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The Effect of Motorcycle Helmet Use
on the Probability of Fatality and the Severity
of Head And Neck Injuries


Jonathan P. Goldstein, Ph.D.
Department of Economics
Bowdoin College
Brunswick, Maine 04011

The author is grateful to:

Michael R. Corson,
Department of Physics, Bowdoin College
Corporal Gary Phillips,
Maine State Police
Dr. Henry F. Ryan,
Chief Medical Examiner of the State of Maine
Dr. John Saucier,
Maine Medical Center

and to my economics colleagues:

A. Myrick Freeman III
John M. Fitzgerald
Peter T. Gottschalk
for helpful discussions and comments

I am also grateful to:

Michael Kende
for his invaluable research assistance.

The author is soley responsible for the views expressed and for all remaining errors.

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| Appendix A | Appendix B

© Copyright Jonathan P. Goldstein Ph.D. 1986. All Rights Reserved.

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