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Time has run out for supporters of an effort in Pennsylvania to repeal that state's helmet law [this year], reports the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA).

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives failed to take up an amendment to an unrelated senate bill that would have sent the helmet law repeal to Governor Tom Ridge for his consideration. Time ran out on the amendment due to the sheer number of bills left on the legislature's agenda in the closing hours of the fall session.

Despite the setback, helmet law repeal supporters in Pennsylvania are encouraged. The senate had already approved legislation to repeal the state's helmet law, and an informal count of supporters on the house side indicated that there was a substantial majority -- 130 of 203 members -- prepared to vote in favor of repeal.

"Despite our frustration over the delay, we've got the votes," said Bruce Johnson, lobbyist for ABATE of Pennsylvania. "All we need is the opportunity for those votes to be cast. And our time will come sooner rather than later."

"ABATE of Pennsylvania has done a fantastic job generating support for the repeal in Harrisburg," noted Sean Maher, AMA Legislative Affairs Specialist.

"We have worked closely with the group's leadership to move this legislation forward and we will continue to strive to further the progress we have made. There's every reason to be optimistic that the helmet law repeal will succeed during the next legislative session."

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