>Date: Fri, 20 Feb 1998
>To: mclaws@UserHome.com
>From: Terri Fiyalko <TERRIF@gte.net>
>Subject: Re: kentucky

As to you, Jay....

let's see... "come into my parlour, said the spider to the fly?" or
"trust me..." or maybe ... nope, sorry, they're the only "clean" ones I
can think of off the top of my head

Just who the devil are you, anyway? This is not some game of five-card
stud you're playing all by yourself here. Your position is one of a
representative, not a deity. The stakes in that pot belong to ALL
motorcyclists, your state, mine (california... another real winning
situation...) everyone's.

Your words are de ja vu to me.... first Texas, ABATE's "promises" to fix
it in California, and now you! You, who is sitting on the most offensive,
horrendous, insulting-to the-most-simple-of-minds bill I've ever laid eyes

I can't believe that vile language obviously filled with unmitigated bias,
hatred and concocted sheerly to eliminate motorcyclists can be presented in
a Capitol building with a straight face. They are basically measuring up
motorcyclists for body bags and you have the nerve to say "hold off" on any

By the way, are you related to Mike Osborn? In a personal e-mail to me, he
said pretty much the same thing after I wrote a letter of protest to a CA
State Senator and cc'd him. Why did I cc him? Because I couldn't believe
he as a motorcyclist would sanction this type of bigotry. Well, his
comments didn't set well with me then, and your's are pretty much pushing
me right over the top.

To believe that you're sitting on some secret missile that the "other side"
would never figure out is naive and incompetent. Your unwillingness to
provide information to those who have a right to know belies your
dedication to honestly representing the interests of motorcyclists in
Kentucky or any state for that matter. If I lived in that state, I would
be hard pressed to figure out what I would get rid of first - that bill or

To the rest of you, my apologies for the rant... I'm done for a while now.
Thanks for your patience.


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