January 29th, 1999
By Ros Burns

ABATE of WV, Inc. is happy to announce the introduction of this years helmet
modification bill. It is S.B. 237 allows those 21 years of age and older to
ride without a helmet. The bill is sponsored by Senator John Mitchell
(D-Kanawha) who is a motorcyclist. Currently there are eleven co-sponsors.

S.B. 237 Co-Sponsors:

Billy Wayne Bailey
Donna J. Boley
Edwin J. Bowman
Truman H. Chafin - Majority Leader
Larry G. Edgell
Lloyd G. Jackson
Jeffery V. Kessler
Joseph M. Minard
Randy Schoonover
William R. Sharpe

The Remaining Senators:

Leonard Anderson
Homer K. Ball
Oshel B. Craigo
Frank J. Deem
Robert L. Dittmar
John Pat Fanning
Walt Helmick
Jon Blair Hunter
Shirley D. Love
Brooks McCabe
Andy R. McKenzie
Sarah M. Minear
Michael A. Oliverio
Robert H. Plymale
Roman W. Prezioso
Marie E. Redd
Mike Ross
Herb Snyder
Vic Sprouse
Earl Ray Tombin - President
John Unger
Martha Yeager Walker
William Wooton

The bill SB237 will be read for the first time on Wednesday February 3, 1999 on the Senate floor. You may obtain additional information from the web site at You will find their phone numbers and e-mail address here also.

The Senate Fax # is 1-304-357-7829

On January 18th, motorcyclists from the state of WV welcomed the legislators during the opening of the 74th legislative session. Abate handed out their agenda, tourisim survey and a desk trivet engraved with the ABATE logo, the date and a welcome to the opening session. Since that time the halls of the Capital have been alive with motorcyclists from across the state. Everyone is involved.

Included in the agenda is also an equal access bill, injurious materials on the highway, covered load, tourism, trike license, awareness and vehicular homicide. ABATE has found a sponsor in Delegate Manual (D-Jefferson) for the injurious materials/covered load and equal access on the House side. So, we are working on other issues which are just as important to motorcycling, our safety and freedom.

Again, this year, Delegate Greg Butcher (D-Logan) is working very hard for us along with J.J.Jones from NCOM.

We are in hopes that this will be a successful legislative session for all motorcyclists. Please do what you can to help. The legislative session is very short (45 days) so work that FAX, phone and e-mail. All the numbers can be found by going to the web site listed above.

If you need additional information please contact Ros Burns State Secretary ABATE of WV, Inc. at


Also See: 50 State Helmet Law Review (West Virginia)

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