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BULLETIN #2 - August 11, 2003

For those thinking about riding to Harrisburg, PA Friday, September 5th to be with ABATE of PA on Saturday, September 6th at 1:00 to help and 'be there' for the historic ceremonial signing of their 'adult choice' bill at PA's State Capital, here's some updates:

1.)   The ride is GROWING.  Lots of interest coming in..  MMA's website (www.mma-of-ma.com) is updated with our route (thanks Vince and Andy).  Major staging location Charlton Rest area on Mass Pike (I-90), departing there at 9:00 a.m. FRIDAY, September 5th.  Several people are planning on working the prior Monday, Labor Day weekend to take that Friday off to ride with us.  We'll be coming from Massachusetts, through CT, NY into PA.  Since we don't have a 'choice' (yet) in NY, no 'stops in NY' - but we'll stop at Exit 1 on I-84 to put our helmets on for 72.5 miles until we stop at about 12:30 at Exit 11 in PA.  NY riders, feel free to join in anywhere along this Route or stops.

2.) Two camping cabins left at the Jonestown KOA.  Some campsites left.  Need to 'advance reserve' sites BY AUGUST 20th.  Then we have to cancel unbaked reserved sites to get our $$ back.  Contact me with your intentions.  Don't need check in hand, your commitment is good enough.  

Again, four people can stay at each site two nights for less than $25 per person.  Bring your own tents, sleeping bags, shower shoes, etc.  Local county ABATE of PA chapter plans to 'welcome' and meet with us Friday night, then lead us to Harrisburg Saturday, leaving at 11:00 for the 'good seats' in Harrisburg.  Maybe a Party at the Campgrounds Saturday night, in support of BIKE PAC, . . . PA's political action committee for rider's issues.

3.) Bill L. from CMA advises me hotels in the area are filling up. Besides our event, some football game going on.  He's booked a room at the Econo Lodge a few miles from the campsite in Altoona, PA, but says only two rooms left there.  He searched Orbit.com for Altoona, PA, several hotels in the area.

4.) We are going, rain or shine.  A few riders who can't ride will join us in their cars/trucks to be there.  That is kool.  Likewise, a few other riding couples are sharing, bike and car/truck, to make the trip.  May be extra storage room in their vehicles.

5.)   This is a MAJOR event for riders in the Northeast.   Through ABATE of PA and BIKE PAC, they WON.  Massachusetts, Vermont, NY, NJ, MD, VA and WVA, who's gonna be next?  Let's learn from them and ABATE of FL, and get 'it done' in our States too!  But September 5-7 is the TIME to BE in PA.

6.) Again, check out www.mma-of-ma.com for more info.

Paul W. Cote


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