The following is a position statement from Suzan G. Doyle of the Automobile Cub of Southern California in response to Scott Marcotte's letter regarding AB-244 and other helmet concerns:

Automobile Club of Southern California

Feb. 3rd, 1997

Dear Mr. Marcotte:

The Auto Club's decision to support the helmet law, beginning
with its support of AB 36 (Floyd, D-Carson) in 1987, has always
been based on the safety benefits of wearing a helmet, not on
any impact such legislation may have on the insurance industry.

The Auto Club has been reviewing the supporting data and the 
results of studies regarding motorcycle helmets for many years,
some of which are probably the same studies which you mentioned
in your letter. However, Auto Club safety experts have reseached
a different conclusion than you have regarding the relaibility
of these studies. They have determined that these studies, and 
many others, are reliable and indicate that using helmets redcues 
the number of motorcyclists who suffer head injuries or die as 
the results of accidents.

About $1.00 of your membership dues funds the Auto Club's Public
Affairs programs. These programs include school safety patrols
and pedestrian safety audits, bicycle safety programs, and
alcohol education programs to prevent drinking and driving. A
small portion of this $1.00 funds Auto Club lobbying activities.

The Auto Club takes many factors into account when determining
whether to support or opose particular pieces of legislation.
The Auto Club was formed for many purposes, two of which are
to promote just and uniform legislation regarding the ownership
and use of motor vehicles and to promote the general interest
of the motoring public. Therefore, it looks to more than just
member opinion when making those decisions.

It is unfortunate we do not agree on the helmet law issue.
Howevr, member opinion varies on this issue and therefore, we
are unable to agree with all of our members.

Suzan G. Doyle
Associate Counsel

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