6 Best Motorcycle Jackets for Tall Riders in 2024

6 Best Motorcycle Jackets for Tall Riders in 2024

Alongside helmets, jackets are one of the most important riding gear for motorcycle riders. They provide comfort and protect you from injury during different weather conditions. 

But if you’re a tall rider, finding the right motorcycle jacket can be difficult. Ever tried on a jacket but ended up looking like a teenager wearing a crop top in a 90s high school movie? Yep, I’ve been there too. 

I am a bike enthusiast, and like many of you reading this article, I’m a tall guy.

Having had first-hand experience with the frustrations of trying to fit into motorcycle jackets that aren’t the right size, I’ve come up with a few solutions. Read on to find out the best motorcycle jacket for tall riders.

Top Pick

My top pick is the Flavour Men brown leather jacket. It is one of the best leather motorcycle jackets for tall riders. This jacket is made with 100% leather and comes with a removable hood that you can also wear as a standing collar. It offers outer pockets to keep your hands warm and inner pockets to store your valuables. It also has rib cuffs and hem to provide warmth on cold days. 

Below are the Best Best Motorcycle Jackets for Tall Riders:

1. FLAVOR Men Brown Leather Motorcycle Jacket – Best leather motorcycle jacket for tall riders


  • Chart size with different options for tall people
  • Removable hood
  • Lots of pockets
  • Zip closure and hip length size
  • 100% leather


  • Limited color options 

The FLAVOUR men’s brown leather jacket is an excellent option for cold winter days. It’s made with 100% leather, its lining is 100% polyester, and the filing is 100% cotton. 

The manufacturer provides a chart size to help you choose the right size for your height and body type. The sizes include large tall, extra large tall, extra extra large, and up to six times extra large big tall. 

One of the coolest things about this jacket is that it comes with a removable hood for extra protection from the weather. If you don’t want a hoodie, you can wear the hood zip-off like a standing collar jacket. This gives you options to pull off different looks. 

Another great thing about this jacket is the pockets! There are two hand pockets which are especially helpful when you need a place to keep your hands warm. 

The jacket also has three chest pockets for essentials like I.D and phone. There are two additional internal pockets to keep more essentials. 

The FLAVOUR men’s brown leather jacket has a zip closure and hip-length size, which makes it an excellent wind-resistant jacket. 

Whether tall and skinny or tall and athletic, this jacket should fit you perfectly. 

Best Budget Motorcycle Jacket for Tall Riders

2. HWK Textile Motorcycle Jacket for Men


  • Reflective HWK logo for visibility at night
  • Double-air ventilation system
  • 600D Cordura outer shell protects against impact
  • Double safety stitching for durability
  • Reissa waterproof membrane
  • Windproof
  • Affordable


  • Not ideal for extremely hot climates

The HWK Textile Motorcycle Jacket for men is a great option if you’re looking for a jacket on a budget. Strong, rugged, and functional, this is an all-season jacket for riders who want good value for less money. 

Its outer shell is polyester 600D Cordura fabric to protect against impact.  This jacket also protects from water with its Reissa waterproof membrane. And there is also a detachable insulated thermal liner to keep you warm during cold days. 

The best motorcycle jackets protect from falls, and the HWK Textile jacket is no exception. It comes with CE armor on the back, elbow, and shoulder. There is also high-density foam padding on the back and front for extra protection. 

This jacket has double safety stitching, which provides durability. During hot days, you’re protected via dual airflow ventilation pockets and a front-to-back ventilation system. 

The manufacturer provides a chest measurement guide to help you choose the right jacket size for your height. Some sizes include X-large 44″, XX-large 46″, and XXX-large 48″. 

The HWK Textile Motorcycle Jacket provides you protection from falls and the weather. For the price, it’s a decent motorcycle jacket. 

3. HWK Armoured Jacket for Men


  • Reflective HWK logo for visibility at night
  • Double-air ventilation system
  • 600D Cordura outer shell protects against impact
  • Double safety stitching for durability
  • Reissa waterproof membrane
  • Windproof
  • Best-selling jacket on Amazon 


  • Not ideal for extremely hot climates

HWK is famous for making excellent motorcycle jackets, and this armored jacket for men is another good option for riders who want quality on a budget. 

This jacket’s outer shell is made with polyester 600D Cordura fabric for protection against impact. Meanwhile, its Reissa waterproof membrane protects you from the rain. Its detachable insulated thermal liner helps keep you warm during cold winter days. 

The HWK armored jacket has CE armor on the back, elbow, and shoulder for protection. It also has high-density foam pads on the back and front for added security. 

The jacket has double safety stitching for enhanced durability. It also has five airflow ventilation panels to keep you cool during hot days. 

This jacket also has two hand pockets for warmth during cold days. It also has inner mobile pockets to store your essentials. 

As you may have noticed, this jacket is similar to the HWK Textile Motorcycle Jacket for Men. However, it’s slightly more expensive and a little heavier. 

This all-season jacket is an excellent bike jacket for tall riders. The sizes available include options for riders with 48, 50, and 52 inches chest sizes. 

Best Protective Armour Jackets for Tall Riders 

4. Borleni Motorcycle Jacket  


  • Reflective strip for safety at night
  • Removable insulated cotton liner for warmth
  • Adjustable collar, cuff, and hem enhanced mobility
  • Windproof and waterproof


  • The zipper is quite small.

The Borleni jacket is an all-season motorcycle jacket for tall riders. This armor jacket provides full body protection against accidents and the weather. 

The Borleni jacket is made with Denier polyester and lined with mesh cloth and polyester mesh. It has a removable insulated cotton liner. Hence, you can wear the jacket without the liner during the summer and the liner during winter to protect against the cold

This jacket also comes with removable protective pads on the shoulders and elbows to prevent injuries from falls. So you can wear them when you’re riding a bike and take them off when you’re not. 

The jacket has an adjustable collar, cuff, and hem. This provides maximum mobility and allows you to ride comfortably and focus on the road. 

A reflective strip on the back of the jacket also ensures motorists notice your presence at night. 

This jacket has an extra large size for riders who are between 5’11 tall and 6’3 tall. There is also an XX-large size for riders taller than 6’3. Overall, it’s an excellent jacket for any weather. 

5. Joe Rocket Men’s Velocity Motorcycle Jacket


  • Mesh fabric offers protection and breathability
  • Quick-release waterproof liner
  • Dual-density spine pad for protection
  • High-density rib padding for extra protection
  • Reflective stripe for visibility


  • The zipper sometimes doesn’t stay zipped when riding. 

The Joe Rocket Men’s Velocity jacket is another excellent option for tall motorcycle riders. While leathers for tall riders are popular, mesh textile jackets are just as good. This jacket comes with a freshAir mesh shell which offers maximum protection, airflow, and breathability. 

The jacket has a quick-release waterproof liner that protects you from the weather. It also has contoured armor at the elbows and shoulders, providing you with maximum protection against falls. 

As with all Joe Rocket jackets, you get a removable dual-density spine pad. This pad protects your spine. You also get a pocket to add a C.E spine armor for additional protection. The jacket also comes with high-density rib padding to protect your ribs and spine area. 

The Joe Rocket mesh jacket also provides two outer pockets to keep your hands warm when it’s cold. An additional inner pocket to keep your valuables like phones and I.D. 

This jacket also comes with a reflective stripe which offers visibility at night. For tall riders between 5’11 and 6ft, the extra large side should fit you perfectly. But if you’re taller, try the three times extra large jacket size. 

For its price, the Joe Rocket Men’s Velocity jacket is a bargain for the protection and comfort it offers tall riders. 

6. Alpinestars Men’s Motorcycle Jacket 


  • Poly-fabric main shell for tear and abrasion resistance
  • Air vents for cooling
  • Removable thermal liner to keep warm
  • Nucleon Flex Plus protection pads for protection against falls
  • Low profile collar with soft lining for extra comfort


  • Expensive 

The Alpinestars Men’s Jacket is just what the doctor ordered if you want top-quality armor to give you maximum protection on the road. This jacket is made with 600 Denier polyester with a double polyurethane coating for extra protection. It also has a poly-fabric main shell for tear and abrasion resistance. 

The jacket has many features that protect you against harsh weather conditions all year round. There’s a fully seam-taped waterproof membrane to protect you against water. It also has air vents to keep you cool on sunny days and a removable thermal liner to keep you warm when it’s cold. 

For protection against falls, it offers Nucleon Flex Plus protection pads on your elbow and shoulders. But if you want extra protection, you can opt for the Alpinestars Nucleon protection for your back and chest. 

Tall riders can choose different sizes according to their height and body frame. You can go XX-large or even higher with 3X-large and 4X-large. 

Despite its price, this jacket is an excellent option for tall riders who want full protection against the weather and injuries from falls.

Buying Guide

If you want to buy a motorcycle jacket, there are a few things to look out for. In this buying guide, you’ll learn how to pick the best  motorcycle jacket for tall riders:


As a tall person, it’s hard to find a jacket that fits around the chest, waist, and arm region. But you want to avoid riding with your arm exposed or in a jacket that fits.

At 6 feet or more, you might find a jacket that fits your broad shoulders rather than your waist. Your shoulder size is more important than your waist size because you want the armor to fit around your shoulders.

A jacket that doesn’t fit will restrict your ability to ride comfortably. You want your jacket to fit snugly but not too tight.


Whatever jacket you are buying, the material should be an important factor. Your ideal jacket should be made of material that offers protection against tear and abrasion. 

Leather jackets are better at abrasion resistance; however, the latest textile materials are also good. These textile materials also provide good water resistance and armor protection.


This part of your jacket is in constant contact with your neck, so you must consider it when buying a jacket. Your collar shouldn’t be made from coarse or itchy material that can cause scrapes to your neck. You also need to check that your collar doesn’t obstruct the balance of your helmet and ensure it covers your neck properly. 


Most people ride without a bag. But you’ll need a place to keep your valuables. This is where a jacket with multiple pockets comes in. Look for a jacket with internal pockets to store things and external ones to keep your hands warm.


It would help if you always considered your environmental climate when buying a motorcycle jacket. Choose a textile or mesh jacket if you live in a warm climate. These materials are lightweight and will allow for better ventilation.

But if you live in a cold environment, you should go for leather. A leather jacket has better insulation and is durable against harsh weather conditions.


Motorcycle jackets are not cheap, especially when they are leather. Finding a good jacket on a budget is almost impossible. But these latest textile material jackets are lower in price than leather.

If you can’t afford leather jackets, go for jackets made with textile material. 

Night visibility

When riding at night, you should be visible to other riders, motorists, or any road users. This is a safety protocol that prevents accidents on the road. Reflective panels or linings will make you visible to anyone on the road should be on any jacket you buy.


Your riding jacket should protect you from serious injuries. It should come with its own armor in the form of impact protectors. These impact protectors are fitted at the shoulders, back, and spine area of your jacket.

However, they are not a guarantee that you won’t be injured during any incident. But they will break impact and reduce the severity of injuries, or in some cases prevent it. A jacket with CE-approved impact protector are highly recommended.


What is the best color for a motorcycle jacket?

Although black seems to be the most popular color, it is safer to wear bright colors like red or yellow. These bright colors are easily seen during the day or night as against dark colors. Making yourself visible to other road users reduces the possibility of a road accident.

Which level riding jacket is best?

While C.E level 1 is good, the best riding jacket comes with C.E level 2. It has a greater impact force and protector resistance. If you take long-distance rides, make sure your jacket is C.E level 2.

Is leather good for a motorcycle jacket?

A leather motorcycle jacket is the best there is. Not only does it have a classic fit, but it also has the best impact protection and abrasion resistance. Leather jackets are also very comfortable, especially in cold weather when they keep you warm.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right motorcycle jacket that fits your body type and offers all the protection you need on the road can be tricky. However, the options listed above combine the two top qualities you need in a jacket if you’re a tall rider. 

But if you’re holding out for the editor’s choice, the Flavor men’s brown leather jacket is the perfect option. It’s made with 100% leather which offers excellent abrasion resistance. This jacket also comes with a size chart which helps you choose the correct jacket size for your height.

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