We Pay The Price!

What's in the NHTSA Booklet:

View the Video Online:

NHTSA PR Campaign Materials

This is an expensive package! All materials are 4-Color separated art. Even the label on the actual video cassette is printed in color. Between the video production, art, printing and duplication costs, this was a lot of money. And while they're belly aching about how much money we "supposedly" cost the community, who do you think is paying for their campaign against us? You and me!

All these materials are really first rate, expensive and very impressive not to mention, out of line and very scary...

Box Cover
Dimensions: 8.5" x 11.75" x 1.25"

Front Cover
Video Outer Box

Box Inside
Box opens to video, brochure, and 24 page 4/C booklet

Video Package with Brochure

Components 2
Video Package with Brochure and 24 page booklet

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