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What's in the NHTSA Booklet:

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What You Can Do...

If you think about it... a rights group like the NRA would never have let such biased and bigoted materials as NHTSA has created to be made and distributed and a group like the NRA would go after any agency that did. What is so disturbing about these materials, is that the Federal Government passed legislation earlier that limits the NHTSA from lobbying and then they come out with the most expensive and powerful lobbying materials imaginable.

Please do NOT ignore this. Get your own copy today, they're FREE and then make as much noise about this to eveyone possible.

First things first... Order the box set from NHTSA.
There seem to be 2 reference numbers to it. You can call or email your order using the phone and email listed for the NHTSA below...

1) Here's the number on the outer box: DOT HS 808 600
2) Here's the item number on my packing list: 6A0024

People to Contact:

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