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BULLETIN #1 - July 21, 2003

As many know, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania passed its 'adult choice' on helmet wear for its more than 700,000 riders over the Fourth of July weekend.  It goes into effect September 4, 2003.

In celebration of this historic event and to support and thank ABATE of PA's members for all their hard work in getting this legislation passed, a ride (about 450 miles) will leave from Massachusetts Friday morning, September 5, to Pennsylvania, and return Sunday, September 7th.  We'll be riding through Connecticut (choice state), NY, NJ, then into PA (choice in affect), making brief stops every 50-60 miles.

Attorney Joseph S. Provanzano, general counsel for the Massachusetts Motorcycle Association (MMA), has reserved most of the Jonestown, PA KOA Campgrounds, with about 6 cabins (each sleeps four people) and 46 tent sites, some with water and electricity.  Based on 4 persons per site, costs will be less than $100 (or $25 per person) for Friday and Saturday nights camping.  Jonestown is about 30 miles east of Harrisburg.  

We expect to arrive in Jonestown Friday night.  On Saturday, we'll ride and meet up by 1:00 p.m. with hundreds of ABATE of PA's members at their State Capitol in Harrisburg.  They are working on having the Governor do a 'ceremonial signing' of their 'choice' bill.  From there, we'll ride with 'choice' to Gettysburg, and participate in a charity fundraising event ($10/p donation) with ABATE of PA to support restoration of the Civil War memorials.  On Sunday morning, we'll ride back to Massachusetts .

All details of this Massachusetts to Pennsylvania 'celebrate choice' Run will be posted within a week on the MMA's website.  

Reservations will be a MUST to coordinate picking up riders along the way in Massachusetts, CT, NY, and NJ, and confirming Campground reservations.

If you can't make this historic event in Pennsylvania, join the MMA the same weekend at its annual Fall Round Up, 2003, September 5-7, at the Laurel Ridge Campgrounds, East Otis, (Western), Massachusetts.  

This is a full weekend event, with a Saturday night dinner, Bike Flea Market, Vendors, Live music Friday and Saturday nights, tattoo contest and bike games. $30/p for the entire weekend; $25/p for Saturday & Sunday; $10/p Saturday Only.

This info will be posted within a week on the MMA website also.

Paul W. Cote
Legislative Director
Massachusetts Motorcycle Association - www.mma-of-ma.com


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