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July 21, 1997

Governor's Office: (503) 378-3111

Gov. John Kitzhaber announced today a list of 22 bills from the recently ended legislative session which he will consider for a veto.

After the adjournment of a legislative session, Article V, section 15b (4) of the Oregon Constitution requires the Governor to publicly announce the possibility of a veto of a legislative measure at least five days before doing so. However, providing that notice does not require the Governor to actually veto the bill.

The following list is advisory and may be partial. Some bills appearing on this list ultimately may not be vetoed. Notification on other measures not appearing on this list will be given at least five days before the end of the 30-day period established under the Oregon Constitution. The latest date for Governor Kitzhaber to give notification of a possible veto is August 10; he has until August 15 to actually veto measures from the 69th Legislative Assembly.

The following bills may be vetoed by the governor:

House Bill 2062
HB 2062 would eliminate Oregonâs tax on "intangible assets" for
utilities, airlines, railroads and telecommunications companies.

House Bill 2157
This legislation would require the Department of Corrections to pay
higher reimbursement rates for inmate medical care.

House Bill 2222
This bill creates criminal penalties for false statements by consumers in connection with an insurance claim but exempts insurance companies from criminal prosecution.

This legislation would eliminate the helmet requirement for
motorcyclists over the age of 21.

House Bill 2585
HB 2585 limits the funds available to the Boxing and Wrestling

House Bill 2870
This legislation would provide a $4.8 million subsidy to the horse and dog racing industry.

House Bill 2948
HB 2948 would create an office of administrative law hearings in state government.

House Bill 3310
This bill would exempt a nursing home in Coos County from the requirement to demonstrate that the facility is needed.

House Bill 3455
HB 3455 would exempt large diesel trucks from clean air laws.

House Bill 3502
This bill dictates a ballot measure title and summary for a single measure on the November 1997 ballot, bypassing the established procedures of the Attorney General and the Oregon Supreme Court.

House Bill 3734
This bill would reduce taxes for the timber industry by $50 million per biennium.

Senate Bill 266
This legislation reduces a plaintiffâs ability to collect a jury award.

Senate Bill 379
This legislation would allow development in forest zones.

Senate Bill 440
SB 440 creates several new state crimes relating to the postal system.

Senate Bill 485
SB 485 would limit who can represent the Governor and state agencies at the Legislature.

Senate Bill 494
This bill would weaken educational standards for home schooled children. In addition, it would allow unlicensed teachers to give tests to disabled children.

Senate Bill 541
SB 541 circumvents the prison siting process which began with the 1995 Legislature.

Senate Bill 847
SB 847 would retroactively reduce penalties for campaign reporting violations.

Senate Bill 867
This bill expands the ability of school districts to self-insure.

Senate Bill 953
This legislation expands truck inspections to include state vehicles and new trucks.

Senate Bill 966
This legislation would shift funds from Medicaid providers in high cost areas of the state to providers in areas where costs are lower.

Senate Bill 1205
This legislation would allow certain workers to be fired for collectively meeting with their employer to discuss wages and working conditions.


This list is available on the Governor's Office web site at www.governor.state.or.us. The web site also contains an updated list of legislation that has been signed or vetoed by the governor.


Oregon Press Releases - www.governor.state.or.us/governor/press/../press.htm

Oregon Governor's Office - www.governor.state.or.us/governor/press/../../governor.html

Special thanks to Scott Marcotte for obtaining this release!

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