The Best Winter Motorcycle Jackets Reviewed: Cold Weather Essentials

The Best Winter Motorcycle Jackets Reviewed: Cold Weather Essentials

The cold weather shouldn’t stop you from riding a motorcycle. The right winter motorcycle jacket will keep you warm, safe, and comfortable, especially when riding in winter. We’ve, therefore, compiled a list of the best motorcycle jackets for winter to guide your shopping.

The Best Winter Motorcycle Jackets Are:

1. Alpinestars Andes V2 Drystar Jacket — Best Overall Winter Motorcycle Jacket

The Andes V2 jacket is specially designed with exclusive DRYSTAR construction. It has a reinforced poly-fabric textile with high breathability levels. It’s also versatile, with 100% waterproofing for excellent all-weather performance.

Inside the jacket is a 3.53 oz thermal liner (2.82 oz at each sleeve) that traps heat. If it gets too hot, it has back exhaust ports and a Direct Ventilation System (DVS) on the chest to control the heat. The DVS has a hidden shock cord to keep the vent open for better riding comfort.

The technical construction of this jacket ensures maximum safety. It has removable CE-certified shoulder and elbow protectors for abrasion resistance. There are also back and chest compartments with polyester-foam padding for impact protection.

Important Features

  • Improved rider visibility: Features reflective graphic details and logos that are 3D injected on the chest and upper back. These improve the rider’s visibility in varying light conditions.
  • Customizable fit: You can fit the jacket to your body using a waist adjustment belt with velcro closure.
  • Better performance: It has elastic accordion panels and pre-contoured sleeves for better performance.
  • Removable thermal liner: The jacket has a removable long-sleeved thermal liner with an insulated front flap. It ensures comfort on cold or hot days.


  • You can wear it with the Andes DRYSTAR V2 pants.
  • External zippered pockets for everyday utility.
  • CE-certified protector inserts are available as accessories.
  • Volume adjustment enhances riding comfort.


  • Reaching the armor pockets may be pretty confusing at the beginning.

VERDICT: The design of this jacket is suitable for riding in all weather conditions. It has high ventilation levels and waterproof cargo pockets for convenience.

2. Scorpion EXO Yosemite Jacket – Best Ventilation

Scorpion EXO Yosemite is well-ventilated with heavy-duty mesh zones on the front and back. There are side torso grilles and open full-length arm vents to provide sufficient airflow. Also, it has wrist gaiters with thumbholes designed to provide maximum comfort while keeping the hands warm. 

The jacket has a removable Airguard and a detachable EverHeat thermal liner that can handle wet weather. It resists wind on cold days; on hot days, you can fold the wind-resistant interior panels on the back and chest to keep cool.

This jacket has viscoelastic armor on the elbows and shoulders for impact protection, with the elbow armor adjustable for a tight fit. You can purchase a foam back pad sold separately, upgradeable to a level 2 Sas-Tec protector.

Important Features

  • Waterproof: The outside laminate of the jacket is seam-sealed to make it waterproof. Also, the center front is double-zipped to prevent any leaks.
  • Improved night visibility: This jacket uses NightViz reflective zones on the chest, arms, back, and torso for better night vision.
  • Adjustable straps: It comes with adjustable straps on the biceps, forearms, wrist, and waist to provide an optimal fit.
  • Abrasion-resistant: The 500D nylon and the heavy-duty 1680D body fabric are strong and resistant to abrasion.


  • Backed by a 3-year warranty.
  • Safety stitching on all the critical seams.
  • It has an 8” jacket-to-pant zipper that is strong and slides easily.
  • The pocket’s foam back pad can be modified.


  • It does not have a sturdy back protector.

VERDICT: This jacket has seven pockets to provide enough storage during your ride. Two chest pockets, one cargo pocket on the back, two cargo pockets on the lower front, and two internal water-resistant pockets within the lining.

3. Borleni Motorcycle Jacket – Best Wear Resistance

This Winter Motorcycle Jacket has a denier fabric made of DTY500D polyester wire mesh with 3D tailoring technology. It is carefully designed to ensure high performance and top-notch quality.

It has the best wear resistance compared to ordinary tailors and copes with various strenuous exercises. It is not easy to break and can maintain its shape for long.

Borleni motorcycle jacket is breathable, windproof, and perfect for all four seasons. Its thermal lining adopts elastic polyester fabric that is safe and comfy. During cold seasons, insert the removable warm cotton lining; simply remove the lining for warm climates.

Important Features

  • Removable protectors and lining: Five removable EVA protectors on elbows, shoulders, and back. There is also a removable warm cotton lining on the inside.
  • Safety reflective strip: The back of the jacket has a reflective strip to ensure your visibility to other riders at night.
  • Zipper protection: It has two external pockets with zippers to keep your valuables from falling off when riding.
  • Maximum mobility: This winter jacket features an adjustable hem, collar, and grip to provide optimal mobility on the road.


  • The design of the poly-fabric is novel.
  • Its protectors come in a pocket-sized design.
  • Effortless installation.
  • Adjustable design that makes it fit better.


  • You may have to buy CE level 2 armor to replace the ones on this jacket.

VERDICT: Borleni Motorcycle Jacket has removable EVA protectors for abrasion resistance. It ensures a full range of motion while protecting you from falls when riding.

4. Dualsport Enduro Motocross All-Weather Jacket – Most Affordable

The versatile all-season riding jacket has an outer shell designed from 600D Cordura fabric. It is wind-resistant and waterproof, with a Reissa mesh lining underneath for breathability. The jacket guarantees comfort and protection, keeping you warm during winter for a fun riding experience.

It comes with a detachable insulated thermal liner for cold-weather applications. You can remove it during spring, summer, and autumn to suit your needs. There are also two layers of semi-protection foam pads on the back to protect against impact in case of a fall.

This motorcycle jacket brand is a great value, offering high quality and performance at a minimal price. It includes an active stretch in the elbows and shoulders and an airflow system (two on the front and three on the rear). We believe finding similar protective gear at this price isn’t easy.

Important Features

  • High visibility: Reflective logos on the front, back, and sleeves make it reflective for nighttime visibility.
  • Water-resistant: It has a lined Reissa membrane that is breathable and 100% water-resistant.
  • Fully adjustable: The jacket is easy to adjust on your arms, waist, neck, and cuffs if you want a custom fit.
  • Safe and reliable: It features five removable CE-approved shoulder, elbows, and back armor to avoid common injuries.


  • Has a 5-year replacement warranty.
  • Waterproof jacket for all seasons.
  • Boasts a 3-color contrast HWK design.
  • Comes in various sizes, from Small (38”) to XXXL (48”).


  • Pockets could be a bit deeper.

VERDICT: This all-weather motorcycle jacket is fully adjustable at 10 points, allowing you to get a custom fit easily. Also, there are several pockets included that attach to zippered trousers. There is a pocket for warming hands, a hidden storage pocket, and a pocket for holding a phone.

5. Klim Latitude Hi-Viz Jacket – Best Thermal Insulation

Klim Latitude Hi-Viz is a versatile, high-performance jacket with a goat leather trim on its elbows and forearms. This design traps heat during cold weather, ensuring the best thermal insulation.

The jacket has a Gore-Tex double-layer performance shell that is water-resistant and breathable. This material wicks off moisture and does not absorb any, even after a heavy downpour. Also, it has very light padding and armor that protects you without restricting movement when riding.

The jacket has ten pockets: five pockets on the exterior, four internal zippered pockets, and one secret internal pocket. You don’t have to worry about carrying personal items or documents on the road.

Important Features

  • Improved visibility: It has a hi-viz colorway with Scotchlite reflection to ensure visibility on the road.
  • Excellent ventilation: The jacket has six ventilation ports and improved direct airflow into pad pockets.
  • Customizable fit: It has adjustable pad pockets and two sleeve adjustment straps to keep the armor in place.
  • Durable: Klim is specially designed with colorfast polyester material that is resistant to UV and very durable.


  • Surpasses level 1 limb protector certification.
  • It is resistant to abrasion.
  • Direct airflow into pad pockets.
  • Long-distance ergonomics.


  • It does not have a removable thermal lining.

VERDICT: Klim Latitude uses heavy-duty 840D Cordura bolster and goat leather trim on high wear and abrasion zones. The jacket is very durable and can last for multiple seasons.

6. Joe Rocket Atomic Men’s 5.0 Motorcycle Jacket – Best Custom fit

Joe Rocket Jacket has a lightweight, weatherproof design that works in various environments. It has a full-sleeve lining for the winter and great venting for the summer.

The jacket protects your back using a spine plate that maintains your posture to keep you safe. This spine plate is removable in case it doesn’t match your style. Also, the jacket’s outer layer features Hitena and Rock Tex shells for optimal impact resistance.

Putting on the Joe Rocket Atomic Motorcycle Jacket is simple. It has three widely spaced buttons on the forearms, making the custom fit easy. The two side belts on the waist have several hook and loop adjusters to ensure you get the fit just right, even when wearing gloves.

Important Features

  • Breathable: Features a cross-ventilation system with a wind-cooling tunnel for perfect airflow.
  • Improved visibility: The jacket has 360° reflective panels and logos that ensure you are visible on the road.
  • Waterproof: It is specially designed with treated Rock Tex material for a comfortable ride even in the rain.
  • Safe: It has removable spine armor and external CE-approved armor on the elbows and shoulders for safety.
  • More storage: This jacket has two outer pockets, a large padded lower back pocket, and an internal chest pocket.


  • Adjustable straps and hook and loop adjusters.
  • Comfortable neoprene cuff design.
  • Detachable insulated full-sleeve liner.
  • It has a perfect fit.


  • Only allows for handwashing; machine washing will damage the shell material.

VERDICT: Joe Rocket Atomic jacket features a fusion of elements combined for superb protection and comfort. Its function and styling make it ideal for both sporting and touring use.

How to Pick the Best Cold Weather Motorcycle Jacket

Riding your motorcycle in winter can be fun and challenging. So if you love the challenge that comes with this season, don’t shy away from the outdoors. However, one of the critical elements of riding successfully in winter is your riding gear. In winter, you need the best cold weather motorcycle jacket that can keep you warm, safe, and prevent fatigue.

However, with the many options available, selecting the best winter riding jacket can be quite challenging. And that is because the right jacket should be waterproof, durable, well-padded, and be able to keep you warm. So here are a few factors to consider when buying a winter riding jacket.

Windproof and Waterproof

The best winter riding jackets should have windproofing and waterproofing qualities. A perfect waterproofing layer will prevent the outer layer from getting wet. And in turn, neither you nor the jacket will feel wet. The waterproof layer will also prevent your clothes from becoming wet and cold.

Other winter riding jackets have a removable waterproofing liner that can be removed when not being used. The jackets with a removable waterproofing layer can also be used in summer.

Protection Points

Riding a motorcycle in winter can be quite challenging, so you need a jacket with protection points across the spine, shoulders, and elbows. After all, your well-being and safety are more crucial than keeping dry.

Look for a jacket with EVA padding on the protection points that can help with shock absorption in case you fall. Several layers of materials can help absorb the impact. Most manufacturers go for leather, Kevlar, and Cordura.

winter motorcycle jacket
winter motorcycle jacket

Reflective Strips

Since you might find yourself riding at night or when the weather worsens, it’s a great idea to look for a jacket with reflective strips. The reflective strips can enhance visibility as the car lights reflect against your jacket.

Insulating Layer

A considerable percentage of the winter wear (such as gloves, boots, and jackets) have an inner thermal liner that retains heat and can keep you warm. These insulating layers can stop the wind from getting into your jacket and prevent you from becoming sweaty. Look for a jacket made using breathable mesh materials to allow odor to escape outside and fresh air to get in.

Final Thoughts

Just because it’s winter, it doesn’t mean that you should stop riding your motorcycle. You can still enjoy your hobby until the weather worsens. However, without the right gear, riding in winter can be quite dangerous. Therefore, you need the right jacket to protect you from the cold and provide the needed shock absorption.

But, selecting the right jacket can be quite tricky, especially with the many brands available. So, we have prepared the above roundup of the best winter motorcycle jackets to help you narrow your search.

From our winter motorcycle jacket reviews, we have concluded that the Alpinestars Andes V2 Drystar jacket is the best option. It can keep you warm during your adventure ride and distance touring. This jacket has a removable long-sleeved thermal liner that can keep you warm in winter.

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