In yet another display of democratic determination over bureaucratic control, the European Parliament voted overwhelmingly in favour of the BARTON amendments to the Commission's proposed Motorcycle Multi-Directive.

As with previous European Commission proposals for harmonised technical standards for motorcycle manufacture, this package of proposals reflects the Commission's commitment to the "ratchet" principle of ever tighter controls for both the European industry as well as users.

Mr. Simon Milward, General Secretary of the Federation of European Motorcyclists (FEM) was quoted in Strasbourg as saying: "Once again we have stood up against un-elected civil servants who refuse to fully consider the impact of these proposals upon the livelihood of those working in the European motorcycle industry as well as the lifestyle we cherish as motorcyclists.". He went on to explain that "the issue at stake is whether or not the decisions which come from Brussels are truly democratic and bikers rights organisations across Europe are leading the way to ensure they are."

Speaking before the Parliamentary Assembly in Strasbourg, Mr. Roger BARTON (UK MEP) pointed out that "The European Union as a whole needs to learn the lesson pioneered by the European Parliament that good legislation is only made possible when you have a constructive dialogue with the citizens who are directly affected." "This excercise", he continued, "has been made possible in this case because of the work of national and international bikers rights organisations co-ordinated by the Federation of European Motorcyclists (FEM)".

The Parliament's amendments were adopted in today's second reading vote by an overall majority of 92%.

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