Ben Nighthourse Campbell

We Have Arrived!
The Image of Bikers and Motorcycles is Evolving from Outlaw to All-American…

Consider The Following:

  • The Republican campaign focuses on “Freedom of Choice”
  • The Feds repeal penalties for speed limits, seat belts and helmets
  • Physician Assisted Death is legalized giving us the Freedom and Right to die with dignity.
  • We are being complimented by a number of legislators including such advisaries as Senator Kopp and Richard Katz on our legislative prowis.
  • The Los Angeles Times (March 7th) runs a 2,222 word article focusing on the successes of ABATE’s All-American grass roots campaign.
  • The LA Times ABATE article celebrates “empowerment” and sits proud on the front page side-by-side with the an article on Physician Assisted Death!
  • Banana Republic has chosen and is promoting Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell (Senator/biker) as a symbol of the American Free Spirit.
  • Grass Roots is American. Freedom of Choice is Empowerment.