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ABATE of MA merges into MMA
MMA to Support PAC

(Waltham, MA) The Boards of Directors of ABATE of MA, Inc., and the Massachusetts Motorcycle Association (MMA) approved and signed an AGREEMENT dated July 31, 2003, wherein ABATE of MA would cease operations effective December 31, 2003, as a 'member based' organization, incorporating its members into the Massachusetts Motorcycle Association.

   "After taking over as Director of ABATE of MA," say David Condon, "I found that our efforts overlapped with those of the MMA. Duplication at the State House was causing some confusion among the State Officials and their Staff, and was counterproductive in advancing our issues for the motorcyclists of this state."

   Jimi Ricci, Chairman of the MMA, welcomed the unification of the two groups.  "Like most states with more than one organization advocating motorcyclists' issues, that '2nd organization' starts when a few are disgruntled.  The MMA has shown over the past two legislative sessions we are getting things done at the State House and in other government agencies, and working together will increase results vs. working separately."

   Both organizations established a working committee which met over the past six months working on the terms of the Agreement.  The MMA will maintain the rights to the ABATE of MA, Inc., name.

   ABATE PAC (political action committee) will remain with new officers.  It is expected the PAC will get a boost of activity and donations from MMA members in supplementing legislative efforts, especially enactment of the adult helmet choice bill, Senate, No. 1363, presently in the Senate Ways and Means Committee.

   Under state law, the MMA, as a not-for-profit organization, may contribute to a PAC to lobby officials.  Plans are underway with both organizations to boost revenues to the ABATE PAC as a result of this merger.

   The full agreement will be displayed shortly on both organizations web sites (www.mma-of-ma.com and www.abateofma.com).

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