TEXAS Helmet Modifiation Bill
SB99 Signed into Law...

By Bill Bish

On Friday, June 20, Governor George Bush, Jr. signed Senate Bill 99 to amend the Texas helmet law to allow freedom of choice for motorcyclists 21 and older, provided they have EITHER completed a rider education course OR carry at least $10,000 in medical insurance. Although this compromise is not what Texas rights groups sought, they accepted the "either/or" amendment in a last ditch effort to get their bill approved, and have vowed to fight the insurance provision both through the courts and in the legislature when it reconvenes in 1999.

According to Sputnik, who founded the Texas Motorcycle Rights Association and has spearheaded the effort to reform their 8-year-old helmet law, "We have just come off a national victory giving states the right to make their own decisions, and Texas riders spoke loud an clear that they would accept the deal on the table, but not without pledging to turn it up another notch next session to remove the controversial provisions."

"We tested our legislators, our system and our 'Warriors,'" said Sputnik, "and all three came through quite nicely, thank you." Sputnik is quick to share credit with Texas ABATE Confederation, the Confederations of Clubs in Texas, the Gulf Coast Motorcycle Rights Association and the Texas Motorcycle Roadriders Association. "We are also grateful to the National Coalition of Motorcyclists for being the only national MRO that actively supported Texas in our fight for freedom," adds Sputnik.

Congratulations to Texas' Legislative Warriors for a hard fought victory, making the Lone Star State the 27th free choice state, and the second state this year to reform their helmet law, following only three months after Arkansas' successfull effort. Prior to this year, the last state to modify their helmet law was Wyoming in 1983.

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