The Best Dirt Bike Helmets for Motocross

The Best Dirt Bike Helmets for Motocross

It is the best protective gear you can wear while riding your motorcycle on off-road tracks. The best dirt bike helmet improves safety and confidence. You get superior impact absorption, peripheral vision, and retention.

A lot of good dirt bike helmets are available today in a range of prices, colors, and sizes. But you can’t know for sure which model is ideal for you until you do a little research.

So, in my top nine selections, I have considered all the important features (rigid outer shell, impact-absorbing liner, fit padding, face shield, and superior retention system) and safety standards.

Best Overall

Fly Racing Kinetic Thrive Dirt Bike Helmet

Best Value

MMG ATV Dirt Bike Youth Kids Motorcycle Helmet

Honorable Mention

YEMA Youth Kids Dirt Bike Helmet

Top Pick

Fly Racing Kinetic Thrive Dirt Bike Helmet is our top pick. This high-quality model is DOT-approved for guaranteed safety. It’s a unisex design that is available in several sizes and colors. The premium construction will keep you protected, calm, cool, and comfortable.

Here are The Best Dirt Bike Helmets:

1. Fly Racing Kinetic Thrive Dirt Bike Helmet — Best Product Overall

The perfect choice for recreational riding, the Kinetic Thrive from Fly Racing is lightweight, DOT-approved, and very comfortable.

Key Features

  • DOT-approved
  • Dual-density EPS liner
  • A lightweight and durable polymer shell
  • True functional ventilation
  • Custom molded rubber trim

This high-quality model from Fly Racing is made of a polymer shell, which is great because the material is highly durable, lightweight, and reduces neck fatigue for off-road riders.

You’ve got a removable comfort liner and dual-density EPS liner (does a good job of reducing energy transfer in case of high-speed impacts). The helmet is also DOT-certified; so, it offers excellent protection.

What truly takes my breath away is the True Functional Ventilation (TFV) system, which helps keep you calm, cool, and comfortable. The innovatively made cheek cushioning absorbs sweat and offers extra comfort. You’ve got three shells as well as four EPS sizes to choose from; so, getting a precise fit for different head sizes and shapes will not be a problem.

What I don’t like; however, are the limited color and/or graphic options.


  • The lightweight polymer shell reduces neck fatigue
  • Dual-density EPS liner reduces energy transfer in a crash
  • The True Functional Ventilation system improves comfort
  • Several shell and EPS liner sizes are available for added versatility
  • It is a DOT-certified design


  • Color and graphic options are limited
  • Some models may come with a poorly designed retention system


The Kinetic Thrive delivers in design and quality for the entry-level price point. Not to mention that the True Functional Ventilation system makes this model exceptionally comfortable.

Overall Rating: 5.0

2. MMG ATV Dirt Bike Youth Kids Motorcycle Helmet 

This MMG model comes with an impeccably designed shell that features a well-vented and aerodynamic design. It is great protection for kids and teens.

Key Features

  • Unisex design for kids and teens
  • True youth/kids size shell
  • Aerodynamic and vented design
  • Wide opening
  • Rubber roost nose guard

This innovatively designed model has an aerodynamic design, which is great because it does a good job of reducing friction and pressure drag. It is well-vented to keep you cool and calm when riding for long hours.

The helmet shell is made of a durable, lightweight, and strong material that will offer you superior protection in the event of a crash. It comes equipped with an ultra-plush padded liner that is removable and washable. This liner provides outstanding impact absorption to reduce the risk of severe head and brain injuries.

It features a rubber roost nose guard that’s great for eliminating fogging and helps lock out cold air in the winter. The wide opening allows you to fit goggles easily.

But the thing is, it is possible to receive a product with a poorly designed liner.


  • Has a lightweight, strong, and durable shell
  • The padded liner is ultra-plush, removable, and washable
  • The wide opening allows goggles to fit easily
  • The aerodynamic design reduces friction and pressure drag
  • It is a DOT-certified design


  • Some models may come with a poorly designed liner
  • Available in limited color options


This model is one of the best options for teenagers and kids (male or female). Its wide opening makes it easy to wear goggles in windy conditions.

Overall Rating: 4.9

3. YEMA Youth Kids Dirt Bike Helmet

This is a high-quality motocross helmet that comes highly recommended for young riders. Any kid will love the bright green color and dinosaur details.

Key Features

  • ABS lightweight shell
  • Aerodynamic construction
  • EPS impact absorption
  • Multiple air vents
  • Reinforced chin strap

This incredible product features an aggressive design that meets as well as exceeds DOT standards for impact absorption, peripheral vision, retention, and penetration.

The heavy-duty construction is made of an ABS shell, which is great because it is extremely rigid and strong, resilient with superior impact resistance, stable at extreme temperatures, and scratch-resistant. The interior is lined with multi-density EPS for maximum impact absorption during a crash. The liner is heavily padded, removable, and washable. Riders experience less dragging, thanks to the aerodynamic design.

You’ve got multiple air vents that make sure you stay cool, calm, and comfortable. The uniquely designed visor keeps the wind off your face to improve visibility, especially in chilly weather.

But the thing is, the available sizes tend to run large and some models appear cheaply made.


  • The ABS shell is rigid, strong, resilient, and impact-resistant
  • Multi-density EPS liner provides superior impact absorption
  • Multiple air vents improve ventilation for comfort during long rides
  • The aerodynamic shape reduces dragging
  • The visor is innovatively designed to keep off wind and improve visibility


  • Some of the available sizes tend to run large
  • Look out for models that appear cheaply made


The aerodynamic ABS shell construction and multiple vents make this model a great option for youth kids who are into off-road and street riding.

Overall Rating: 4.8

4. Orthrus Unisex-Youth Off-Road Helmet

Promote the sense of responsibility when riding those dirty off-road tracks with this great headgear from Orthrus.

Key Features

  • Aerodynamic flow design
  • ABS shell
  • Quick-release buckle
  • High impact absorption liner
  • DOT safety standards

The helmet features an aerodynamic flow design, which is great because it reduces drag. The air vents are uniquely positioned to release oppressive heat when riding in a warmer climate. This allows you to feel calm and comfortable on those dusty off roads.

The heavy-duty shell is made of high-quality ABS material for superior strength and impact-resistance. The liner inside is plush, soft, removable, and washable and it fits snugly for added comfort. The adjustable visor enhances visibility and you can conveniently rotate the shield to cut-off the blinding sunlight. The adjustable quick-release buckle; on the other hand, makes chin strap adjustment super easy.

What I don’t like, however, are the limited color, graphics, and size options.


  • The inner padding is sweat-absorbent for added comfort
  • The aerodynamic flow design helps release oppressive heat
  • The quick-release buckle system makes it easy to put on
  • Has a wide vehicle type compatibility
  • Dual-visor helps enhance visibility and block UV rays


  • Color and/or graphic options are limited
  • Some models may not fit true to size


The helmet is creatively designed to deliver superior performance with its streamlined aerodynamic design. It is also a great choice for different types of vehicles apart from dirt bikes.

Overall Rating: 4.8

5. O’Neal Sierra II Dirt Bike Helmet

Whether you ride on the dirt or any other off-road track, this amazing model from O’Neal has the features you need for your next adventure.

Key Features

  • ABS polycarbonate shell
  • Integrated face shield
  • Air channeled comfort liner
  • Padded chin strap
  • Double-D safety lock

The Sierra II has a polycarbonate shell, which is great because it is exceptionally lightweight and tough. When combined with an EPS liner, the shell provides remarkable impact resistance. The comfort liner is moisture-wicking for added comfort during long rides.

It comes with an adjustable visor for protecting you against strong winds and damaging sunlight. What I genuinely appreciate about Sierra II is the integrated face shield, which helps protect your face from twigs, dust, bugs, and other airborne objects. The shield also offers superior UV and wind protection.

What I don’t like about Sierra II, however, is that some sizes tend to run small.


  • The face shield is height adjustable for added versatility
  • The shell is lightweight, strong, and highly impact-resistant
  • Vent holes improve airflow and prevent misting
  • The air channeled liner is moisture-wicking and comfortable
  • The aerodynamic flow design helps prevent dragging


  • The available sizing chart isn’t true to size
  • Possible design issues with some models


The Sierra II from O’Neal is a great helmet for the money for both male and female riders. But some of the sizes tend to run small.

Overall Rating: 4.7

6. AHR H-VEN20 Dirt Bike Motorcycle Helmet

It comes with an inexpensive price tag, but you will be surprised by the protection and comfort the AHR H-VEN20 provides.

Key Features

  • Upgraded ABS shell
  • DOT safety standards
  • Quick-release buckle
  • Vented EPS liner
  • Removable and washable liner

The shell of this unisex adult helmet is made of upgraded ABS. This material is incredibly strong, impact, and scratch-resistant, and can effectively withstand hot and freezing conditions.

The liner is made of expanded polystyrene, which is good because the crushable foam has superior impact absorption capability. The cheek and liner padding is removable and washable for added comfort and durability. The uniquely positioned vents route air onto the back of the helmet’s visor to prevent misting and improve comfort.

You’ve got an adjustable quick-release buckle that allows you to effortlessly adjust the strap length for a snug fit. Another good feature is the visor that blocks harmful UV and strong winds.

Do be careful when referring to the sizing chart, which can be misleading.


  • The interior padding is made of antibacterial material
  • The ABS shell is strong, rigid, durable, breathable, and comfortable
  • The earpads are removable and washable
  • The ventilation system improves airflow and prevents misting
  • Reinforced chin strap provides superior retention


  • Some sizes tend to run small
  • It is possible to receive a model with poor quality padding


This is a great model that provides excellent protection and comfort. But you have to choose a product that doesn’t run small.

Overall Rating: 4.7

7. O’Neal 2 Series Spyde Off-Road Helmet

Are you ready to ride? The 2Series Spyde from O’Neal will give you the best protection and comfort on those dusty roads.

Key Features

  • ABS shell
  • Ultra-plush padded liner
  • Double-D release chin strap
  • Multiple air vents
  • Height adjustable visor

The O’Neal 2 Series Spyde is bold in style and protection. The black color and hi-viz graphic provide an ultra-clean finish. The lightweight ABS shell exceeds both ECE and DOT minimum safety standards. The shell is super strong and highly durable. The helmet features an ultra-plush comfort liner that makes it one of the most comfortable options on the market.

Air vents are placed from front to back, allowing cool air to get in and warm air to get out through the back. O’Neal is known for high-quality materials and craftsmanship.


  • The shell is lightweight to reduce neck fatigue
  • The height-adjustable visor improves visibility
  • The liner is ultra-plush for added comfort
  • The aerodynamic flow design improves comfort
  • It meets and exceeds both ECE and DOT safety requirements


  • The available sizes tend to run small
  • You may receive a model with poorly designed parts


This incredible helmet from O’Neal exceeds expectations for a value-priced point. But get the correct size that doesn’t run small.

Overall Rating: 4.7

8. Cartman Youth Motocross Dirt Bike Helmet 

This amazing helmet from Cartman is a great unisex model that is available in two colors (pink and blue) and four different sizes.

Key Features

  • DOT approved
  • ABS shell
  • High impact absorption liner
  • Superior ventilation
  • Quick-release buckle

This innovatively made dirt bike helmet from Cartman features a heavy-duty ABS shell. The shell is strong, rigid, highly impact-resistant, and can withstand cold and hot temperatures.

The high-quality, high-performing liner can effectively absorb impact force in a crash to help prevent head and brain injuries. You’ve got several vents, including exhaust, channel, and intake vents for improving airflow and comfort. The adjustable visor helps you prevent the effects of strong winds and harmful sun rays on those dusty tracks.

But here is the thing, the helmet is available in limited color options, so that may be a definite disadvantage if you’re particular about your look.


  • The ABS shell is super lightweight and durable
  • The adjustable visor improves wind and UV protection
  • The quick-release buckle is strong, sturdy, and versatile
  • The intake, channel, and exhaust vents enhance airflow
  • Meets minimum safety standards (DOT)


  • The color options are limited
  • Some of the available sizes may run small


This is a great option for new dirt bike riders. The shell is lightweight and durable, the liner has superior impact absorption, and the vents improve airflow.

Overall Rating: 4.6

9. Senhill Motocross Dirt Bike Helmet

For an entry-level dirt bike rider, this great helmet from Senhill provides protection and comfort. Its unique graphics are outstanding.

Key Features

  • ABS shell
  • Polyester liner
  • Adjustable visor
  • Aerodynamic flow design
  • Wide opening

What makes this entry-level helmet stand out is the heavy-duty shell made of ABS material. Apart from providing superior impact-protection, the shell also keeps you protected from the elements in cold or hot weather.

The polyester liner on the inside ensures that you have enough impact absorption during a high-speed crash to prevent head and brain injuries. The comfort liner is removable, washable, and antibacterial. The helmet has a unique aerodynamic flow design that helps to release oppressive heat when riding in hot weather. You’ve also got a wide opening for fitting goggles.

But the thing is, this particular model is available in limited color and size options.


  • The aerodynamic flow design helps keep the helmet cool
  • The shell is super lightweight to prevent neck fatigue
  • The visor is adjustable for added versatility in strong winds
  • The comfort padding is removable and washable
  • Gloves and goggles are available in the package


  • Limited options for colors and sizes
  • Some sizes can run small


This is a decent quality helmet for beginners. It has incredible graphics and a versatile aerodynamic flow design.

Overall Rating: 4.4

Things to Consider When Looking for Dirt Bike Helmets

The search for the best dirt bike helmet requires you to take into consideration several important factors, including the following:

Choose the Best Brand on the Market

There are incredibly many brands of dirt bike helmets you can consider on today’s market. Here’s a quick comparison of the top five brands in the industry:

Fly Racing

If you are looking for a brand that is fully committed to producing the highest quality dirt bike helmets, then Fly Racing is the real deal. The company is inspired by off-road racing and driven by adventure and safety. With over two decades in the industry, this incredible company has researched all the essential features off-road bikers want in a helmet.

Fly Racing has a complete line of off-road head protection products from price point to premium design. It also has a complete range of sizes available as well from youth-small to adults.


With nearly two decades in the industry, this brand has proven to be one of the leading companies in the production of dirt bike helmets. The brand is always adjusting to changes in the industry. 

This pledge has led the company to develop and distribute the best in dirt bike head protection. Its products are DOT approved, and lightweight, and highly durable. The company has a unisex target audience for children and adults. Its unique designs are suitable for different vehicle service types like dirt bikes, UTV, snowmobile, adventure, and ATV.


This great brand has proven to be one of the best in the production of high-quality, high-performing motorcycle headgears. It has been in the industry for more than twenty years, delivering the best in terms of quality and safety. 

With a production capacity of over two and a half million, you will find a YEMA product that will improve your safety and confidence on off-road tracks. The company meets all the necessary safety standards, including DOT, NBR, and ECE. Its products have high-quality painting and smooth surface treatments. 


This is a renowned brand that has been equipping bikers with confidence for the last seven years. Whatever type of helmet you need, this brand makes it. Headgear from this company feature streamlined designs, engineered for performance. 

With this brand, you can safely push the limits and ride safer, longer, and faster. I truly appreciate the attention to detail the company puts in its product. It is a highly versatile brand with numerous sizes for different riders. The company meets all the minimum safety requirements, such as DOT certification.


With over fifty years of development and racing technology, O’Neal is the peak of knowledge, passion, and experience. Apart from making money, the company’s main object is designing and producing better headgears for dirt bikers. 

The brand’s designers and engineers have been pushing boundaries and setting a new standard in the industry. One of the most impressive aspects of this brand is its unisex target audience with numerous size options for kids and adults. The brand’s graphics are outstanding. Its products are also DOT certified. 


This is a great brand that is mainly focused on producing some of the world’s safest dirt bike helmets. Its products are engineered around suspension systems. The brand’s headgears are highly versatile and designed for different off-road vehicle service types, including dirt bike, UTV, and ATV. 

Head protection gears from this company are lightweight and comfortable, featuring upgraded ABS constructions with high-density, thick, fully vented EPS liners. Interior parts are easily removable for washing and maintenance. Its products also meet DOT safety standards for improved safety on the track.

Other popular brands you can consider checking out on the market include Orthrus and Senhill.

Also, check out the best dirt chest protector

How to Determine the Correct Helmet Size

Dirt bike helmets are available in different sizes. But you have to know to determine the correct helmet size for your head to avoid guesswork.

The most suitable measuring tool is a seamstress tape measure. Alternatively, you could use a cord or an elastic string. The best spot for measuring your head circumference is on your forehead just above your eyebrows.

Make sure the tape measure goes around the widest point at the back of your head and it should go directly above your ears. The tape measure should fit snugly and not too tight around your head. Once you have that measurement you want to match it up with the manufacturer sizing chart on the product page. I say this because different manufacturers have different sizing charts. So, you want to make sure that you are using the chart that is associated with the model you are planning to buy.

Even after this is said and done, some models still tend to run a little bit smaller or a little bit larger. This is a known issue, so, make sure you are as precise as possible with your size selection.

Does Head Shape Affect Sizing and Fit?

Yes, and there are three main types of head shapes, oval, neutral, and round.

For an oval head shape, I am simply referring to the view you would get from the top-down. An oval head tends to be longer front to back than it is side to side. A neutral head shape or an intermediate oval tends to be longer front to back than it is side to side. A round head shape; on the other hand, is going to be about the same length from front to back as it is side to side. You can look for your ideal head shape from the manufacturer’s product page.

Does Customization Improve Fit?

Even with the right head shape and head size measurement, you can never be certain that you will get a perfect fit along the jawline. This is where many dirt bikers are going to be different and that is why customization is important.

The best dirt bike helmet will have removable padding for superior customization. This is important if you want to get the most out of the safety features of the helmet. A snug fit all the way around is important for off-road adventures.

Special Features to Look for in a Dirt Bike Helmet

Once you have selected your preferred brand and helmet size, consider special features that will make the helmet more comfortable.

Construction and Comfort Attributes

Choose a dirt bike helmet that comes with an aggressive construction with advanced features for guaranteed protection and comfort. The model you choose should be streamlined to reduce drag and noise. It must be well-ventilated for air intake and exhaust. Premium padding on the inside helps keep the helmet fitting snugly and comfortable. A heavy-duty chin strap; on the other hand, makes sure the helmet stays intact during a crash for enhanced protection. 

Minimum Safety Standards

When you buy a dirt bike helmet, you may just assume that it is going to protect your head because you trust the brand that you just bought. In which case you may never actually pay attention to the little sticker on the inside of the helmet or the box.

It tells you what safety standards it conforms to. The sticker means the headgear meets the safety test standards of the US Department of Transportation (DOT) and/or the Snell Memorial Foundation. Generally speaking even the cheapest headgear protection from reputable brands will meet the ideal safety standards. In some cases, a more expensive helmet may not be necessarily safer. 

Each safety standard organization has rigid procedures for testing the following:

  • Peripheral Vision: The dirt bike helmet you choose must provide a minimum side vision of one hundred and five degrees to each side. Most bikers’ usable peripheral vision is only about ninety degrees to each side.
  • Retention: The chin straps’ ability to remain fastened without breaking or stretching. Models with a well-secured strapping system improve head protection in case of a crash.
  • Impact and Penetration: Headgears that meet the minimum safety standards provide optimal impact protection. They normally come equipped with premium quality liner material throughout the chin bar for superior impact absorption. DOT and/or Snell-approved helmets can also withstand a blow from sharp objects.

Final Thoughts

The winner of this roundup is Fly Racing Kinetic Thrive Dirt Bike Helmet. What makes this model stand out is its target audience. It is a unisex design for both kids and adults. Apart from a dirt bike, you can use it with an off-road bike, snowmobile, mountain bike, UTV, and ATV. This high-quality product is offered in blue/white, matte dark grey/black, and white/black/gray.

Fly Racing is a brand well-known for its commitment to designing dirt bike helmets that provide superior protection and comfort. This model is DOT-certified, which is great because the brand meets the minimum safety standards for impact absorption, penetration, retention, and peripheral vision. You’ve also got a detailed sizing chart.

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