10 Best Windshield for Road Glide in 2024 [Buying Guide]

10 Best Windshield for Road Glide in 2024 [Buying Guide]

After going through several reviews, I found that the Klock Werks Sport Flare for 2015-2022 is the best windshield for Road Glide. It is top of our list due to its comprehensive coverage and undisputed sporty look. This windshield helps in stability and handling to give an enjoyable riding experience.

There are several after-market windshields for Road Glides, so finding the right one can be an uphill task. Finding a suitable windshield depends on your height and the Harley Davidson model.

In this article, I will give you the top 10 best windshields for Road Glide. I will discuss the important feature and give you an in-depth review of each product. There is also a complete buyer’s guide to help you pick the right windshield.

I have been reviewing motorcycle products for over ten years. For this reason, I believe this to be the best place to help you get a product with the best value and quality.

At A Glance: Best Windshield for Road Glide

10 Best Windshields for Road Glide in 2022

A windshield is a necessity when it comes to protective riding gear. It provides excellent visibility and offers the highest degree of protection. That is why it is critical to find the right one.

Below are our best picks for the best windshield for Road Glide. The features and specifications for all the products vary. Therefore, you can compare each item and pick the best one for your need.

1. Klock Werks Sport Flare for 2015-2022 – Best Overall Windshield for Road Glide

Klock Werks introduced the streamlined, sleek 14” Dark Smoke version of the new Road Glide. It provides great coverage and has a sportier look than all taller windshields on our list.

The design features radical curves with a sporty stance to improve air management. It does not just manage air but also aids in stability and handling to improve your ride.

The Klock Werks Sport Flare might not be ideal for short people but still remarkable for the long haul.

This windshield is a good addition to your bike as it kicks the air up and re-directs it to clean, less turbulent air. It eliminates wind troubles, and you can ride with it at full speed while avoiding wind or breeze effects.

Important Features

    • Material: The material used for the Sport Flare is Lexan FMR hard-coated polycarbonate on either side of the shield. The build quality ensures added durability, so you don’t run into trouble with wear and tear.

    • Design: It is more streamlined and offers a sportier stance and radical curves. It complements the lines of the new fairing for improved air management.

    • Protection: It protects against harmful UV rays, harsh weather, and wind noise.

    • The hips: Compared to the stock windshield, this design features “hips” at the sides that re-route air away from the rider. This, in turn, improves stability and handling by adding downforce to the front of the bike.

    • The flips: The “flip” at the top of the Flare blocks and pushes the air back as less turbulent, giving you and your passenger clean air.

    • Installation: The windshield comes pre-drilled. You can easily mount it using stock windshield hardware.


    • It is not blacked out, so you can still see through.

    • The windshield resists scratching way better than the stock.

    • Users can listen to clear music when riding.

    • The wind deflection at highway speeds is very efficient.


    • Not decent for short people to try.

2. Klock Werks 2015-2022 Road Glide Pro Touring Flare – Best for Providing More Coverage

Like our top one, Pro-Touring Flare is also one of the best windshields for new Harley Road Glides. It is much wider, features less curvature, and provides more coverage than the Sport Flare. The wider coverage area makes it ideal for both riders and passengers maximum wind protection.

With its excellent design, this 12-inch windshield ensures weather protection during long hurls. The only downside is that it does not offer much visibility in very stormy weather.

The design is perfect for fighting fatigue, arm strains, and back pain during long rides. Since the glass keeps the wind out, you can hear the stereo or music without straining. It also allows you to ride comfortably without generating speeding sounds.

Important Features

    • Design: It has less curvature than the Sport Flare to ensure maximum air management. Its flat screen features the necessary curves for stability and handling.

    • Material: This windshield build material comprises a hard-coated polycarbonate. The material is durable and sturdy. You won’t have to worry about shatters, scratches, or other heavy impacts.

    • Installation: The Pro Touring Flare is very easy to install. All you need is a screwdriver, as the package comes with a fitment guide.

    • Protection: Its 12-inch protective screen offer maximum protection against debris, bugs, and dirt. It also prevents the infotainment from getting all soaked up during heavy rainfall.

    • Pro-Touring Flare: You can expect improved stability with this windshield. The Pro-Touring Flare windshields are much wider and provide more coverage. It is thus ideal for maximum wind management.


    • Flexible and sturdy, built to withstand hard impacts.

    • Installation is simple, and it fits very well.

    • It is very effective at re-directing wind to eliminate turbulence.

    • The mounting holes are well placed.


    • It might not give visibility in heavy rain.

3. Klock Werks Flare for 2014-2022 FLH – Best Aerodynamic Design

The Klock Werks Flare windshield has an excellent aerodynamic design and fits a wide range of custom Road Glides. It has a hard-coated polycarbonate build to provide maximum weather protection. Also, the material is durable and will not shatter or break easily.

The windshield is large, with signature hips technology at the outer edge. The hips offer downforce and re-direct the air away from the front wheel.

Riders do not get any airflow issues because air re-routes in a V-shape to protect them from harsh winds. There is always less turbulence and reduced pressure when riding. Besides, its functionality would make it suitable for those who ride in heat or cold weather.

Important Features

    • Aerodynamic design: It has wind tunneling technology with a unique recurve design. This design provides clean low-turbulent air when cruising at highway speeds. The curvature also prevents wind from buffeting your helmet.

    • Color and Material: This windshield has a dark smoke color for your Harley aesthetics. It also has hard-coated polycarbonate built for added durability.

    • The flip: “Flip” at the top of the Flare kicks the air up and re-directs the air back as less turbulent, clean air for you and your passenger.

    • The hip: The design features “hips” at the shield’s outer edge that re-route air from the rider. This, in turn, improves stability and handling by adding downforce to the front of the bike.

    • Windshield bags: You can mount a three-pouch windshield bag on the windshield for added storage.

    • Size: The windshield is 8.5 inches. Its size performs to re-direct air better than flat windscreens. A rider should pick a height that they can look over comfortably.


    • It is durable and lasts for a very long time.

    • The windshield has a small compartment for storage.

    • It is ideal for harsh weather protection.

    • The design is effective in reducing drag and air turbulence.


    • You will not entirely see through the shield.

    • It is a bit pricier for some users.

4. Memphis Shades MEP86010 2015 – 2016 – Best for Short Riders

Memphis Shades windshield has a custom style that adapts to any riding conditions. Riders can pick the visibility level amongst ghost (85% visible light), smoke (30% visible light), and solar (72% visible light).

The body comprises an aircraft-grade Lucite for the best quality and durability. This specific is only 6 inches in height and might not be ideal for tall people. The design is to be looked over but not through.

This Spoiler windshield for Harley Davidson reduces the air stream flow without buffeting. It also minimizes wind noise and allows you to ride without compromising visibility. On top of that, the OEM hardware allows for an easy installation and a perfect fit.

Important Features

    • Design: Windshield designs developed using industry-leading computational fluid dynamics (CFD). The windshield reduces the flow without buffeting by diffusing the air stream.

    • Material: An aircraft-grade Lucite has been used to make this Memphis windshield sturdy and durable. The build quality also provides Optics to make it more appealing on the motorcycle.

    • Installation: The Memphis windshield uses OEM hardware. The hardware allows for quick and easy installation for a perfect fit.

    • Tints: Pick the visibility level amongst ghost (85% light visibility), smoke (30% light visibility), and solar (72% light visibility).


    • Its design makes it easy to install.

    • The item is sturdy and durable.

    • It comes with OEM hardware that makes them fit perfectly.

    • It does a good job of re-directing the wind away from the biker.


    • It may not be suitable for tall riders as it is a bit short.

5. Amazicha Black 8” Wave Windshield – Best for Budget

The Amazicha 8” Wave Windshield is a budget choice for cruising long roads and regular use. It can fit most Harley Davidson motorcycles from 1996-2013 street glides.

The windshield comes with a wave design for optimal wind protection. It offers excellent wind resistance for comfortable and safer driving. You will not have to deal with arm strains or back pains after long rides.

The product might not come with an installation guide, but it is easy to install using the OEM hardware. It will not require prior installation skills.

Important Features

    • Protection: The windshield offers excellent wind resistance to protect bikers. The helmet will not start buffeting, and the ride will be more comfortable and safe.

    • Material: It has high-quality polycarbonate material. It can resist high impacts such as rocks and sand thrown by the outside world. The resistance is essential in providing dimension stability.

    • Size: This Amazicha windshield height is 8 inches high to offer decent weather protection. The measurement is from the center of the middle bolt. It would be ideal for any rider who is around 6’4″ or below.

    • Installation: The windshield does not come with an installation guide or hardware. But you can easily install it using the stock hardware.

    • Color: It is a stylish black colored windshield that you can see through in strong light. However, it can hardly see through in ordinary light.


    • The thickness is ideal for most Harley Davidson street glides.

    • It offers decent weather protection at cruising speed.

    • The center alignment fits perfectly on the bike.

    • This windshield does not create a gap between the fairing and the stock gasket.


    • The windshield is not too resistant to scratch.

    • It does not come with an installation guide.

6. Klock Werks Sport Flare 8” Windshield – Best Quality Windshield for Road Glide

The Sport Flare 8″ windshield is specially designed for 1998 to 2013 Road Glides. It features an FMR hard-coated Lexan Polycarbonate material for added durability. With this quality, you can take long rides without worrying about tension or cracks.

Its black paint will go well with your custom or stock Road Glide. However, the black shade is not see-through. But this is not an issue since the windshield is relatively low, and you will have to look over it.

This windshield performs well, given its aerodynamic design. Its hips will eliminate swirls of air in the front of the bike when riding, improving stability. The flip kicks the air up and re-directs it as less turbulent, clean air for you and your passenger.

Important Features

    • Material: This windshield build material comprises an FMR hard-coated Lexan Polycarbonate compound. It is durable and scratch-resistant.

    • Aerodynamics: This Klock Werks product is a perfect design for better fuel efficiency. It drives your Harley with top speed and provides better stability.

    • Color: It has a black painting to make your stock or custom Road Glide look better. However, the black tint is not see-through.

    • Size: The windshield is 8 inches and would be suitable for those who are 5’9″ or less. You will notice the best performance from the windshield if you are a bit shorter. But it is still a decent level for most riders.

    • Design: This Klock Werks model is custom molded. It has a “flip” at the top of the Flare blocks to direct air up and over your head. There is also a “hip” curvature at the sides to help you cut through gusty air efficiently.

    • Installation: The Sport Flare 8″ comes pre-drilled and is easy to mount using H-D stock windshield hardware.


    • It does well at protecting the fairing interior from rain and dust.

    • This windshield is easy to clean and maintain.

    • You can easily listen to the stereo.

    • It is sturdily built to resist wear and tear.


    • The windshield is not entirely see-through.

    • It provides less dust and rain protection for equipment placed on the handlebars.

7. Memphis Shades MEP85701 Smoke Windshield – Good Optical Performance

The Memphis shades MEP85701 is a good quality windshield that fits FLTR road glide models from 2004 to 2013. It has an aircraft-grade acrylic Lucite body with good optical performance and durability. You won’t have to worry about shatters, scratches, or other heavy impacts.

This windshield has a simple design and would be great for any newbie. You can mount it easily using the OEM hardware without a hassle.

You can modify it to get the right amount of light transmission. The shield adjusts to 85%, 72%, and 30% light visibility in any condition.

The sturdy build makes it suitable for daily use. It allows for long rides and will adapt perfectly for long-term usage. Its 10” height makes it ideal for both tall and short people. Besides, it diffuses the air stream and is designed for riders to look over, not through.

Important Features

    • Material: The body comprises an aircraft-grade Lucite for the best quality. The material also provides exceptional Optics and durability.

    • Design: The Memphis shade windshield has a simple design to resist wind effectively. This, in turn, reduces the air stream flow without buffeting.

    • Color: It is available in ghost (85% light visibility), smoke (30% light visibility), and solar (72% light visibility).

    • Installation: The spoiler windshield uses OEM hardware for quick and easy installation.


    • The mounting holes fit perfectly on a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

    • It is very thick and easy to install.

    • It is ideal for tall people.

    • The windshield is easy to clean and maintain.


    • It might rub onto the steering lock if not installed correctly.

    • The windshield is not resistant to deep scratches.

8. Amazicha Black 7” Wave Windshield – Best Ergonomic Build

The Amazicha 7’ Wave windshield is another cost-effective addition to your Road Glide. It has a decent ergonomic build and fits a wide range of hogs for such a price.

The model is similar to the Klock Werks Flare design, although it has less curvature. But the curvature is not a big deal since the turbulent wind will deflect past the rider.

This windshield appeals to motorcycle enthusiasts with its polished black finish. It has a high-quality polycarbonate body that is impact resistant to ensure longevity.

Amazicha 7″ is a good way to decide which windscreen size you need for your Harley. The body offers maximum protection from foul weather. Once the wheels begin to move, you can feel very comfortable and safe.

Important Features

    • Material: It features polycarbonate material that is scruff and scratch-resistant. The built body can resist high impacts and provide dimension stability.

    • Design: This model is similar to the Klock Werks Flare design, with a unique recurve design. The curvature provides clean, low-turbulent air when cruising at highway speeds.

    • Protection: The windshield protects you from bad weather and keeps off gusty winds. It also does well to keep off dirt particles and shield the infotainment. This way, your ride will be more comfortable and safe.

    • Installation: The installation process is straightforward. Just directly replace your existing one using the stock hardware. But sometimes, you might not get a good fit since this windshield is very thick.

    • Size: This Amazicha windshield measures only 7 inches long from the center of the middle bolt. It is ideal for deflecting wind over any rider who is around 5’9″.

    • Color: This windshield has a black color that is not see-through. It styles your Harley differently and gives it a sporty appearance.


    • It works very well, deflecting the air up and over.

    • This wind protection gear is cost-efficient.

    • It’s much thinner than the stock windshield.

    • The windshield installs very easily.


    • The curve at the top does not have much of a bend.

    • Short people might have to deal with helmet buffeting.

9. Kuryakyn 1370 Motorcycle Accent Accessory – Best Looking Windshield for Road Glide

The Kuryakn 1370 features a beautiful three-piece trim set and is compatible with the ‘98-’13 Harley Davidson Road Glide models. The chrome color with the transition on its three rims gives it a classy finish. The model will flare up and enhance the appearance of your ride.

The windshield design increases the engine efficiency and reduces the aerodynamic drag. However, the design is insufficient in terms of functionality or reducing drag.

The Kuryakyn 1370 comes with the necessary hardware and bolts for easy installation. Also, this model is durable and guarantees value for your money.

Important Features

    • Design: The design has a beautiful three-piece trim set. This offers a smooth-flowing bridge from the windshield to the bike’s fairing.

    • Material: The Kuryakyn 1370 body has a steel construction that offers great quality. This construction makes the windshield last way longer.

    • Installation: The installation is easy. The kit comes with all the tools needed for the procedure, and you will not have to incur additional costs. The hardware kit comprises a Phillips screwdriver, Torx, hex, and combination wrenches.

    • Color: It has a chrome finish with a smooth transition in chrome from the fairing to the windshield. The color will make any Road Glide very appealing to the eye.


    • It has all the hardware required for installation.

    • It does well at providing wind protection.

    • The product effectively cancels out noises so you can listen to the stereo.

    • The windshield is easy to install and fits perfectly.


    • The design might be insufficient at reducing drag.

10. Klock Werks Sport Flare for 1998-2013 – Best for Tall Riders

The Sport Flare 12-inch windshield is a great option for tall riders. Due to its height, it cancels out irritating noise and reduces helmet buffeting. Its aerodynamics ensures you never get wind attacks when riding at top speeds.

This windshield does a good job of re-routing air away from you when riding. This, in turn, improves stability by adding downforce to the front of the motorcycle.

You might notice a slight distortion when looking through the flip, but the layout is still big enough to keep you safe.

This windshield has an FMR polycarbonate hard coating for unmatched strength and durability. On top of that, it comes with mounting hardware for easy installation.

Important Features

    • Aerodynamics: The curvature of the Sport Flare windshield gives better speed and stability. You will be able to listen to the stereo sound very clearly.

    • Material: The material used for this Sport Flare is Lexan polycarbonate with FMR hard coating on either side of the shield. The built quality is scruff and scratch-resistant and ensures unmatched durability. Hard-coated polycarbonate also protects against UV rays.

    • Design: Similar to the 8-inch model, The Klock Werks Sport Flare 12-inch windscreen is custom molded. It has a flip at the top of the Flare blocks and hips at the sides. However, there is a slight distortion when looking through the curvature at the flip.

    • Size: The windshield is 12 inches and is suitable for tall riders, usually 5’11” and above. However, its aerodynamic design makes it ideal for both short and tall people.

    • Color: This windshield has a dark smoke color that is better see-through than the black tint. The color also gives a different appearance to your Road Glide.

    • Installation: The windshield is already pre-drilled. You can mount it using stock windshield hardware. A bonus is that it comes with a manufacturer’s installation guide.


    • Its tall height makes it ideal for tall people.

    • Its aerodynamic design helps with fuel efficiency.

    • The windshield is easy to mount using the stock hardware.

    • It gives better protection against wind turbulence.


    • Some people find it hard to fit on the bike.

    • You might notice a slight distortion when looking through the flip.

Things You Should Consider Before Buying the Windshield for Road Glide

A windshield is necessary as your safety comes first when riding a motorcycle. 

Windshields keep you protected from many adverse environmental conditions. They prevent debris from hitting your face and remove wind blasts from your body.

They also improve the aerodynamic build of your bike, thereby reducing the drag and giving your bike a smooth airflow.

Getting the right windshield may be challenging, but not if you know what you want. It would help if you had a high-quality windshield that matches your needs.

I, therefore, did some research and made a list of pointers to consider before buying a windshield:

Check out this review of Arai XD-3 Helmet by BikersRights.

Design and Type

The primary function of a windshield is to shield the rider from wind and decrease aerodynamic drag. That is why you need to focus on its shape.

There are different designs, from the recurved edge to the flat H-D design. The recurve edge design improves the aerodynamics of your bike and provides more comfort during your ride. On the other hand, the flat H-D windshield design function to enhance the aesthetics of your motorcycle.

The actual choice, however, comes down to your likeness. You should choose a design that does not compromise your comfort.


Your height should match the size and height of the windshield. You do not want to be taller than your windshield, as this will only direct air to your body. A 10-inch windshield is a perfect fit for someone 6 feet and above. For people who are 5’9” or shorter, an 8-inch windshield is ideal.

Place an object about 15 m in front of your bike to check for the right height. Then sit in your normal riding position with your hands on the handlebars.

The best shield height you should get is the intersecting point where your eye line connects with the object.

Build Quality

Windshields are usually made of polycarbonate or acrylic. The polycarbonates are thicker and, therefore, will offer you more protection. They are sturdy, long-lasting, and more expensive. You will get value for your money because they don’t chip or break easily.

The acrylics are thinner, more likely to break, and easily scratched. However, they are cheap and will not block your view when riding your bike at highway speeds in sunlight.

If your budget allows, get polycarbonate windshields because they are flexible and durable.


Road Glide windshields mostly come with some tint and rarely have 100% clarity. The tint determines the aesthetics of your Harley and how well you can see through.

A darker shade implies that you will see less through the windshield. However, you will get more protection from front-facing headlights and UV light. You can choose a windshield that lets you see more clearly or one that improves and matches the looks of your bike.

Ease of Installation

To avoid incurring additional costs, you should look for an adjustable windshield that is flexible and easy to install. Try purchasing one with all installation parts, such as the bolts and adhesive. Check if the windshield has pre-drilled holes to ensure you do not go through the drilling process.

Fixed windshields are easier to install, while adjustable windshields may need professional installation.

Adjustable or Fixed

There are both fixed and adjustable windshield varieties for riders. The fixed windshields are sturdy and well-built.

But many riders prefer adjustable windshields because they can change the inclination and height. This lets you enjoy a cold breeze during summer and less airflow to stay warm during cold days, especially if you are tall.

Size and Weight

When choosing a windshield, size and weight are key features. The correct weight and width of the windshield maximize the efficiency of your bike.

While a bigger and taller windshield offers better protection, it may make your ride less aerodynamic and more turbulent. Also, a heavier windshield may leave you susceptible to heavy wind flow as it affects handling.

However, choosing a bigger or smaller windshield may depend on the type of style you like for your bike.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Some of the Advantages of Having a Windshield?

A windshield offers several advantages on your road glide. First, it prevents you from getting fatigued or having back pains. It reduces the wind blasting toward you when riding at top speeds.
Riders may face many harsh elements and conditions when cruising at high speeds. When riding your bike outside, the windshield protects your body and face. It offers protection from impacts such as small debris or rocks that might cause injury.

On top of that, a windshield will decrease aerodynamic drag to make your motor more efficient. Also, it reduces the wind hitting your face and stops the helmet from shaking.

What Is the Ideal Way to Measure the Height of the Windshield That You Need?

When taking the measurements, it is best if the rider assumes a comfortable riding position on the bike with both hands on the handlebars. Then have another person holds the measuring device.
Place the measuring tape on the top of the headlight. Then angle it roughly to the bridge of the rider’s nose. The windshield’s length will depend on the rider’s height. The ideal measurement has a slight downward slope.

How Do I Clean My Windshield?

You can clean acrylic or polycarbonate motorcycle windshields with products free from alcohol.
Start by rinsing the windscreen using lukewarm water to remove excess dirt particles. Then go ahead and clean using liquid soap and water. Get a soft microfibre cloth and scrub gently to avoid scratching the windshield.

After washing, rinse using clean water and use a towel to dry off excess water. This will help in removing water stains that remain on the surface afterward.

Ensure you avoid petroleum-based products and other glass cleaning agents. Also, clean the windscreen once every week to ensure its longevity. Consider going through the windshield maintenance manual to avoid using the wrong products.

What Is the Best Road Glide Windshield for Tall Riders?

Any windshield height above 12” should be suitable for tall riders. However, looking for an adjustable windshield is best if you are a tall rider. It will reduce your chances of experiencing buffeting.

Which Material Is the Best for Windshields of Road Glide?

Most Road Glide windshield bodies are made of acrylic or polycarbonate. The polycarbonate material is the most flexible and durable. It is of the best quality and would last very long without drying out or becoming brittle.

The polycarbonates are also thicker and will offer you more protection. Unlike acrylic, polycarbonate is over 30 times more impact-resistant; they are sturdy and more expensive.

Final Thoughts

Investing in the Best Windshield for Road Glide ensures your face and body safety. With this guide, you can now find a good one that caters to your needs. Consider all the essential factors discussed above to make the right choice. Our top 10 picks all cater to different rider preferences. We included sporty, budget-friendly, durable windshields, including those that are ideal for short and tall riders. The Klock Werks Sport Flare for 2015-2022 is our best overall Windshield for Road Glide. It provides great coverage and has a sportier look to enhance your Harley aesthetics. On top of that, it eliminates wind turbulence while helping in bike stability to improve your ride. You will be able to cruise at top speeds without worrying about breeze effects.

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