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With NHTSA... WE Pay the Price!

Hold on to your seats! Here is an online walk through of NHTSA's new Pro-Helmet/Anti-Biker propaganda. The package includes a video that is packaged inside a very slick and expensive cardboard 4/C box that includes a 24 page booklet, a brochure and video in a 4/C sleeve. Make no mistake about it. This is a major PR and merchandising campaign that poses as being helpful to the community, when it smacks of only serving the Insurance Industry. The information goes way beyond what our government should be doing with our money and more importantly this package seriously undermines riding with or without a helmet altogether by repeatedly emphasizing that motorcycles are dangerous.

One death is one too many, but with only 2100 deaths a year, you have to wonder what is the motivation of this Federal Agency to spend so much time, money and effort to rally non-riders, legislators, the insurance industry and medical community against us.

Compared to all the other ways and with much larger numbers that people are injured, why is 2,100 deaths so important? Like most things... follow the money trail. This trail starts and stops with the insurance industry...

Below is the outer box that houses the video, a 24 page booklet and brochure. It's full 4/color, extensive, expensive and very very biased (see commentary).

Ride Safe, Ride FREE!
Steven Shmerler
Bikers Rights Online!

Front Cover
Video Box Package Front Cover

To get your own copy contact:

There seem to be 2 reference numbers to it:

1. Here's the number on the outer box: DOT HS 808 600
2. Here's the item number on my packing list: 6A0024

Safety Countermeasures Division, NTS-15
400 Seventh Street SW
Washington DC 20590
Phone: 202-366-1739
Fax: 202-366-7721
Web: http://www.nhtsa.dot.gov/
eMail: kfscott@nhtsa.dot.gov (person in charge of distribution)

NOTE: The image in each top left hand corner is a thumbnail image of the corresponding page from the 24 page color booklet.

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