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What's in the NHTSA Booklet:

View the Video Online:

In My Humble Opinion (IMHO)

Wait till you see the video. Pure propoganda. The basic premise
that they instill very convincingly is that whenever a helmet
law is enacted, "nearly 100+" of the riders comply and wear them and
accidents decline.

There is no qualification as to, for example:

  • How many riders stopped riding, or
  • How many ride less often, or the
  • Ratio of riders to accidents, or
  • Ratio of accidents to head injury, or
  • Ratio of riders to head injury, etc.

Less riders on the road means less "targets" on the road less of the time, which = less accidents, and = less injury.

If helmet laws dissuade a significant number of people from riding and the result is less injury, then it is fair to say that helmet laws DO, in fact, reduce injury. But this is not the same, obviously, as saying helmets reduce injury... implying by means of safety value alone.

This is the great fact behind the insurance industry supporting helmet laws. THEY WORK! The industry wants less bikes on the road and all bikes off the road ultimately. Helmet laws are a perfect intermediary solution. THINK about it. The industry looks like it's promoting safety, while really getting bikes off the road. In Calif, for example, we had around 800,000 registered bikes before our helmet law and now just 7 years later, we're down to around 400,000 (roughly). WOW! And of the remaining riders, many ride less often.

Head injury is not the only injury sustained in an bike crash or that insurance pays for. What about the thorasic and leg injuries, etc.? Helmets don't touch those, but if wearing one, will keep us off the road, then helmets do reduce those injuries by reducing riding and therefore all accidents, overall.

Dr. Tilman Jolly in the NHTSA booklet and video points out that "helmets prevent brain injuries." Bullshit. When you stop abrupty, regardless of whether you're wearing a helmet or not, your brain will hit the inside of your very hard skull. It is this action that causes brain injury.

If you hit a tree with a helmet wrapped in down pillows, if your brain hits your skull hard, you will have injury, albeit you would have less external damage.

Whether it's scrambled or an omelett, the yolks are still broken...

Further, the video points out over and over, riding is dangerous and often a public cost, thereby implying that to ride is to some extent: be irresponsible, a public burden and therefore anti-social, which is the real message they promote.

Any legislator that sees this tape won't walk away thinking about only helmet laws. No, the message is very clear. Bikes are dangerous and costs the public a lot of money. This video is a clear cut example of fulfilling a long-term goal of getting bikes off public roads.

What's your feeling about all this? Email us your thoughts and we'll post them here... Comments?

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