Our Story 

We started Bikers Rights intending to help people by providing them with information about motorcycles, but the site quickly developed into something more. Our passion for motorcycles and everything related to them inspired us to write better content on a broader range of topics. 

After several sleepless nights and hours of work, Bikers Rights eventually developed and has grown into what you see today. All of our reviews are unbiased, detailed, and rooted in research. We have created a place for motorcycle enthusiasts of all kinds to learn more about motorcycles and share their passion for bikes.

Why Us?

There are several resources available across the internet regarding motorcycles, riding them, and knowing what accessories to choose. However, after digging a little deeper, we’ve discovered that the majority of the sites out there don’t do what we do. They aren’t very user-friendly and contain poorly-written content, and as a result, their readers don’t know where to start. 

All of our content is geared towards helping readers like you learn as much as possible about motorcycles, regardless of how experienced you are as a biker. We have a team of experienced riders who have a ton of motorcycle knowledge between them, making them fully qualified to help you.

Our No AI Policy

The articles found on our website are created by writers and editors with immense experience in "Biking". This means that all the information we provide on dirt bikes and all two-wheeler related guides, is up to date and accurate. It also lends a personal tone to the articles since it is written from our writers’ experience with their motorcycles, not just knowledge on the subject. We follow a strict no-AI policy to achieve this accuracy and character in our how-to articles, buying guides and product reviews.

Meet the Editorial Team

Ryan Christian

Hi, my name is Ryan, and I’m a motorcycle expert and enthusiast. 

My lifelong love for all things wheel-related started with an old, dusty scooter and a set of second-hand wrenches. Ever since then, I’ve spent more hours than I can count seeking out new dirt paths, winding country roads, and unending, open highways. I’ve been writing about bikes for a few years now and discovered a passion for sharing my knowledge with other biking enthusiasts! 

I hope that the articles I’ve written will inspire my fellow bikers to learn more about their machines while also inspiring newer enthusiasts along the way as well!

Joshua D. Mattie

joshua mattie

Hi, I’m Joshua, and just like Ryan, I’m a huge motorcycle enthusiast. 

My motorbike addiction began when I was five years old. I was far too young to be anywhere near a 50cc bike, but it kickstarted a love for two-wheeler vehicles that has continued long into adulthood. I started riding motocross as a teenager and then worked as a mechanic in my early 20s. 

Tinkering with motorcycles and cruisers helped me develop my mechanical skills and learn more about the machines I was passionate about, and now, here I am! I’ve been a part of the Bikers Rights editorial team for a while now, and my aim is to turn this site into the #1 resource of everything on two wheels!

If you have any questions about the content on this website, please feel free to contact us.