9 Best Dirt Bike Chest Protector in 2024 [Tried & Tested]

9 Best Dirt Bike Chest Protector in 2024 [Tried & Tested]

Even expert dirt bike riders must have fallen or crashed at some point on those unforgiving off-road trails. If you are a beginner, then you are no exception.

Your best defense against injuries to your upper body is a chest protector. This off-road riding gear provides impact protection from severe crashes and impacts. The best dirt bike chest protector will keep your chest, spine, and internal organs well-protected.

If you have no idea how to pick a chest protector, no need to worry. We’ve rounded up the best torso protection you can get. 

Keep on reading to see our top recommendations!

Top Pick

Fox Racing Raceframe Impact Chest Protector is our top pick. We think this new release from Fox Racing has the most reliable roost and impact protection you have been looking for. Its low-profile construction makes it a great choice for wearing over or underneath the jersey.

The Best Dirt Bike Chest Protector Reviews Are:

1. Fox Racing Raceframe Impact — Best Overall

Fox Racing is a well known and respected name in dirt bike gear, and the Fox Raceframe Impact dirt bike chest protector is another excellent piece of equipment from this popular brand. 

This low-profile chest protector hugs your body so that it can be worn under a jersey or jacket. A lightweight articulated design provides both good protection and excellent ventilation for a snug and comfortable fit. Three separate plates in the back are designed to allow maximum protection without being especially restrictive.

If you’re having a hard time finding a good-quality chest protector that fits well, you should check out the Raceframe Impact from Fox Racing.

What we really like about this product is the low-profile design, which allows you to wear it underneath the jersey. It may even go unnoticed by your fellow riders. The other impressive feature is the impact CE protection on the chest and torso.

The articulated structure, on the other hand, is a feature worth liking because it does not only hug your body but also improves breathability with its highly vented design. 

The Raceframe Impact will give you a snug and comfortable fit. Plus, the fastening system clicks effortlessly into place for a secure fit.

The back piece is quite impressive. It is very large from top to bottom and offers good side coverage. The plastic is broken up into three pieces that allow it to flex just a little bit more.

Key Features

  • Impact CE protection
  • Impact foam
  • Low profile structure
  • Articulated design
  • Removable plate armor inserts
  • Adjustable shoulder straps


  • Designed for a low-profile, snug fit
  • Exceptional ventilation for maximum airflow
  • Buckle fastenings are quick and easy to use
  • Good protection from impact foam


  • Does not include shoulder caps
  • Comes in a limited range of sizes


This best chest protector offers the level of quality that makes Fox Racing a leader in protective equipment for dirt bikes. The low-profile design and excellent ventilation make this piece of gear an outstanding choice for nearly any rider.

2. Fly Racing CE Revel Offroad Roost Guard

Another form-fitting chest protector that you can wear over or under your jersey is this offroad roost guard from Fly Racing.

Fly Racing offers another low-profile option in chest protectors that can be worn over or under the rest of your gear. 

The chest protector is made from heavy-duty plastic with a low cut to avoid injuries. Solid coverage maximizes protection while carefully placed cutouts provide good ventilation to avoid overheating during a ride. Adjustments can be made to this chest protector via straps on the shoulders in the front and back, and the V-Shaped insert in the front can be removed to accommodate any type of neck brace you would like to wear.

Many chest protectors out on the market today are too big and too bulky. They don’t fit well enough to provide freedom of movement. But this product does. 

We like the heavy-duty hard plastic in the front that provides lots of coverage. You’ve also got no high points on the roost guard, reducing the risk of injuries. We really appreciate the cutouts at the front that provide lots of ventilation.

This chest protector is also adjustable. Simply adjust the shoulder straps on the front and the back to tighten it up over your shoulders. The V-shaped piece at the front can be removed for any kind of neck brace that you may wear.

Key Features

  • Full torso coverage
  • Neck Brace compatible
  • Multi-Layer impact protection


  • No injury-causing plastic rivets used in construction
  • Triple-layer design maximizes impact protection
  • Multiple vents for maximum airflow
  • Adjustable fit with easy-to-use straps and buckles


  • Side clip may break on longer or rougher rides
  • Does not provide full arm protection


This chest protector from Fly Racing is a great option for riders that are looking for excellent freedom of motion without compromising on chest and back protection. 

3. Wingoffly Kids Chest Spine Protector

If you have a kid learning to ride a dirt bike, this chest and spine protector from Wingoffly would be a great option.

This chest protector uses high-strength PVC and foam in the chest to provide excellent impact protection, while buffer materials in the back protect against impacts to the spine and shoulder blades. Large pads on the shoulders protect from impacts to the shoulders as well, ensuring that no part of the torso is left vulnerable.

Another good feature about this chest protector is the big stick design at the belly. This will allow you to adjust the tightness.

On top of that, the armor is lightweight and super easy to put on and take off. Your kid may even forget that he is wearing a chest protector.

Key Features

  • High-strength PVC construction
  • Foam buffer materials for added impact protection
  • Protective shoulder plates
  • Adjustable straps for a secure fit


  • Excellent chest and back protection
  • Protective shoulder caps help reduce the risk of injury
  • Adjustable and easy-to-use straps for a secure fit


  • Only available in three sizes
  • Limited range of color options


This is a great piece of protective equipment for keeping your child safe while taking their first steps in riding dirt bikes. 

4. Leatt 4.5 Chest Protector

This chest protector from Leatt comes in two different sizes based on rider weight. Riders between 150 and 190 lbs will wear a small size, while riders from 190 to 240 lbs will wear a large. 

3D foam under heavy-duty plastic offers exceptional protection, which is lightweight and breathable, and good ventilation ensures that the rider can stay cool even when riding on a hot day. Large, easy-to-use buckles along the adjustment straps help keep this piece safely and securely in place.

There are several features that are worth mentioning. First, the 3D foam underneath, which is lightweight and breathes very well. On top of the foam, the heavy-duty plastic offers impact CE protection. 

If you’re riding on a hot day, this chest protector will be good to wear because it well-ventilated.

The two straps with nice big buckles along the waist are quite impressive, seeing how easy and convenient they are to use.

Key Features

  • CE Certified and Tested
  • Removable plates 
  • Multi-plate articulating design
  • Good side protection
  • Breathable mesh base layer


  • Solid construction for maximum protection
  • Durable, easy-to-use buckles on the adjustment straps
  • Can accommodate a neck brace for added protection
  • Excellent ventilation


  • Does not include shoulder caps
  • Limited color selection
  • Weight-based sizes may be inconsistent


This chest protector is a great option to make sure you are well protected, and CE certification provides peace of mind. Should you choose this option, though, remember to order a size based on your weight. 

5. Webetop Kids Dirt Bike Chest Spine Protector

This heavy-duty kids’ chest protector offers top-tier protection for any child learning to ride a dirt bike, coming in 3 sizes and equipped with the same sort of protection options found in top-quality adult riding gear. 

Velcro and buckle straps allow this chest piece to be easily adjusted for a secure fit, and the shoulder caps of the armor offer additional protection in the event of a fall. This additional protection can offer peace of mind for any parent while their child is learning to ride.

Key Features

  • Heavy-duty PE Shell armor
  • Soft foam underlayer
  • Breathable fabric base layer
  • Easily adjustable straps


  • Good fit options for most children
  • Breathable fabrics for a more comfortable ride
  • Shoulder guards help minimize the risk of injury
  • Easily adjustable straps at shoulders and waist for a secure fit


  • Unexceptional ventilation
  • Buckles on straps can break under heavy use


This chest protector is a great option for any child, whether they have been riding for years or just getting started. The heavy-duty, durable materials go a long way to ensuring that any risk of injury is kept to a minimum. 

6. Alpinestars A-10 Full Chest Protector

This outstanding offering in off-road protection from Alpinestars is designed to provide top-level, low-profile protection when riding on trails or dirt tracks alike. 

High-strength protective plates cover the entire torso, including the back and shoulders, for total protection, while perforations in the plates allow for excellent ventilation. Several adjustable straps allow for a snug and secure fit for any rider on any terrain. 

The A-10 is also designed to integrate seamlessly with Alpinestars’ own Bionic Neck Support, bringing out the very best of both pieces of equipment. However, the A-10 can also accommodate neck support from other brands.

Key Features 

  • CE Certified protector plates
  • Integrated BNS support
  • Padded construction
  • Modular design


  • Reliable, proven protection against impact
  • Shoulder caps maximize protective coverage
  • Designed to integrate with neck support
  • Excellent ventilation


  • Top-of-the-line pricing may be excessive for less serious riders
  • Straps can come loose if not properly secured


For the truly serious riders, this chest protector from Alpinestars offers outstanding, no-compromise protection for any situation. 

7. Fox Racing Men’s Raptor Vest

For total protective coverage, this chest protector from Fox Racing is an outstanding option that offers maximum protection. 

This high-quality chest protector comes in small/medium and large/x-large sizes and can be adjusted for a snug and secure fit for most sizes and shapes of the rider. The large, heavy-duty plates are ventilated to prevent the rider from overheating while providing total protective coverage for the whole torso, including the shoulders, via low-profile integrated shoulder pads. 

This chest protector also comes in multiple colors, including black, orange, and navy blue, allowing your gear to not only be functional but stylish as well.

Key Features

  • Total coverage of the torso
  • Side-wrap panels
  • Neck brace compatible
  • Multiple available colors


  • Provides outstanding protective coverage
  • CE Certified protective equipment
  • Adjustability for a comfortable and secure fit
  • Compatible with most neck brace systems


  • Limited size options may not fit all riders
  • Ventilation may be insufficient for especially hot environments


This heavy-duty offering from Fox Racing doubles down on protection, providing complete coverage for the entire torso without any compromises in the design. 

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8. Gohinstar Full Body Armor Protective Jacket

For full body protection in the most literal sense, this full-body armored jacket from Gohinstar may be exactly what you are looking for. 

This jacket offers full protection for the chest, back, shoulders, and even arms and elbows, offering complete and reliable protection for riders who spend the majority of their time riding on dirt trails or tracks. A mesh base layer keeps the jacket breathable and prevents overheating, while buckles and straps around the frame ensure a secure and comfortable fit. 

This jacket comes in several sizes, allowing riders of any shape and size to benefit from the top-quality protection on offer. Gohinstar is also a brand that is well known for its customer service should you have any problems with your jacket.

Key Features

  • Complete upper body protection
  • Breathable mesh base layer
  • elastic waist belt
  • Adjustment straps for shoulder, chest, arms, and torso


  • All-around impact protection
  • Articulated design for maximum freedom of movement
  • Mesh base layer for maximum ventilation


  • Velcro closures may come undone
  • Zippers may break under rough use


This is an outstanding option for any rider looking for more than just chest and back protection. The lightweight feel and sturdy plates make this jacket a balanced option when it comes to torso protection. 

9. EVS Sports VEX Chest Protector

This lightweight option from EVS Sports is a well-rounded and sturdy option for any rider looking for solid protection and freedom of motion. 

The sturdy polycarbonate construction of this vest offers top-notch protection from impact, excellent ventilation, and a light weight that is easy to move in while still protecting the rider from injury in the case of a fall. This particular chest protector is also compatible with EVS’s own neck protector, allowing the two pieces of equipment to complement each other when used together. 

Adjustable straps help ensure that the chest protector fits securely, and the piece is available in black, white, and clear options.

Key Features

  • Durable polycarbonate material
  • Full chest and spine coverage
  • Easily adjustable fit
  • Integrated shoulder protection


  • Fits easily under or over a jersey
  • Compatible with EVS neck brace
  • Adjustable panels
  • Extra shoulder protection from integrated shoulder plates


  • Buckles may break under rough use
  • May not work with all brands of neck brace


This chest protector offers balanced protection for any rider and is low profile enough to fit under or over a jersey. Integration with the EVS neck brace will enhance the protection of both products even further and is recommended. 

Things to Consider When Looking for Dirt Bike Chest Protectors

There are several things to consider when looking for the very best dirt bike chest protectors. Different riders may have different priorities, and what is necessary for one may not be necessary for everyone. Here are some things to think about when looking for your own protective gear. 

Level of Protection

First and foremost, you should decide on the level of protection that is necessary for your specific style of riding. For some situations, a full armored vest may be excessive, while others may demand that level of protection.

Roost Guard Chest Protector

A roost guard, also called a roost deflector, is the most basic form of chest protection. It is simply a piece of plastic worn over or under a jersey in order to protect it from rocks, dirt, and other debris kicked up from trail riding. 

However, high-end roost guards provide good protection from impact and will often feature multiple layers of protection to maximize the amount of force that the roost guard can absorb. Most dirt bike riders looking for solid, lightweight protection with maximum freedom of motion will prefer roost deflectors.

Full Body Chest Protector

This heavy-duty chest protection system takes things a step further than roost deflectors, adding additional protection for the back, shoulders and reinforcement against more serious impacts. 

These chest protectors will typically have more features than roost protectors and add layers of foam and reinforcement. A lot of CE-rated equipment will fall into the category of full body armor Chest Protectors, and these are some of the most common pieces of chest protection you are likely to see.

These jackets provide the complete protection available and feature armored plates on the chest, back, shoulders, and arms, as well as a durable base layer that can help protect joints and spaces between the plates. 

Armored jackets like these offer superior protection at the cost of being heavier and more restrictive to your movement. They offer the best protection but may not be necessary for particularly relaxed riding, and the benefits and disadvantages should not be considered before opting for a full armored jacket. 

Neck Brace Compatibility

While not every rider will choose to wear a neck brace, it is still a good idea to choose a chest protector that will accommodate one. 

Neck braces help to mitigate the extreme forces that may be applied to the neck in a crash, minimizing the chance of serious and permanent injury. This piece of equipment could quite possibly prevent paralysis or even death in the event of a crash and are, therefore, well worth considering. 

Choose the Correct Size and Fit

Even though many chest protectors are designed to fit a wider range of riders, there is no “one size fits all” option in protective equipment. Your chest protector, just like gloves, helmet, and boots, should fit securely and not move about freely when you are wearing it. It should also not fit too snugly, as this can restrict your range of movement and get in the way of safely operating the bike. Besides fitting too loose or too tight, if the plates are not able to fit into their correct locations, there is a good chance that they will be unable to protect you during a crash.

Choose the Correct Size and Fit

Even though some chest protectors have a one size fit, not all models are designed the same. So, it is advisable to know how to size a chest protector. To find the right size of a chest protector, simply measure from the base of your throat to your waist.

Once you’ve got the right measurement, go online and order the ideal size based on the sizing chart. If the measurement is roughly 12 inches, then that’s a kid’s size. If the measurement is approximately 17 inches, then that’s an adult size.


Can a roost protector give full protection?

By definition, a roost protector only covers the chest and is typically a lightweight option meant to deflect rocks and other debris rather than protect from impact. A full-body chest protector or armored jacket is what is necessary for full protection. 

Can I wear a chest protector underneath my jersey?

Absolutely! Remember, though, that your chest protector must be of a low-profile design without any protruding parts.

Final Thoughts

The winner of this roundup of the very best chest protectors on the market is the Fox Racing Impact Chest Protector. With an articulated, low-profile design, this model can be comfortably worn over or under a jersey while providing excellent impact and roost protection and ventilation. 

This option fits snugly and securely in order to provide excellent, reliable protection regardless of the type of riding you are doing, from backcountry trail riding to dirt race tracks.

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