BikePAC of Oregon

July 7, 1999

HB3632 Obituary

Several weeks ago, the Oregon House Transportation Committee failed to pass
our original helmet law reform bill, SB583, and we thought we were done for
the year. Thanks to one of our fantastic dedicated workers, Bob Avery, the
exact bill language was resurrected in a new "emergency" bill: HB3632.

HB3632 was placed with the House Water and Conservation Committee, where it
immediately passed to the floor of the House, where it passed by a vote of
36-24. In the Senate, it was given to the Rules Committee, where it passed
in a specially convened session and moved to the Senate floor.

After considerable active lobbying and numerous delays, the bill was voted
on today and failed to gain the 16 vote majority vote needed for passage.
The count was 15-14. Two legislators who had previously voted in favor
(Senators Brown and Metsger), voted opposed this time. These two and one
other (Senator Duncan) who had received extensive lobbying, stood and
explained their "no" votes to the legislature. Several supporters made it
clear that they would always support this type of freedom of choice

BikePAC of Oregon will continue its unrelenting effort to achieve
motorcyclists' independence. The organization has resolved to redouble its
efforts in the upcoming election campaigns.

BikePAC thanks all of the dedicated people, motorcyclists and legislators,
who helped out in this tremendous effort for freedom. The best reward of
all is knowing that you keep freedom alive by your every action.


For information, contact:
Ken Ray (503) 645-3376, or
Brian Stovall (541) 298-1317.

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