Over 25 years ago we "Minnesota motorcyclists" won the helmet battle. The battle was not without losses, to ride lid free we gave up our rights to equal insurance coverage with regards to head injuries (MN Statute # 169.974, Subdivision 1).

But on May 25, Governor Jesse Ventura signed SF1762, "Prohibiting the admissibility into evidence of proof of the use or failure to use protective headgear (helmets) by adult motorcycle operators or passengers in litigation involving personal injuries or property damage resulting from the use or operation of a motor vehicle, authorizing actions for damages from incidents involving allegedly defective protective headgear."

No longer will Minnesotans be penalized for being involved in an
accident while not wearing a helmet. Many thanks to Representative Workman for sticking with us to the end, and to Bob Illingworth for his work at the capitol.

In addition to the helmet victory, Governor Ventura also signed a law allowing motorcycles the use of a blue dot tail light. This law is effective immediately and applies to the tail light only, not signals or other lights. ABATE of Minnesota

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