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SB 99 NEW STATUS Updated May 19, 1997

At the General Membership meeting on Saturday, May 17th, the general membership voted to support SB99 as it stands with the compromise. This is not the bill we started with and there was a debate both in favor and against, but the majority voted to support the bill. So we will go back to Austin to get both the House and Senate to vote for the bill.

The conference committee has worked out a compromise for the House and Senate to vote on. Basically they have added a requirement for all unhelmeted riders to either have additional Medical Insurance on their person, or the rider must complete the rider education program. This will be confirmed by a sticker that will be applied to the motorcycle to show compliance.

At this time there are several details that need to be ironed out. We will update this site as information becomes available. Some details may not be worked out until after the Legislative session is over. But the bills will be voted on in principle of what has been stated above. Stayed tuned to this site to find out when the votes will take place.

Now that the Conference committee is finished with the bill, it will go back to both the House and Senate to be voted on again. You need to use this time calling the Senators back and rally their support. With any luck or just good planning we will get this bill back in the Senate to be voted on sometime early next week...

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