The Best Lithium Ion Motorcycle Battery Reviews

The Best Lithium Ion Motorcycle Battery Reviews

The technology used in building motorcycles has been steadily advancing throughout the years, resulting in faster, better handling, and safer bikes. As new technology steps up, many motorcycle owners will update to the latest and greatest components to really get the most out of their motorcycling experience. One major example of this is the widespread adoption of lithium ion batteries over the old lead-acid models. 

Lithium batteries have higher resting voltage, weight significantly less than their lead-acid competitors, and are a much more environmentally friendly option since they do not contain many of the harmful chemicals found in older batteries. For these reasons, more and more motorcycle riders are switching over to these newer batteries. 

Dozens of different companies have developed new lithium ion batteries in order to keep up with high demand, and without research it can be overwhelming to pick the best battery. Fortunately, we have done all the research and prepared this guide to help you find the best lithium motorcycle battery for your bike. 

Best Overall

Battery Tender Engine Start Battery

Best Value

AntiGravity ATX12-HD

Honorable Mention


Top Pick

Our top pick is an offering from Battery Tender, featuring an onboard system to help monitor the battery and prevent overcharge, discharging, and overdrain, as well as many other features that add to the reliability of the battery. 

Here are Our Lithium-Ion Motorcycle Battery Reviews

1. Battery Tender Engine Start Battery — Best Lithium Motorcycle Battery

This lightweight but high performance battery from Battery Tender is specifically engineered to provide reliable power for your motorcycle. Featuring a special circuit board to monitor the overall health of the battery, this unit offers protection against a variety of common battery issues including overdrain, overcharge, and discharging.

With the built in protections, this battery is not only lighter and longer lasting than older models, but it is much safer as well. 

The battery casing is also water resistant, and even incorporates a fire retardant coating that helps achieve maximum thermal efficiency. Weighing in at just over 2.5 lbs, this battery is lighter than any lead-acid battery, but provides reliable and consistent power that will also outperform older models. 


  • Onboard battery monitoring
  • Water and fire resistant casing
  • Long lasting lithium battery
  • Multiple options in lineup to fit wide variety of applications


  • Some features may be redundant with specific motorcycles.

Conclusion: This battery offers features that are unheard of on older model batteries, and all of the advantages that a lithium battery offers over lead-acid. Battery Tender has added several safety features including monitoring and a specialized casing to provide a top-notch battery. 

2. AntiGravity ATX12-HD

This unique battery from Antigravity features 480 cold cranking amps for maximum starting strength as well as the exclusive “re-start” feature which can help you out of a tight spot if the battery runs dry while you’re out and about.

This battery also offers onboard monitoring of the battery’s health to help protect from overcharge, discharge, and overheating. 

Antigravity is known for their top quality lithium ion batteries, providing reliable and proven power in all situations, including extreme cold. Battery monitoring and re-start features provide quality of life advantages over competitors.

All of Antigravity’s batteries are also designed for an OEM fit to ensure that the right battery will always fit flawlessly into whatever vehicle needs it. 


  • Exclusive re-start feature doesn’t require boost boxes or jumper cables
  • onboard battery monitoring features
  • Rapid charging technology for quicker recharges
  • OEM casing fits on all Antigravity batteries
  • High CCA for reliable startup power


  • Re-Start button requires access to the battery without an optional accessory.

Conclusion: This battery is loaded with great features that can be extremely convenient, and the OEM fit on all Antigravity batteries ensures that the battery will fit, provided you choose the one designed for your application.

3. MMG YZ14S

This battery from MMG provides reliable, simple power with a 1 year shelf life. An indicator light feature also provides information on the battery’s charge level without the need to hook up a tester in order to find out its level, saving time and effort when it comes to knowing whether or not the battery may need a charge after a long time in storage. In case of low battery, you have to charge the motorcycle battery. 

This battery is also incredibly lightweight, weighing in at under 2 lbs, lighter even than many other lithium-ion competitors that are available.

300 CCA provides solid and reliable power to ensure that the battery will be able to start up nearly any motorcycle in any kind of conditions. 


  • Onboard, easy to use power meter
  • Strong CCA for consistent, reliable starting power
  • Batteries designed for OE fit to specific motorcycles


  • 2 terminal construction is mildly limiting for the fit

Conclusion: This battery is a solid performer that comes available for most motorcycle applications. The onboard battery level indicator is a great tool to ensure that the battery charge level is sufficient, even after a long time on the shelf. 

4. Shorai LXF14A4

This simple and strong battery from Shorai is designed to be a reliable replacement for OE style batteries, and provides 210 cold cranking amps for reliable startup in most conditions. 

As a lithium battery, this unit is smaller and lighter than many competitors offering the same performance, and can reliably power most vehicles that require a 12v battery. 


  • Simple battery with reliable power
  • Compact size will fit most smaller applications
  • Lightweight design is easy to install


  • Lack of advanced features such as health monitoring.
  • Lower CCA than some competitive lithium-ion models.

Conclusion: This battery offers simple and straightforward operation without any complicated features, providing OEM level performance with all the typical advantages of a lithium-ion battery. 

5. FirePower HJTZ7S-FP Featherweight Lithium Battery

This extremely lightweight option from Firepower offers excellent performance beyond OEM standard in a package that weighs just over 1 lbs. Offering great performance and reliable starting power at a fraction of the weight of an OEM battery, the Firepower featherweight battery is a major upgrade over standard OEM batteries, and is even lighter than the majority of its lithium-ion competition. 

An onboard LED indicator keeps you informed of the charge level on the battery, ensuring that you will always know what the level of the battery is before installing it into your motorcycle or ATV.

The battery also includes foam spacers which help install the battery in a space that may have previously held a battery that was physically larger. The battery also boasts an extremely quick charging time, capable of reaching a 90% charge in 6 minutes. 


  • Extremely lightweight battery just over 1 lbs
  • Quick charging function allows charge to 90% in 6 minutes
  • Included hardware for mounting in a variety of vehicles


  • No built-in health monitoring features
  • 2 terminals may be limiting for some installations

Conclusion: This very lightweight battery provides stable power and performance in a small package, and can be installed in a wide variety of different vehicles thanks to the included hardware. Quick charging and an onboard level monitor add extra convenience. 


This extremely adaptable battery from NOCO can be resized and adjusted to fit a wide variety of different vehicles and applications. 500 amps of starting power ensure that this battery is able to handle virtually any application, including ATVs and jet skis, without any issue. Included hex-type bolts allow more secure connection to the battery terminals. 

Capable of handling 50,000 start cycles, this battery is one of the longest lasting in the industry, and easily exceeds the performance of standard lead-acid batteries. Attachable 12.5mm, 17mm, and 25mm spacers allow the battery to fit into any vehicle, and Noco backs up their product with a 5-year manufacturer warranty. 


  • Adaptable battery size fits any vehicle
  • 500-amp starting power
  • 5-year manufacturer warranty
  • Long, 50,000 start cycle service life


  • No battery monitor features
  • heavier than most lithium ion batteries

Conclusion: For a battery that can fit in nearly any vehicle, the Noco is a clear and reliable choice that can be relied upon to perform for a longer service life than many competitors. Noco’s 5-year warranty provides good peace of mind. 


Riders looking for a good performing lithium ion option on a limited budget will appreciate this offering from MMG. The YTZ7S offers 150 cold cranking amps in a package that weighs just barely over a single pound, and comes in under $100 in cost. 

In order to save on cost, this battery does away with special features, focusing instead on ensuring the best performance for its low price. The result is a 12-month shelf life and impressive 2,000 cycle service lifespan.

Quick recharging and environmentally friendly construction that is expected from lithium batteries is also present in this budget option as well. 


  • Extremely lightweight design
  • Cost effective performance
  • Above standard CCA


  • Lower CCA than most lithium competitors
  • no advanced features like battery monitoring

Conclusion: This battery is a simple and effective option designed with all budgets in mind. For any rider looking for the reliability of a lithium battery without spending a very large quantity of money, this MMG is a reliable option. 

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Lithium-Ion Motorcycle Battery

In recent years, lithium-ion batteries have become much more popular than lead-acid batteries in the motorcycle world. This comes down to a number of things, including their lighter weight, higher power, and longer lifespan. With all of these advantages, it is little surprise that more and more manufacturers are even equipping their new models with lithium batteries, and soon lead-acid batteries will be a thing of the past. 

However, for all of their advantages, lithium batteries still vary greatly between brands and models, and choosing the right battery for your motorcycle may come down to one of several different factors. Here are a few things to think about when choosing your next lithium battery.

Starting Power

First and foremost, the starting power of a battery is always a major consideration. This is measured in Cold cranking amps or CCA, which measures how much power a battery can deliver.

The higher the CCA, the stronger the battery will be and the quicker it will deliver the energy needed to start the bike. This is particularly important in colder climates, as a higher CCA will more easily overcome the extreme temperatures it is exposed to. 


Another major consideration for any battery that you wish to fit to your motorcycle is that it actually fits the bike. Your battery box will have very specific dimensions meant to fit the factory battery.

In most cases the battery’s dimensions, as well as the position of the terminals, will have an identifying code attached to them, and many aftermarket batteries will list the compatibility with various makes and models of motorcycle. Always make sure to check for compatibility before purchasing a battery. 

Some batteries may also be smaller than the factory normal size while still being compatible with your motorcycle. In these cases you should make sure that the battery includes spacers or adhesive-backed foam to keep the battery from moving around in the battery box while you are riding.


If you plan on having a battery on hand in case one goes out, and if you have more than one vehicle that you want to have covered, some batteries offer compatibility across multiple vehicle makes, models, and even types.

While you should never share a battery across multiple vehicles after installation, having a versatile battery that would work for multiple vehicle types may be a good idea if you are simply preparing it ahead of actually needing a new one. 

Discharging Rate

For riders who leave their bikes in storage, or for those who are looking to store their batteries for later use, the discharging rate will be an especially important factor. The slower the discharging rate the longer the “shelf life” of the battery is, and the longer it can sit without being charged up.

Completely discharging the battery can result in damage, so it is a good idea to go for a model with a low discharge rate, especially if the battery or bike that it is installed in will be sitting for a long time. 

Battery Technology

Some batteries will include special features to increase the efficiency or allow the batteries to be used in special applications. These features can include onboard battery health monitoring and safety features to help prevent issues like overcharging.

You may also find batteries with battery level indicators, temperature resistant casings, and waterproof designs. All of these features can be useful in certain conditions, so be sure to keep your riding conditions and any special concerns you may have in mind when going over the special features of the battery you ultimately purchase. 

Final Thoughts

Lithium-ion batteries represent the next stage of battery technology, and have mostly replaced lead-acid batteries in the aftermarket. Many manufacturers are even using lithium-ion batteries in their motorcycles from the factory, enhancing the reliability and performance of the motorcycles that are fitted with them. 

Should you choose to upgrade your older lead-acid battery with a new lithium-ion battery, always keep the tips we’ve provided in mind, and be sure to check compatibility with your specific motorcycle as well as consider any special circumstances about your typical ride that may come into play.

While there are many, many different models to choose from, the information we have given you should go a long way to helping you pick the specific battery that you will need for your motorcycle. 

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