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California has 5 represenatives (or 10%) on the House Sub-Committee to stop NHTSA from lobbying. Below are the California representatives. If any of these are your rep, please contact them and express your views on banning NHTSA (which is funded by our tax dollars!) from lobbying against motorcycling.

House Members (from Calif) of the Commerce Committee

  • Brian Bilbray, CA
  • James Rogan, CA (Glendale - Local #1)
  • Chris Cox, CA
  • Anna Eshoo, CA
  • Henry Waxman, CA (Hollywood)

You can write your Representatives on the Commerce Committee at:

Representative _____________
U.S. House of Representatives
Washington, D.C. 20515

House Subcommittee Moves Bill Banning NHTSA Lobbying

On Wednesday, October 29, the U.S. House of Representatives' subcommittee on
Telecommunications, Trade and Consumer Protection held a hearing and marked
up and passed on to the full Commerce Committee the National Highway Traffic
Safety Administration Reauthorization Act of 1997, H.R.2691. Section 3 of
H.R.2691 would prohibit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
(NHTSA) from lobbying State and local legislators.

In testimony at the hearing, held just before the bill was marked up, NHTSA's
Deputy Administrators Philip Recht strongly opposed the anti-lobbying
provision stating it would have a "chilling effect" on NHTSA's ability to
work with State legislators on highway safety.

When NHTSA and its defenders on the subcommittee started saying they did not
think NHTSA was doing anything inappropriate in this area, Rep. Billy Tauzin
(R-Lousiana), the subcommittee chairman, began reading the objectives from
the NHTSA contract for the video on fighting helmet law repeals. This action
by Chairman Tauzin changed the whole debate and made a number of members of
the subcommittee reconsider their position on NHTSA's activities, in our

In addition, subcommittee members Congressmen John Shimkus (R-Illinois) and
Steve Largent (R-Oklahoma) made strong statements in favor of banning NHTSA's
lobbying activities.

Chairman Tauzin told NHTSA he was willing to work with them on bill language
that would allow NHTSA to work with State legislators on highway safety
programs, but that he planned to put an end to NHTSA's lobbying of State
legislators to pass specific laws.

H.R.2691 was approved, with the provision prohibiting NHTSA from lobbying
intact, and moved to the full committee for action on a voice vote. The
Commerce Committee is expected to take up H.R.2691 shortly after the House of
Representatives re-convenes on January 27, 1998.

Motorcyclists should write their Members of Congress who serve on the
Commerce Committee and encourage them to support keeping Section 3 of
H.R.2691 intact when the committee marks up the bill. For more information
on this issue please contact the MRF office at 202-546-0983, or
-- 30--


Thomas J. Bliley, VA, Chairman
W.J. "Billy" Tauzin, LA
Michael Oxley, OH
Michael Bilirakis, FL
Dan Schaefer, CO
Joe Barton, TX
J. Dennis Hastert, IL
Fred Upton, MI
Cliff Stearns, FL
Bill Paxon, NY
Paul Gillmor, OH
Scott Klug, WI
Jim Greenwood, PA
Michael Crapo, ID
Chris Cox, CA
Nathan Deal, GA
Steve Largent, OK
Richard Burr, NC
Brian Bilbray, CA
Ed Whitfield, KY
Greg Ganske, IA
Charles Norwood, GA
Rick White, WA
Tom Coburn, OK
Rick Lazio, NY
Barbara Cubin, WY
James Rogan, CA
John Shimkus, IL
John D. Dingell, MI, Ranking
Henry Waxman, CA
Edward Markey, MA
Ralph Hall, TX
Rick Boucher, VA
Thomas Marton, NY
Edolphus Towns, NY
Frank Pallone, NJ
Sherrod Brown, OH
Bart Gordon, TN
Elizabeth Fruse, OR
Peter Deutsch, FL
Bobby Rush, IL
Anna Eshoo, CA
Ron Klink, PA
Bart Stupak, MI
Eliot Engel, NY
Thomas Sawyer, OH
Albert Wynn, MD
Gene Green, TX
Karen McCarthy, MO
Ted Strickland, OH
Diana DeGette, CO

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