-driven cycles, and motorized bicycles; Section 27-20-104 Standard equipment required . . . (b) :


The fine according to Pope County is $100.00.


27-20-104 Standard equipment required . . . (b) :


"Since this section bears a reasonable, real, and substantial relation to the public health, safety, and welfare, it is constitutional as a valid exercise of the police power of the state." Penney v. City of North Little Rock, 248 Ark. 1158, 455 S.W.2d 132 (1970).

(NOTE: This decision has to do with the limited question of the State's right to impose safety regulation on individuals under the police powers, and not on the subject of unconstitutional vagueness. In other words, the definition of "protective headgear" is vague; which means the Arkansas statute requiring motorcyclists to wear "protective headgear" is vague; which means the Arkansas helmet law is unconstitutional . . . Penney v. City of North Little Rock notwithstanding.)



HB 1024 - 2/8/03 - failed in committee! R.I.P.

HB 1024 - 1/13/03 - Rep. Bledsoe has submitted a bill to rescind Freedom of Choice of persons 21 and over by revising Arkansas Vehicle Code 27-20-104(b)1 to require that ALL Riders wear helmets. The Bill is currently in committee... there is a 'grass-roots' movement to get signatures on a support petition to strike-down the bill and not change the current law. DO NOT LOSE YOUR FREEDOM of CHOICE: GET INVOLVED!

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