Oregon - HB2452 Status
Updates by Bill Magnie


At yesterdays meeting with the Governor, both pro and con presented arguments concerning changing Oregon's lid law to choice for those 21 and over. Nothing negative was said by either side at the meeting. After the meeting the Governor was being questioned by the media about what bills he was going to veto. He stated that there were a few he was going to veto, and named them. The helmet modificaton was not one of them. It is believed that he will not sign the bill and not veto it either. By doing nothing he can tell the medical community that he didn't support itand the motorcycle community that you got what you wanted. He has 30 days to think on it.


At 10:00 am today, representatives from BikePAC were scheduled to meet with the governor. When I have info on the outcome I will let you know. Because the bill reached the governor's desk after the end of the session, he has 30 days to act on it. If he does nothing the bill becomes law 90 days from the end of the session (July 5).


The bill has passed the both houses on Tues. and is before the Governor. He has agreed to meet with BikePAC (the lobbyiest) and discuss our medical data. He has 5 days to veto it. If he lets it sit the law will go into effect in 90 days.


The joint conference committee has removed the PIP amendment to the modification bill ( 21 & under). In it's place they have put in a directive that the Dept. of Consumer Affairs is to look into the costs and impacts of a PIP requirement for motorcyclists and report back next session (2 years). The bill goes back to the house and senate for a vote, where it is expected to pass, and then to the Governor.

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