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Sunday, May 23, 1999

From: Steven Shmerler
To: mail@lazerhelmets.com
Subject: Trying to buy your best helmet

Dear Lazer,

I would like to know which of your helmets will give me the most safety and impact protection at highway speeds. Do you have a list or chart by impact rating so I can buy the safest one?

Many thanks,

From: "Pete Salters" <mail@lazerhelmets.com>
To: "'Steven Shmerler'" <sas@sasnet.com>
Subject: RE: Trying to buy your best helmet
Sun, 23 May 1999

Thanks for your interest in Lazer helmets. All of our helmets are DOT approved and some also have Snell approval. Neither system is better than the other, just different systems.

In order for us to sell a helmet in the US though, it must have DOT approval. A full face helmet offers better protection for your face than a 3/4 helmet but both must meet the same safety standards for impact so neither is more impact safe than the other. We don't keep the impact test results.

Each batch of helmets is tested and when they pass the minimun standard set by DOT, they are released for shipment. We put the same importance on safety in all of our helmets.

The large difference in our helmets between the less expensive and the top of the line, is the extra creature comforts and quality of the exterior finish. For example, a less expensive helmet might have a simplier graphics design which is stickers under a clear coating while a top of the line helmet would have an ink transfer graphics under a superior clear coating.

I hope this helps you and if I can be of any further assistance, please feel free to ask. Our number is 800-321-6621 and we are usually here from 8am - 5pm, MST, Monday - Friday. Thanks again

Pete Salters

From: Steven Shmerler
Sent: Sunday, May 23, 1999 3:23 PM
To: mail@lazerhelmets.com
Subject: RE: Trying to buy your best helmet

I guess the only question then is what is the absorption capabilities of your helmets if they're all the same. Is there a speed or impact after which the helmet doesn't protect your head in an accident? I'm assuing there must be a point where the helmet stops working. I've always wondered about that.


From: "Pete Salters" <mail@lazerhelmets.com>
To: "'Steven Shmerler'" <sas@sasnet.com>
Subject: RE: Trying to buy your best helmet
Sun, 23 May 1999

Here's a web page that will give you the DOT specifications for the pass/fail test that is conducted on helmets (http:/www.nhtsa.dot.gov/people/injury/pedbimot/fmvss218.htm).

I am not an engineer so I can't explain it to you or put it in layman's terms. An outside lab does the testing and then reports the findings. I do not believe a test is conducted by DOT to see what the maximum impact a helmet can resist, but just if it passes the minimum standard set by DOT.

Most of our helmets are produced for Europe (who actually has much higher testing standards than the US) and other overseas countries. Testing at the factory, which is in Belgium, is aimed for those markets. The helmets produced for the US are tested here for US DOT standards.

The laws of physic leads one to assume that there is a point after which a helmets will not protect your head from injury, but I can't tell you what that point is.

As with any motor sport, there is an inherent risk, but the use of a helmet has been unquestionably proven to protect a rider's head against injury. As our helmets meet DOT standards, I would say that standard has to include any forseeable impact that the average rider could receive while riding at posted speeds. If you are going to race with the helmet (i.e. drive at 180 mph), most racing associations use DOT and other helmet certifying inspections before they allow a rider to use a specific helmet.

We have have many riders use our helmets professionally, in fact one of the owner's of the company is a former world champion grand prix motorcycle champion and has raced both motorcycles and cars with our helmets, and spend many times thankful he had a helmet after a wreck. Hopefully this has addressed some of your questions and concerns.

Again, if there is any thing else I can help you with, please feel free to contact me.


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