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Sounds like the DOGS of Big Brother just won't die off! This crap has been on going for well over 30 years, and anyone who thinks it's going to stop is not using his/her brains. You are correct in stating that the insurance companies are at the "heart" of this. Hell who else has anything really to gain? Just look at the restructuring of insurance policies over the years...NO-FAULT..how many millions of dollars has that brought in for each insurance company. Manditory insurance, well I've got news for you, the ass's that did not have it before still don't and they won't because they know you and I will have it and will PAY UP. You know, maybe we have been doing this wron all along, should we haul the insurance companies into court and sue their butts off, like some are doing the cigarette/gun  companies. Makes you kind of think that THEY can go after anyone they disagree with, and we all know what they think about bikers don't we! Is revolution to harsh a term??

(54 and pissed, biker for 40+ years)

I believe the money to produce this little gem was allocated prior to the cut-off. In a sense, this is a swan song - a last great act of defiance specifically designed to " do un to those who did un to them ". I'm just guessing here, but I think the way it works is : the money is spent, they get all the product in one shipment- then warehouse it ( somewhere at our expense ), and when they run out, that's it.... unless congress allocates more funds for more videos. Since that now has been taken away from the safety-crats.....I think we'll be ok. However, this should be confirmed by someone with more experience than myself. I'm no expert at this, I've only been at this for a little over five years. I CC'd this message to some others who may be able to address this with more accuracy. Let's go get 'em !

Happy New Year,
Ken Skorepa


I got that info right off to her. There are several powerful pieces of info on your site that have already helped to move a few new Legislators closer to our side.

The woman I spoke to is a long time Legislator here in Oregon. She is an E.R. Nurse and, as is typical for many in the Medical profession, does not look favorably towards repealing the mandatory helmet law. I have been working on her for years and while she is a very nice woman and I like her very much, but she has been immovable on this issue.

The DOT/NHTSA data carried a lot of weight with her because of it's credibility with Legislators and because the conclusions were so crisp and clear.

She is still far from being converted to a "yes" vote, however the wall is starting to crumble.

I have also used the info on your site to help educate "Freshmen" Legislators. This is Oregon's first year with term limits so there are a lot of new faces in Salem this year. Most have no idea what the facts are but subscribe to the standard "social burden" and "common sense" theories.

We have a set of helmet repeal bills working their way through the legislature. If you're interested, you can check out our site.

Thanks for providing this important info in an easy to find/easy to read format!


Re: Dec 2, my comment on your page about the NHTSA Mtcy video.

I finally got the NHTSA Video about helmets. After viewing it, I can't help but wonder how many people will be scared away from trying a motorcycle, dirt, street or whatever.

Damn, if I thought riding a motorcycle was a one-way trip to the morgue and would cost everyone I know (and don't know) money, Hell I never would have taken it up back in the pre-helmet law days.

Maybe I should take up something safer, like drug smuggling.....or being an astronaut. I wonder what their death ratio is? I can think of ten out of the number that actually went anywhere.(and they were wearing helmets).

What a bunch of anti-motorcyle rhetoric. Sounds like a hate campaign by the Safety Nazi's.

Hang in there.


Are you kiddin' me? What a crock! This video and brochure is the most outrageous abuse of our tax dollars I've seen yet. Where do these guys get off running this kind of information. They may want us to believe they are acting in the public's best interests, but one has to ask... "which public?". Clearly not motorcyclists. I've been riding for 23 years and while I do wear a helmet, in a non-mandatory state, I do so at my own wish and I do not at all support our governement telling us how to protect ourselves when it comes to riding. Riding can be dangerous and the best approach is learning to ride properly and being much more aware and responsible than the average car driver.

Part of this means not driving under the influence, watching your speeds and being extra alert in the intersections which is where all these "safetycrats" hit us anyway. To all you meddling autocrats at NHTSA: learn to drive and teach your cage drivers to share the road. If you really want to help us.... worry about your own side of the street, damn it!

Roger, CO

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