10 Best Knee Scooter 2024 – Reviews and Buying Guide

10 Best Knee Scooter 2024 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Recovering from the leg, ankle, or foot injury or surgery and want to make the journey easy and comfortable? If yes, then a knee scooter is precisely what you should get today.

The best knee scooter will help protect your injury while enabling you to remain mobile. It'll take the weigh off your injured leg and allow it to heal faster while you continue with your daily activities.

Since the market has numerous scooters, we did extensive research on the most reliable models for you based on quality, durability, and price. And that's how we ended up with our final list of top knee scooters below.

Is a knee scooter better than crutches?

You might already be caught up between going with a knee scooter and crutches. While both are designed to help you when recovering from a knee or leg injury, it's no doubt that knee scooters outweigh the crutches in terms of benefits it offers you.

For instance, a knee scooter doesn't require you to use upper body strength, unlike the crutches. This means your weight gets evenly distributed through both legs, and you can use the on-injured leg to propel your scooter forward.

Another thing that places a scooter above crutches is the comfort they offer you. These scooters feature adjustable handlebars and knee pads that enable you to set them to find the perfect fit. And unlike crutches, you don't have to worry about chafing or pain under your arms.

Scooters also outdo crutches in that they enable you to maintain proper posture. As you continue using crutches, you might start weakening, and your back muscles will move forward to alleviate the stress. This can lead to bad posture. The case if different when using knee scooter as it allows you to maintain the natural upright position, with the uninjured leg in normal standing position and shoulders back.

Also, using a scooter over crutches means faster movements. The scooter is steerable and comes equipped with wheels to enable you to move easily and faster. Crutches will require you to use a lot of energy, making you exhausted by the time you reach your destination.

Above all, the best knee scooters will leave your hands free compared to crutches. This means you can go about doing daily activities such as washing dishes, cleaning your house, and doing other handy things while on the recovery journey.

Our best knee scooter reviews:

1. KneeRover Economy Knee Scooter

This knee scooter from KneeRover is an affordable mobility solution for kids or adults from 4' 9" to 6' 6". Unlike the crutches, it offers you a more reliable, comfortable, and safer way to recover from a broken leg, broken foot, ankle surgery, or foot surgery.

The scooter comes designed for both indoor and outdoor use. It comes equipped with up to four 7.5-inch rubber wheels that promote easy steering and balance when out there on the streets or around the house. It also comes armed with dual adjustable handbrakes plus dual rear on-wheel brakes that facilitate real-easy control and maneuvering.

Another cool aspect that makes this model the best knee scooter for broken foot is that it features fully adjustable handlebars and padded knee platform. These enable you to set it to offer you the perfect fit for your leg, translating to the ultimate comfort.

Keep in mind that this scooter easily folds into a compact design for easy storage or transportation. Though it feels pretty light (at only 21 pounds), the scooter feels exceptionally sturdy. It can handle a weight capacity as high as 300lbs.

Highlighted Features:

  • Ideal for indoor/outdoor use
  • Suitable for kids and adults
  • Equipped with 4 rubber wheels
  • Dual adjustable locking handbrakes
  • Adjustable padded knee platform
  • Folds into a compact design

2. KneeRover Steerable Knee Scooter

Also from KneeRover, we have this knee scooter, which is also ideal for people recovering from knee or leg injury or surgery. It is perfect for users with height 5' - 6'6 and can accommodate individuals weighing up to 300lbs.

As one of the most trusted knee walkers and a great alternative to the painful crutch, you can trust this scooter to make your recovery period easy, painless, and fast. It comes equipped with an adjustable handbrake, which works closely with the rear disc brake to give you excellent stability and control when maneuvering.

What's more, the scooter presents you with a fully adjustable handlebars and knee platform to ensure you enjoy a comfortable fit for your specific leg shape/size.

Note that this scooter is intended for both indoor and outdoor use and features up to four 7.5-inch durable rubber wheels for easy mobility.

Though this scooter feels incredibly lightweight, it has a robust dual bar frame that enables it to withstand users weighing up to 300lbs. Its quick-release folding mechanism for easy storage and transportation. And the FREE basket offers you a convenient way to carry your smartphone, purse, lunch, etc. while roaming around.

Highlighted Features:

  • Adjustable locking handbrake
  • Four 7.5-inch rubber wheels
  • Compatible with left or right leg
  • Free basket included
  • Fully adjustable handlebars and knee platform
  • Quick folding mechanism for easy storage/transportation
  • Recommended for users with height 5'-6'6

3. KneeRover Deluxe Steerable Knee Scooter

KneeRover is a trusted name in the knee scooter world, so don't be surprised that we have soo many products from the brand. Occupying our 3rd position is yet another KneeRover that also comes designed with individuals recuperating from a foot or ankle surgery or injuries in mind.

This particular scooter is rated as one of the most advanced models in the industry due to its ability to make your recovery journey easy, comfortable, and safe.

It boasts an advanced tie rod steering technology that works tirelessly to maintain front axle width, even during turns—ensuring maximum stability. It also comes with a sleek modern design that places it in its own class.

Like the other KneeRovers featured on this list, this scooter is ideal for indoor and outdoor use. It comes with four 7.5" rubber wheels that enable you to easily steer it through the streets or around your home.

Other notable features include a comfortable 3-inch thick contoured knee platform that accommodates both right and left legs, removable front axle and handlebars, quick folding mechanism, free storage basket, and adjustable handlebars.

Highlighted Features:

  • Premium tie rod steering
  • Adjustable locking handbrake
  • Quick release folding mechanism
  • Lightweight and sturdy frame design
  • Robust 300lb weight capacity
  • Adjustable knee pad with thick cushioning
  • Free storage basket included

4. Drive Medical Dual Pad Steerable Knee Walker

Drive Medical

Also appearing on our knee scooter review list is this highly reliable knee walker from Drive Medical. It's your go-to option if you're recovering from foot surgery, sprains amputation, breaks, or ulcers on your foot.

You can use it this knee walker indoors or outdoors as it comes equipped with 8-inch casters that perform well on both environments. You'll appreciate that this walker is full steerable to grant you the maneuverability you need when out there in the streets.

Designed with your safety in mind, this walker presents you with deluxe braking system that gives you total control over it, so you can always make precise stops whenever the need arises.

Since this is a tool-free assembly walker, putting it together will not be a problem for you, even if you have never done it before. Don't forget that this walker features a storage basket for conveniently carrying your essentials.

The walker has a total weight capacity of 350 pounds. And this is made possible by its durable steel frame that can withstand regular stress for an extended period of time. The silver vein finish keeps the frame from rusting for extended durability.

Highlighted Features:

  • Ftted with 8-inch casters
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Durable steel frame w/silver vein finish
  • Armed with deluxe braking system
  • Convenient storage basket
  • Weight limit: 350 pounds

5. ELENKER Steerable Deluxe Medical Scooter


Recovering from a broken foot, ankle, leg, or ankle surgery or leg amputation? If yes, this ELENKER offers you a more reliable and comfortable alternative to the crutches. It comes with an excellent weight capacity of 300lbs and is recommended for users with a height of 4'9" to 6'6".

You'll quickly notice that this scooter comes equipped with 4 8-inch solid PVC wheels. These enable you to use it in both indoor and outdoor environments without any issues.

As one of the most trusted scooters, this model comes engineered to ensure your safety when roaming around. This is evident from its dual adjustable locking handbrakes, which helps you safely slow down or stop. The locks are pretty easy to use as you simply need to push down the brakes to make a stop.

Also worth mentioning is the lightweight and durable nature of this scooter. The lightweight aspect combines with the compact folding mechanism to make the unit easy to store and transports. And the durable frame enables it to withstand weights of up to 300lbs.

The knee pad is contoured for your comfort and can be adjustable to allow you to enjoy a perfect fit. The included storage bag enables you to carry your items when moving around.

Highlighted Features:

  • Lightweight but durable design
  • Quick release folding mechanism
  • 8-inch PVC wheels
  • Dual adjustable locking handbrakes
  • Dual rear on-wheel brakes
  • Robust weight capacity of 300lbs
  • Comfortable contoured knee pad
  • Recommended user height: 4'9"-6'6"

6. KneeRover All Terrain Steerable Knee Scooter


KneeRover makes a comeback in our top knee scooter reviews! This is the perfect option for you if you're looking for an ALL-TERRAIN knee scooter that you can use on just on any terrain!

The scooter's secret to moving easily on all terrains lies in its bigger 12-inch pneumatic tires that can hassle-freely navigate through grass, gravel, dirt, gaps in sidewalks, and other terrains with the ultimate ease.

This scooter is fully steerable and comes with KneeRover's advanced automotive style tie-rod steering mechanism for unmatched stability and control on all terrains.

Like in the other KneeRover's, this scooter also presents you with a fully adjustable knee platform and handlebars to enable you to set it according to your unique needs. It also matches other KneeRovers in that it has a quick-release folding mechanism for easy transportation/storage.

Don't forget that this scooter features locking handbrake to grant you immediate stopping ability—assuring you of your own safety!

Thanks to the heavy-duty dual-bar construction, this scooter has an unprecedented level of strength and stability. It can handle users weighing as much as350lbs and with a height of 5'6" to 6'5".

Highlighted Features:

  • All-terrain 12-inch pneumatic tires
  • Premium tie-rod steering
  • Adjustable locking handbrake
  • KneeRover Stabilizer for increased stability
  • Rugged dual bar frame; 350bs weight capacity
  • Quick release folding design
  • Adjustable contoured knee pad

7. KneeRover Economy Knee Scooter


Why undergo the pain and stress that comes with using crutches while you can invest in this economic KneeRover scooter and enjoy a painless and more comfortable healing process?

This scooter is designed to be more stable and comfortable than the crutches. It comes designed for both indoor and outdoor use. It features four 7.5-inch rubber wheels which work excellently on both environments.

You'll appreciate that this scooter comes armed with dual adjustable locking handbrakes in addition to dual rear om-wheel brakes. These come together to give you total control over the scooter and enable you to make stops where the need arises.

As it's standard across all KneeRover wheeled knee walkers, this model also has a quick-release folding design. Needless to say, this allows you to turn it into a compact size for easy storage or transportation to any place.

Your comfort is well cared for in this scooter, thanks to the adjustable handlebars and knee platform. You can trust this scooter to reliably hold users weighing up to 300lbs. And accommodate users with a height of 4' 9" to 6' 6" (both kids and adults).

Highlighted Features:

  • Four 7.5" rubber wheels
  • Dual adjustable locking handbrakes
  • Dual rear on-wheel brakes
  • Quick release folding mechanism
  • Adjustable handlebars & knee platform
  • Ideal for users with heights 4' 9" to 6' 6"
  • Robust 300 lb. weight capacity

8. ELENKER Economy Steerable Medical Scooter


This is one of the pocket-friendly wheeled knee walkers you can find on the market today. Despite the pricing, however, this scooter also offers you a more comfortable and stable alternative to crutches when recovering from a leg injury.

The scooter comes equipped with 8-inch wheels that promote smooth steering and balance in both indoor and outdoor environments. Its handlebars feature a quick folding design to enable you to turn into a compact size for easy storage or transportation to any place.

Just like most of the other scooters we have discussed above, this model also presents you with fully adjustable handlebars and kneepads to ensure you set it to obtain a perfect fit for a comfortable ride.

Don't forget it also features adjustable locking handbrake and a rear brake that gives you excellent stability and control and ensure your own safety when using it. The sturdy frame used to design this scooter enables it to accommodate users weighing as heavy as 350lbs.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Adjustable locking handbrake
  • Features 4 8-inch PVC wheels
  • Adjustable contoured knee pad
  • Folds into a compact size for easy storage/transport
  • Recommended user height: 4'9"-6'6"
  • Weight capacity: 350lb

9. KneeRover Steerable Knee Scooter


As we draw near the end of our top-rated wheeled knee walkers, we have this moderately priced unit from KneeRover. It comes in a sexy pink color, making it a cool choice for women recuperating from a foot or ankle injury.

Like the other scooters featured above, this is a steerable model, and it comes with an adjustable locking handbrake plus rear disc brake for unmatched control and stability. It also comes with four 7.5-inch non-marking rubber wheels, which can work on both indoor and outdoor environments.

You'll appreciate that this scooter's platform comes with a 3.5-inch thick contoured knee platform to ensure your injured leg remains comfortable. The platform is also compatible with both your right and left legs. The KneeRover also features fully adjustable handlebars and knee platform to enable you to obtain a perfect for even comfier feel.

With its quick folding mechanism, this unit folds into a compact size for easy storage and transportation. The included free basket lets you conveniently carry your electronics, lunch, and other essentials when moving around.

Highlighted Features:

  • Adjustable locking handbrake
  • Ideal for indoor, outdoor use
  • Four 7.5-inch non-marking rubber wheels
  • Comfy 3.5" thick contoured knee platform
  • Comes with a free basket
  • Fully adjustable handlebars & knee platform
  • Robust 300lb weight capacity

10. Vive Knee Walker - Steerable Scooter


Lastly, in our list of the best knee scooter reviews, we have the Vive Knee Walker. It features an updated design that provides excellent mobility for those recovering from an injury or surgery of the lower leg, ankle, or foot.

It's an exceptionally stable steerable scooter that rolls smoothly on both indoor and outdoor surfaces. You'll notice that the knee platform comes designed in such a way that it contours to cradle your leg. This helps provide the much needed stability, comfort, and support to your leg when recovering.

Also, keep in mind that this scooter comes fitted with up to four 8-inch polyurethane wheels to offer a highly stable base for easy maneuverability, whether you're using the scooter indoors or outdoors. It also comes with dual rear disc brakes to offer superior stability and control.

Just as we have seen in nearly all the scooters above, this model features lightweight and durable construction. And it can easily fold into a compact design for easy carry or storage. It comes with a storage bag to enable you to safely carry all your essential items.

Highlighted Features:

  • Designed for indoor and outdoor use
  • Storage bag included
  • Four, 8-inch polyurethane wheels
  • Dual rear brakes for control and stability
  • Comfortable foam knee cushion
  • Light and durable steel frame
  • Adjustable steering handle

Knee Scooter Buying Guide for Newbies

If buying a knee scooter for the first time, this is your part. Right below here, we'll outline the key aspects that separate the best knee walkers from the others.

Follow these features for an easy knee scooter shopping process:


It goes without saying that your new scooter will continuously be under the stress of your weight. For this reason, you should look for a model constructed from durable materials that can withstand the daily use and serve you for a longer period of time. Scooters made from aluminum or steel tend to last longer. Models featuring an ellipsoidal type of tubing also tend to stand the test of time.


The kind of wheels a knee scooter comes equipped with determines whether it's suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Most models that feature small wheels can roll smoothly on indoor environments. Thick, larger wheels are more suitable for riding on outdoor surfaces and rough terrains.


At some point, the need to carry the scooter with you might come up. And depending on the type of scooter you have, it might be impossible to take it with you. To be on the safer side, look for a model that comes with a foldable design. Such a scooter means you can easily reduce to a compact size for easy storage and transportation on your vehicle. As you might have noted, all the models we have featured in our knee scooter review list above come with a quick-release folding design for portability.

Knee platform

Pay attention to the design of the platform where you'll be placing your injured leg on the scooter. The platform should be able to comfortably accommodate your leg and leave enough room. It should come with some kind of cushioning to help protect your leg. The knee pads should also be adjustable for a perfect fit. Above all, the platform should be centered to ensure the scooter remains stable.

Knee Scooter


You should also make sure the knee scooter you can be easily adjusted without using any special tools. A model that allows you to adjust its knee pads, handlebars, etc., means you can easily customize it to obtain the perfect fit for your leg.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Do I need a prescription for a knee scooter?

No. You don't need a prescription for you to start using a knee scooter. Anyone who has suffered from foot or leg injury or is recovering from a surgery to the leg or foot can use a knee scooter. It'll offer protection to your injured leg while allowing you to remain mobile. It will also enable you to recover faster and more effectively than the crutches.

Q: What is the price of a knee scooter?

The cost of a knee scooter varies greatly depending on the brand and quality. You should expect to range from as low as $100 to as high as $300 or more. Higher cost means better quality and better features.

Q: Purchasing vs. renting knee scooter: which is better?

Renting companies usually cost you around $30-$80+ a week, or $100-$300 a month. They also require that you rent a scooter for at least one month. As you can see, the cost of renting for a month is the same cost for getting a new model that you can use for as long as you wish. In our opinion, purchasing your own scooter is way better than renting one. And you can always sell the scooter when you no longer need it.

Q: Do knee scooters have brakes?

Absolutely! The best knee walkers should come fitted with a braking system to give you excellent control over your speed and stoppage. We always advise you to ensure the scooter you're buying comes with an easy to use braking system for your own safety.

Q: Can I sit on a knee scooter?

No. A typical knee scooter isn't designed to support your full body weight, which means sitting on them is not a wise idea. By sitting on your scooter, you might end up damaging it and making it unsafe to use. We strongly advise you to use your knee scooter as directed by the manufacturer.

Final Verdict

Recovering from a leg or foot injury has never been easier, thanks to a knee scooter. Unlike the crutches, knee scooters will protect your injured leg, allow you to remain mobile, and make the recovery process faster and more effective. In this guide, we have just outlined for you the 10 best knee scooters that are sure to give you the firsthand benefits of a knee scooter and make your recovery process painless, comfortable, and fast.

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