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TO: All Concerned Motorcyclist in Illinois
FROM: ABATE of Illinois Legislative
RE: EPA Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (ANPRM)

On December 7, 2000, the EPA released their Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking. This 66-page document would bring California Emission standards to Illinois. The EPA is seeking comment on this document by FEBRUARY 5, 2001. The ANPRM can be read in its entirety at:


In short, this document will set the guidelines for globalization for Highway Motorcycles. Catalytic converters, anti-tampering, use of life, the elimination of after market parts, and an agenda to force manufacturers to harmonize their product with the European market are all proposed in this rule making document.

This year in an effort to stop these blatant assaults to freedom, ABATE of Illinois will embark on one of the largest letter writing campaigns to date. Post card and letters will be available at the ABATE of Illinois seminar for you to take back to your chapters, but TODAY we are asking you to send the EPA your ELECTRONIC COMMENTS.

You may submit your ELECTRONIC COMMENTS via e- mail to nranprm@epa.gov. In your correspondence, remember to be courteous and refer to Docket A- 2000-01. Below is a list of talk point that you may copy and paste or modify if you choose. Be looking for the official ABATE of Illinois Comment document to be posted on the Web site in the very near future.
  1. If, according to the EPA, following statement is true, why do we need to impose more restrictive standards on motorcycles. "Emissions of the targeted pollutants have been significantly reduced in many areas. Average carbon monoxide and ozone levels, as well as the number of non-attainment areas, are beginning to decreased."

  2. Highway motorcycles were never discussed in the litigation leading up to this proposed rule and Highway Motorcycles should not be used as a bargaining chip to placate the Sierra Club.

  3. The actions of CARB have led to the actual banning of some off highway vehicles. The elimination of any type of motorcycle will not be accepted.

  4. The EPA failed to take into account the modifications that individuals make to Motorcycles and would make those actions illegal and would decimate the after market parts industry of motorcycling.

  5. The EPA proposed rule would jeopardize the same business aspects of the small motorcycle manufacturers and motorcycle custom shops as the motorcycle after market part suppliers.

  6. After all, it is said that if we have to explain it, you wouldn't understand. Motorcycles are not an item of machinery they are a life style, a passion, a piece of art. The EPA should leave motorcyclists alone and better focus their efforts on the tons of thousands of smoke stakes across our landscape.

Remember the dead line is FEBRUARY 5th, feel free to call us with any questions. "United we stand and divided we fall."

Cheryl Pearre 815-758-0517 Assistant Legislative Coordinator

Todd Vandermyde 630-428-1863 Legislative Coordinator


More info: MRF info on this issue

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