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Welcome to Bikers Rights! If you’ve ever wanted to get the most out of your two-wheeled machine, you’ve come to the right place. Our site is dedicated to helping motorcycle novices, and experienced riders find any information they might need. From tips and techniques to buying guides and product reviews, we’ve certainly got you covered. No matter where you are in your biking journey, will help you.

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We started Bikers Rights intending to help people by providing them with information about motorcycles, but the site quickly developed into something more. Our passion for motorcycles and everything related to them inspired us to write better content on a broader range of topics.

After several sleepless nights and hours of work, Bikers Rights eventually developed and has grown into what you see today. All of our reviews are unbiased, detailed, and rooted in research. We have created a place for motorcycle enthusiasts of all kinds to learn more about motorcycles and share their passion for bikes.

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Are you a parent who loves to ride motorcycles and wants to share your passion with your child? While hitting the open road on a motorcycle can be exhilarating, knowing the rules and regulations for carrying children is important. I’m

Minnesota is a fine place to ride a motorcycle, with beautiful lakeside scenery and interesting landmarks to discover anywhere you go. With so much to offer any enthusiast, it’s well worth the time to spend a weekend cruising through the

The Old Line State is a great place for riding a motorcycle. Home to historic landmarks and scenic byways, a ride through Maryland is a rewarding experience for anyone on two wheels. However, before you can take a trip around

There are a lot of motorcycle accessories that you may run across with long histories and traditions attached to them, such as the “gremlin bell,” which non-bikers will not be familiar with.  While there are many of these trinkets to

With rising fuel costs and environmental concerns, fuel efficiency is important when buying a motorcycle. A bike with good fuel efficiency means you can travel long distances, spend less money on gas, and maintain a good resale value.   Fortunately, many

Riding a motorcycle is a great way to get around. Very little can stop a passionate rider from climbing aboard their favourite bike, whether it’s traffic, weather, or even the time of day. Commuting to and from work, heading out

Are you thinking about selling your motorcycle? Whether you're moving away or considering upgrading to a newer model, parting ways with your beloved ride is overwhelming.It gets harder once you realize that many people don't mind taking buying it for

Riding a motorcycle in the rain can be difficult. A rainy day poses different hazards like slippery surfaces and reduced visibility. These conditions can be challenging to navigate for even the most experienced rider. That said, riding a motorcycle on a

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