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BELL Helmets

Sunday, May 23, 1999

From: Steven Shmerler <sas@sasnet.com>
Subject: Trying to by the best helmet

Dear Bell,

I would like to know which of your models will give me the most safety and impact protection at highway speeds. Do you have a list or chart by impact rating so I can buy the safest one?

Many thanks,

Dear Steven,

All of our helmets pass the DOT safety standards. Some of our helmets also pass the Snell safety standards (see www.smf.org for details). The biggest difference between helmets are the added features (venting, shields, weight, interior, etc)

Lee Jason
Bell Helmets

Dear Lee,

Yes I assumed they all pass, but that was not my question. I want to know how much force your helmets are capable of absorbing after which the safety benefit of the helmet no longer exists. Example, at 130 Lbs, a helmet can absorb energy up to "X" MPH at an abrubt stop like a wall. I want to know how much helmets protect me and up to what MPH, overwhich no helmet can protect me.
Thanks for your reply,


Tue, 25 May 1999

Dear Steven,

Its not that simple. The best information available would be The Snell Memorial Foundation who tests helmets and makes recommendations ( www.smf.org). You can also contact the Head Protection Lab at 213-740-4037 they research the effectiveness of helmets.

Lee Jason

EDITOR's NOTE: So we have to go to the Head Protection Lab. Hmmm. Wouldn't you think, with all the praise that helmets get, that someone would know "WHY" they are so great?

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