10 Best Motorcycle Glasses Reviews 2024 – Newbie Guide

10 Best Motorcycle Glasses Reviews 2024 – Newbie Guide

Elements like wind, dust, and sun glare can be a serious distraction when riding a motorcycle. These elements can create a dangerous situation for even the most experienced riders, and can even cause long-term vision damage over time. 

Fortunately, there are options available to combat the harsh conditions that your eyes may be subject to on the road. Not only is the right pair of motorcycle sunglasses a functional piece of protective equipment, but it will be stylish as well. 

There are dozens of different options on the market today, and with all the possible choices it can be overwhelming to find the right pair for you. To help narrow down your options, we’ve done extensive research and found 10 of the very best motorcycle sunglasses to ride with. We’ll also go over a few important details about what to look for when buying a perfect pair of best motorcycle sunglasses specifically for riding with. 

Best Overall

Bobster ESH201 Unisex Sunglasses

Best Overall

Uvex Sportstyle 255

Best Overall

Speedcraft Soft Tact HiPerRed

Can I Ride a Motorcycle With Glasses?

riding motorcycles with glasses is entirely possible, and wearing a pair of sunglasses can even provide a whole host of advantages as well. riding motorcycles with a good quality pair of motorcycle sunglasses provides valuable UV protection, as well as protection from things like road debris.

Without proper eye protection these factors can be a major contributing factor to crashing, which itself can lead to serious injury. To help prevent the sort of dangerous situation that can be caused by road debris or sun glare, it’s a good idea to use some form of eye protection. 

A few benefits of wearing sunglasses on a motorcycle may include:

  • Sun glare and UV protection: A good pair of motorcycle glasses will provide solid protection from the brightness of the sun and damaging UV radiation that comes with it. A reduction in sun glare means fewer distractions while you ride, while UV protection prevents long term damage to your vision. 
  • Reduced eye strain: Squinting to try and filter out excess light is a natural response to excessively bright conditions, but it can also be rough on your eyes. Sunglasses of all types are designed to prevent this, and wearing a good quality pair will allow your eyes to focus on the world around you without the need to squint or strain against the brightness of the sun. 
  • Protection from road debris and bugs: Having a physical barrier in front of your eyes protects them from gravel and bugs flying through the air that could otherwise cause injury and distractions. Dealing with dirt or debris in your eyes can be annoying, and even lead to a crash in some circumstances. Wearing a pair of best motorcycle sunglasses can go a long way toward preventing this, simply by being between your eyes and the rest of the world. 

Earring a pair of sunglasses can also be a great alternative to a tinted visor, especially if you ride during both the day and night. Rather than switching from a tinted visor to a clear one when the sun goes down, riding with a pair of motorcycle riding glasses provides solid eye protection during the day, and you can simply not put them on at night. This lets you just stay with the clear visor at all times, without the need to swap between two different visors. 

The misconception that you cannot wear sunglasses with a helmet is simply not true, and many helmets will even have channels in their padding specifically to accommodate the earpieces of your favorite pair of shades!

10 Best Motorcycle Glasses Reviews:

1. Bobster ESH201 Unisex Sunglasses

These unisex sunglasses from Bobster offer a great balance of style, functionality, and cost. The wraparound construction provides protection not just for the front of your vision, but also the sides, and the frameless design is a stylish option. 

Foam padding ensures that the sunglasses sit comfortably in place, which is particularly useful for long trips where other models may become uncomfortable. 100% UVA and UVB protection is a solid feature for ensuring maximum long-term protection for your vision. 

Highlighted features:

  • Wraparound, frameless design for total field of vision support
  • Foam padding for maximum comfort
  • 100% UVA and UVB protection
  • Microfiber carrying pouch included

2. Uvex Sportstyle 255

These high quality sunglasses from Uvex feature a mirrored finish and heavy duty construction in order to provide solid eye protection over many, many rides.

As a company that specializes in recreational eyewear, Uvex brings proven quality to every product they sell, and these stylish and effective motorcycle sunglasses are no exception. 

Uvex’s “litemirror” finish also provides protection from UV and infrared light, offering reflective light protection that goes a step above its competitors.

With a close fitting, wraparound design, these sunglasses are also effective at protecting your peripheral vision as well, which is something that many styles of sunglasses simply do not do. 

Highlighted Features:

  • Litemirror finish provides protection against UV and infrared light
  • Wraparound design for comfortable, total vision protection
  • High quality, durable build construction

3. Speedcraft Soft Tact HiPerRed

For riders that are looking for the absolute maximum level of protection with no compromises made, these sunglasses from Speedcraft offer the latest in eye protection and top quality construction. The polycarbonate lenses feature full 360 degree field of vision and a scratch resistant coating that also features 100% UV resistance. 

Specialized ventilation and air scoops maximize airflow and resist moisture, even in the most extreme conditions, accommodating very active riders with minimum condensation. The lenses of these sunglasses are also shatterproof, and designed to be extremely durable as well. Using all the latest in build quality and advanced eye protection, these sunglasses are an excellent choice for the serious rider that wants the absolute best and is willing to pay extra for it. 

Highlighted Features:

  • Specialized ventilation to maximize airflow and prevent condensation 
  • Shatterproof, 55% polarized lenses
  • 100% UV protection
  • Scratch resistant coating on polycarbonate lenses

4. Blupond Knight Visor night Driving Glasses

Rather than being designed for riding in harsh daylight, these high quality motorcycle glasses are meant to minimize eye strain that some riders experience while riding at night.

Using a lightweight metal construction and durable polycarbonate lenses, these motorcycle glasses are both highly practical and durable, useful for filtering out the harsh light of oncoming headlights as well as providing enhanced contrast while riding in daylight conditions. 

This pair of glasses also includes a collection of useful accessories. A semi-hard case allows for easy and secure storage when the motorcycle glasses are not in use, and the included screwdriver allows for minute adjustments to the fit of the motorcycle glasses.

Other accessories like the microfiber cloth and car visor clip also provide options for storage and cleaning that you would need to purchase separately with competing models. 

Highlighted Features:

  • Yellow-tinted filtration for enhanced contrast in daylight and light filtration at night
  • Metal and polycarbonate lens construction for maximum durability
  • Included collection of convenient accessories
  • Shatterproof and scratch resistant lenses

5. Wynd Blocker Motorcycle and Biking Wraparound

These special sunglasses from Wynd Blocker feature high quality rubberized construction and UV400 lenses for maximum comfort and eye protection. Designed with total protection in mind, these sunglasses are also lightweight and built with rubberized earpieces that maximize grip and can even float if they happen to fall into water. 

Included with the sunglasses is a microfiber pouch that can function as a lens cleaner if needed, ensuring that you will always have a way to keep the lenses clean and clear of debris. These lenses are also scratch resistant, and come backed by a 100% money back guarantee against any kind of defects that you may encounter. 

Highlighted Features:

  • UV400 blocks 100% of UVA and UVB light
  • Lightweight, rubberized frame for maximum comfort and secure fit
  • Backed up by money back guarantee from factory
  • Available with multiple lens and frame colors

6. X-KD Adult Biker Sunglasses

For more budget minded riders, these plastic sunglasses from X-KD offer exceptional protection for a very low cost. Both the frames and lenses are made from plastic, keeping the weight down without the added cost of more specialized materials.

The lenses feature a special coating that provides 100% UV protection, and the sunglasses are designed specifically to be able to fit comfortably under a helmet. 

Amber colored lenses provide a good balance of glare protection and detail, enhancing contrast in bright settings so that no details are missed while you ride.

The earpieces are extra thin to allow for excellent peripheral vision and slide over your ears comfortably, even without channels in the helmet. 

Highlighted Features:

  • Soft silicone sponge frame padding
  • High-quality polycarbonate lens
  • UV400 lens coating for UV protection
  • Lightweight motorcycle riding glasses
  • Waterproof and high-quality motorcycle glasses

7. HiSurprise 3 Pack Motorcycle Sunglasses

This 3 pack of best motorcycle sunglasses offers extreme versatility without the need to swap out the lenses on each pair of sunglasses. Each pair features padded frames for maximum comfort, as well as solid wraparound construction for outstanding eye protection while riding.

By including clear, yellow, and smoke colored lenses, this package ensures that you will always have the proper eye protection option available for any situation. 

Each pair of sunglasses features UV400 protection for over 99% UV filtration, meaning that you will always have solid protection against long term damage to your vision.

Smoked lenses are especially effective at protecting your eyes in bright situations, while yellow lenses offer excellent contrast and light filtering at night. The clear lenses are a great option for open-face helmets that provide no eye protection.

Highlighted Features:

  • 3-pack of sunglasses ensure you have the best option available in all circumstances
  • Wraparound design for maximum protection and style
  • UV400 filters out UV light
  • Lightweight padded construction is comfortable to wear over long periods of time

8. Uvex LGL 41

These mirror-coated sunglasses from Uvex offer UV protection and polycarbonate lens construction with truly unique styling. Using white frames and green-colored lenses, the Uvex LGL41 sunglasses are a particularly solid choice for anyone looking for sunglasses that are ideal not just for riding, but for all-around wear for the summer. 

Featuring Uvex’s mirror finish and polycarbonate lenses, these sunglasses are durable and meant for long term wear. The lightweight construction of the frames means that you can wear these sunglasses on long trips, as well as out and around town comfortably.

Highlighted Features:

  • Unique styling for wear both on and off your motorcycle
  • Lightweight construction for maximum comfort
  • Polycarbonate, scratch resistant lenses
  • Full UV blocking mirrored finish

9. ProSport Leather Side Glacier Sunglasses

ProSport brings classic and unique styling to these practical sunglasses, offering a pair of sunglasses that protects your vision while making a bold styling statement.

The copper lenses offer excellent protection against bright light, and feature an impact and scratch resistant coating to ensure that they can stand up to your daily ride. Polycarbonate material ensures that the lenses offer good protection and durability. 

An attached cord allows the sunglasses to hang securely from the neck when not in use, while leatherette side shields provide protection for your peripheral vision.

The amber lenses help with light filtering while also providing excellent visibility in most conditions.

Highlighted Features:

  • Leatherette side shields for peripheral vision protection and unique style
  • Amber colored lenses provide good balance of light protection and visibility
  • Polycarbonate, impact-resistant lenses
  • Attached cord hangs the sunglasses from your neck when not in use

10. Bikerarmour Blue Light Blocking Sunglasses

These sunglasses from Bikerarmour provide protection not just for your ride, but for working with electronics and digital displays as well. Blue light filtering helps with eye strain when working with screens, while UV400 protection ensures filtration of UV light when worn outside.

The polycarbonate lenses are also impact and scratch resistant, meaning that the lenses can even stand up to heavy on-road use. 

The plastic wraparound frames are lightweight, allowing for long term use both on and off of your bike, while the polycarbonate lenses filter blue light, UV radiation, and are safety ratings.

An included microfiber pouch allows easy transportation when not in use, and can also be used as a cleaning cloth if needed.

Highlighted Features:

  • Safety and UV400 rated lenses
  • Lightweight plastic frames
  • Blue light filtering helps with electronic screens
  • Impact and shatter resistant lenses

Things To Look For Before Buying

Let’s take a closer look at a few of the most crucial things to consider when looking for the best pair of sunglasses to wear on your motorcycle. Unlike regular sunglasses, there is more to a good pair of motorcycle sunglasses. Here are 5 of the key factors to consider when looking for the best pair for you.  Before buying these, you must know how to wear glasses with a motorcycle helmet.

1. UV protection

Long term exposure to the sun can have a major effect on your vision if you don’t happen to be wearing the proper eye uv protection.

The rating to keep an eye out for is UV400, which blocks 100% of UV radiation to protect your eyes. This coating is essential, especially when considering a pair of sunglasses that you will be wearing for a long time.

2. Wind protection

When riding a motorcycle, one of the most important things to consider is wind protection. The wind can carry dust and debris, and well as dry out your eyes.

This leads to an uncomfortable and distracting experience that can be very dangerous in extreme cases. 

Many pairs of sunglasses specifically designed to be worn on a motorcycle will feature foam padding to create a seal around the eyes and protect them from flying debris and wind, as well as provide a more comfortable fit.

Wraparound sunglasses also offer protection by blocking air from the sides as well as the front of your eyes.

3. Fog resistance

Condensation on the lenses of your sunglasses can seriously compromise your vision, and this can be a dangerous situation. After all, you can’t react to something you can’t see. Many motorcycle riding glasses will deal with condensation in one of two ways. 

An anti-fog coating is naturally resistant to condensation and fogging. This coating prevents buildup of moisture and keeps your vision clear without compromising any other part or feature of the design. However, some manufacturers cannot combine this coating with other coatings. 

Some sunglasses will feature ventilation that is designed to minimize moisture buildup or condensation by channeling the wind in a strategic way. This method can be more comfortable by cooling the motorcycle glasses and preventing condensation, but in some cases this can open up the wearer for fine particles carried by the wind. 

Always be sure to check for the anti-fogging feature that will work best for your specific riding conditions.

4. Water resistance

Whether from rain or sweat, your sunglasses are likely to encounter moisture, and it is important to ensure that whatever pair you choose are capable of dealing with this.

This is especially true when wearing your sunglasses with an open-face helmet since this means that your sunglasses will be the only thing protecting your eyes from the rain in wet conditions. 

Water-repellant lenses prevent raindrops from sticking to your lenses and obscuring your vision, and that means a safer ride. Just like condensation, rain can block your vision and make you miss important details on the road.

Wearing a pair of sunglasses with a water-repellent coating helps ensure that your vision stays clear, even in wet and rainy conditions.

5. Durability

With any pair of best motorcycle sunglasses, especially ones that you will be wearing regularly, it is important to be sure that they are made from quality materials that will hold up over time. Both the lenses and the frames should be made from materials that will last when put to heavy use. 

Frames made from metal and rubberized plastic are particularly durable, although metal frames are also significantly heavier than plastic. These materials can last a very long time, and even withstand a certain level of abuse from the environment or long term wear. 

The most durable material for sunglass lenses would be polycarbonate, which is typically impact and scratch resistant. This material is excellent both for the long term durability of your sunglasses as well as the level of safety they provide when being worn on the road.

Other Considerations:

  • Lens size: When looking for the best motorcycle sunglasses pair for you, you should always be aware of the amount of coverage offered by the lenses. Be sure that the lenses do ont leave any part of your eyes uncovered when in use. 
  • Frame legs: Many sunglasses designed for use on a motorcycle will have thin “legs” that fit over the ear in order to be worn comfortably with a helmet. This is especially necessary when the helmet you wear does not have channels in the padding designed to accommodate sunglasses.
  • Straps: Straps, strings, and cords that attach your sunglasses to you can be very handy in making sure they are not lost when riding or in between rides. These straps and strings may be easily detachable as well, allowing for easy removal when you are done wearing them. 
  • Appearance: if you mind about fashion, then look for glasses that match your style preferences. These glasses come in all sorts of styles and designs, so you’ll be spoilt for choices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the best motorcycle glasses for night riding?

The very best motorcycle sunglasses for riding at night will have yellow lenses. These lenses are typically designed specifically to enhance contrast and detail in low light conditions and to filter out glare from oncoming headlights. 

2. How do I take care of my sunglasses?

Keeping your motorcycle sunglasses in good shape will ensure that you can continue using them for quite some time without the need to replace them.

Always using the carrying case provided with most sunglasses is a good start, and when cleaning the lenses you should use a soft cloth, usually microfiber, and avoid using a rougher material such as linen. 

If the nose pieces become loose over time, most models will be able to be adjusted with a small screwdriver to restore the proper fit. 

3. what are the ideal motorcycle glasses for riding in the rain?

Some sunglasses will have a hydroponic coating, which is designed specifically to repel water. This is a feature that will be listed, and is ideal for riding in wet conditions, as raindrops slide easily off the lenses, rather than staying in place and obscuring your vision. 

4. How do I keep my lenses from fogging up?

If your lenses are not already equipped with an anti-fog coating, you may consider using an anti-fog wipe for cleaning them. These cleaning wipes leave behind a chemical residue that is invisible but helps to combat condensation on the lenses. 

When wearing your glasses, also remember to keep the lenses a little clear of your eyes, as wearing them too closely can also contribute to condensation, even with fog resistant lenses.

Final Verdict

Protecting your eyes on your motorcycle is a crucial component of riding safely, although this protection doesn’t have to be costly.

The ideal pair of riding sunglasses will effectively block out the sun’s glare, protect from dust and debris, and be made from durable materials that last over time. 

With the information provided in this buying guide, you will know exactly what to look for when considering the ideal pair of sunglasses for your specific needs.

Whether you need a pair of sunglasses for a long ride in the bright sun, or a pair to reduce glare at night, you now have all the knowledge necessary to accurately and confidently choose the pair that best suits your specific needs!

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