Missouri SB 294
April 28, 1999

Missouri... One Step Closer

April 28, 1999

The Missouri House of Representatives gave final approval to Senate Bill 294. S.B. 294 will modify Missouri's mandatory helmet law for all riders to an under twenty-one law. The bill received a vote of 93 yeas, 35 nays, and 33 absent.

Having passed both chambers of the Missouri General Assembly the next step is for the Senate to resolve the changes added in the House either by accepting the House amendments or by granting a conference committee. None of the amendments added on the House floor are controversial or related to motorcycling. Once the differences are resolved the bill will proceed to the governor's office.

The amendments that were added were procedure or policy adjustments having no relativity to motorcycling. As an example, one amendment allows for inspectors performing annual vehicle inspections to use electronic testing equipment to check braking systems rather than just the current mechanical/visual inspections.

Supporters expect little or no objection from the Senate regarding the changes offered by the House The vote on S.B. 294 comes one day after a very successful and well publicized ride to the Capitol in support of Motorcycle Awareness and You Month. In addition to the MAY proclamation being signed by the Governor, additional proclamations signed by mayors from cities and town across Missouri were presented. Several legislators rode their own motorcycles in the "parade for safety". The passage of this Senate bill in the House chamber has raised the bench mark of success for Freedom of Road Riders of Missouri.

F.O.R.R. has moved legislation before but this is the farthest along the process of becoming law that any helmet law modification bill has ever proceeded in the Missouri legislature. The governor has until July 14, 1999 to sign the bill into law or veto, after that time if there has been no action taken the bill will goes into effect automatically August 28, 1999.

Freedom of Road Riders, Inc., of Missouri, is the largest motorcyclists rights group in Missouri. For further information about Freedom of Road Riders or other pending legislation, contact Tom Pauley, Director of Government Relations, at tom@mrf.org, or Wayne "Tip" Tipton, State Legislative Coordinator, at uncatip@aol.com.

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