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The Effect of Motorcycle Helmet Use on the Probability
of Fatality and the Severity of Head And Neck Injuries

Appendix A

D qualitative variable; D = 1 if operator died as a result of injuries sustained in accident, D = 0 otherwise D = 0.048.
HS = Formula where N is the number of head injuries incurred.
NS = Formula2 where K is the number of neck injuries sustained.
K1 = .5MV2, measured in foot pounds, where M (measured in slugs) = WT/g, where WT is the weight of the operator measured in pounds and g is the gravitational constant measured in ft/sec2. V is the crash speed of the motorcycle measured in ft/sec. K1 = 3506.33.
K2 = .5MV2, measured in foot-pounds, where V is the relative velocity of the motorcycle and other vehicle. K2 = 3793.39.
H "qualitative variable; H = 1 if operator wore a helmet, H = 0 otherwise. H = 0.43."
HI interaction variable equal to product of H and I where I is the normal component of impact velocity to the helmet measured in miles per hour. HI = 3.64.
A age of operator measured in number of years. A = 26.25.
BA blood alcohol level corrected to time of accident, measured in number (integer) of hundredths of 1% of blood alcohol, 0 < BA < 31. BA = 0.62.
EA "qualitative variable, EA = 1 if evasive action was attempted by the operator and if the action was considered appropriate for the situation. EA = 0.33."
EX EX = EX for 0 < EX < EX* and EX = EX* otherwise. EX* = 96 and EX = 44.44.
HW interaction variable equal to product of H and W where W is the weight of the helmet in pounds. HW = 1.16.

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© Copyright Jonathan P. Goldstein Ph.D. 1986. All Rights Reserved.

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