NHTSA Releases Helmet Law Video
November 9, 1998

Washington DC ... National Highway Traffic Safety Administration,
NHTSA, is releasing the video and information package entitled "Without Motorcycle Helmets We All Pay The Price". This is the video that created such an outrage in the motorcycling community in June 1997. The cost to the taxpayers of this video and associated publications was $149,000. The video package is extensive and can be viewed online here at BRO!

In a press release dated June 27th, the MRF informed the Motorcycling Community of NHTSA's intent to let a contract for the production of "a media package that includes a 12 to 15 minute video presentation and a complementary "white paper" that presents the injury prevention and economic benefits of enacting mandatory helmet laws for all riders. The package will also include a video news release and brochure each serving as an executive summary of the appropriate counterpart."

In a meeting October 29th, NHTSA officials stated the video would be placed on the publications list maintained by NHTSA. The information packet will be distributed to the regional offices and made available to any one requesting a copy.

NHTSA Publications & Order Numbers:
The Entire Packet: DOT HS 808 600
The White Paper: DOT HS 808 601
The Quad-fold Brochure: DOT HS 808 602
The Video: DOT HS 808 603

Copies of any or all of the above publications should be requested directly from NHTSA.

After viewing the video at the Mid South Mile Mark Buckner, President of the Motorcycle Riders Foundation, commented, "There are no surprises here."

"We are seeing the same arguments we have countered for years." Steve Zimmer, Vice President of Government Relations, stated, "We all have to keep in mind the bottom line here, this is our tax dollars being used against us." Zimmer went on to say, "The video continues to emphasize the 'social burden' of motorcyclists without helmets. We need to stress the fact that motorcyclists are not indigent ne're do wells who do not pay taxes, work, or participate in the system. Motorcyclists pay their fair share, have insurance, and should have every right to make a claim for services we help pay for."

The MRF will utilize this blatant example of a federal agency using our tax dollars to lobby an issue that has clearly been defined as a states rights issue to continue to put pressure on Congress to tighten the controls over NHTSA.

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