From: David Hosmer
Sent: Monday, March 17, 2003 7:45 AM
To: Nevada State Senator Nolan
Cc: Richard Kirkland; Dave Kieckbusch

Subject: FW: Helmet Law Repeal

Senator Nolan,

I am afraid that the current helmet law, as written now, is almost totally unenforceable. I requested an A.G. Opinion on the matter and the answer we received has led the Commanders of the Highway Patrol to the conclusion that unless a rider has a cooking pot on their head each individual officer will have to be able to articulate that he/she was able to determine from a distance that the helmet did not meet the standards set by USDOT. Our law relates to what manufacturers have to do. The Highway Patrol is not against, or for helmets, as we are not the policy makers, however the law must be clear so that we can fairly and evenly enforce it. Deputy A.G. Brian Stockton prepared the opinion and could be of more help. As always if I may be of any service please feel free to call.

David S. Hosmer, Colonel
NV DPS, Highway Patrol Division

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