The following email was sent by Mari Kieke to assist in the process of filing for a helmet exemption.

From: "Kieke, Mari" <>
Subject: Texas Helmet Exemption Form Errors
Date: Mon, 3 Feb 2003

We've seen a number of errors filing for exemption status. Typically, the types of errors were people not enclosing the proper documentation, sending in vehicle liability insurance cards (which we're not required to check for, but is required by Texas law), people not realizing they have to be the registered owner of the bike, etc. Also, removed from the form were the boxes indicating "original" and "renewal", since there is no renewal process available.

You are welcome to add our office number to your information, if you like, so that people may contact me with any questions they may have about this application process (so they can get it right before they send it in). In my experience, the insurance issue can be most confusing for applicants. Often, when I have to reject an application, I will waive any additional fees for the applicant (the fee is non-refundable), and I will explain to them on the phone or e-mail what is needed or required.

Our in-Texas 800 number for this office is 1-800-292-5787. My direct line is 512/424-2818. My e-mail, you know. The public is welcome to address the helmet exempt process with me, since I am the one who handles the applications and questions relating to the helmet exempt portion of the law.

I realize there are those who do not agree with the law, but I try to offer excellent customer service as a consolation. Often people don't experience that when dealing with a government entity.

Thanks for your help and support.


Mari Kieke
Administrative Secretary
Motorcycle Safety Unit
Department of Public Safety
Helmet Exemption Form

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