Best Motorcycle Grips Reviews in 2024 & Buying Guide

Best Motorcycle Grips Reviews in 2024 & Buying Guide

It is time to get the perfect pair of motorcycle grips if you do not have the right ones on your bike. Motorcycle hand grips are essential for safe and comfortable riding, especially during longer trips.

Here are the best motorcycle grips to help you find the right pair. These grips are efficient and will help you ride without hand fatigue or discomfort.

What is a Motorcycle Handgrip?

Instead of a steering wheel, a motorcycle has a front fork that holds the front wheel in place and holds the handles which are used by the rider to maneuver the bike.

This panel has all the fancy bike instruments, but most importantly, this is the place where you exercise bike movement. Often, beginners may forget about hand grips, but they are essential.

The handgrip is synthesized rubber grips for your bike handles which foster better control along with other benefits. A handgrip is external and needs to be changed from time to time. There are different types of grips for different bike arrangements, but they are necessary.

Best Motorcycle Grips

1. Renthal G149 Black Full Diamond Sportbike Grip – Best Overall

Renthal grips are tested on dirt bikes and competition tracks to guarantee they can withstand harsh riding conditions.

The Renthal G149 features double-layer grips with DuPont Kevlar brand resin rubber compounds. The resin compound is firm, ensuring the grips offer excellent weather resistance and durability.

These grips have vibration-isolating features and absorb the shock transferred through your hands. They also come in standard and tapered patterns, providing unparalleled traction.

Important Features

  • Good grip: The grips use unique technology and have three advanced synthetic rubber compounds that give a good level of grip. It makes it easy to control the handlebars and prevent the throttle from slipping.
  • Durable: Inner sleeve, the outer end of the grip, and the flange contain a firm compound for maximum durability.
  • Comfortable: The outer diameter of the grips has softer compounds to keep your thumb, fingers, and palm comfortable.
  • Good endurance: Ensures optimal grip retention under exposure to weathering and sunlight.


  • Installation is relatively straightforward.
  • Diamond grip design.
  • All-weather compatibility.
  • They come as a pair.


  • The grips do not have an adhesive to mount them to the handlebars.

VERDICT: Renthal G149 grips are 29 mm thick with high-quality compounds that make them soft and durable. You can choose the level of cushioning you prefer in the grips, from soft, medium, and firm.

2. Progrip 714BK Dual Sport Gel Grip – Best for Throttle Control

PROGRIP 714 Dual Sport Gel Grip offers a lot in terms of design and performance. It has a simple design with gel and rubber construction. The rubber effectively absorbs shock and vibrations while delivering excellent control and comfort.

This grip measures 33 mm in outer diameter, 0.866-0.984 in inner diameter, and has a length of 125 mm. The ends are closed, so your hands can rest on it during long journeys without slipping.

The grip is ideal for rotary throttle applications. It manually clamps onto the throttle, holding it in one place to give the best throttle control. This grip clasps easily, even in hot weather.

Important Features

  • Comfortable: PROGRIP 714 dual sports gel grip has a popular design with large diameters for maximum comfort.
  • Absorbs vibration: The grips have a unique gel rubber that absorbs vibration and keeps your hands from fatigue.
  • Optimized grip: These PROGRIP 714 dual sports gel grip has textured rubber, offering a good level of grip.
  • All types of terrains: Its high level of comfort and grip makes them ideal for street, dirt, or dual sport riding.


  • Excellent vibration dampening.
  • Simple design and is easy to install.
  • Large diameter.
  • Reduces hand fatigue.


  • The larger diameter makes it a bit loose on some motorcycles.
  • The grips are not very durable.

VERDICT: The edges of the grips create a groove-like design when installed to ensure your grip is comfortable in all types of terrain. Expect it to absorb shock efficiently with its gel rubber construction.

3. BikeMaster Heated Grips (7/8) – Best Heated Motorcycle Grips

These grips feature an easily adjustable five-level temperature control system.

This makes them the most customizable grips with heat transfer systems on our list. They warm quickly and function well on motorcycles with 12V DC power supply units.

The design ensures that the grips are nicely textured to give the right amount of grip. They also have removable end caps in case you want open-ended grips.

The structure of the heat release system makes up for their poor conducting properties. The grips also have in-line fuse protection and sealed connectors for all-weather mounting.

Important Features

  • Safe and comfortable: A specially selected rubber material provides a comfortable grip.
  • Adjustable temperature: The temperature controller adjusts the heat level and prevents overheating.
  • Quality design: Its efficient design provides warmth faster than traditional thermal grips. It also ensures the grip is resistant to damage even when constantly exposed to the elements.
  • Easy control: An LCD controller displays the available battery voltage, heat levels, and warm-up modes at a glance for easy control.
  • UV resistant: The grip rubber has a UV-resistant material, making it durable even when constantly left under the sun.


  • Excellent grip control.
  • Comes with a heat control system.
  • Very efficient heat transfer.
  • Sleek and elegant design.


  • They can drain your battery if left on after riding.

VERDICT: BikeMaster Grips provide exceptional grip and get warm pretty quickly, thus ideal for commuting on cold days. They also have non-slip water-draining contours and function well with handlebar flanges.

4. The Original Grip Puppy Comfort Grips – Best All-Weather Motorcycle Grips

The Original Grip Puppy grips have special high-tech oxidation, ozone, and UV-resistant material. The soft polymer fabric used on these grips is porous and doesn’t allow any room for slippage. They keep moisture away in both cold and hot weather.

These grips have thick foam that increases the handlebar diameter for maximum shock absorption. They are also squeezable, soft, and tactile to reduce engine vibrations channeled to the handlebars.

The Original Grip Puppy Grips can fit standard grips with less than an inch diameter. Depending on your base grip, they can stretch between 1.25” and 1.45”. The grips will work with ⅞” bar grips with variations in the outside diameter.

Important Features

  • Comfortable: They have precision-engineered foam that is very soft and squeezable to provide extra comfort.
  • UV and Ozone-resistant: Its design is specifically meant to prevent wear due to UV and ozone. It also does not hold water, therefore improving its oxidation resistance.
  • Durable: The high-tech material design makes the Original Grip Puppy grips very strong and highly durable.
  • Better grip: Each Grip puppy material offers the desired grip and texture for a more comfortable ride.


  • Provides comfort in all weather conditions.
  • Work well with heated grips.
  • Compatible with almost all bikes.
  • Very comfortable design.


  • Not very ideal for small hands.
  • It does not have contours.

VERDICT: The Original Grip Puppy Comfort Grips ensure a solid and sturdy grip for a more comfortable ride. They also work perfectly well on top of heated grips, in case you already have one on your handlebar.

5. Kuryakyn 6228 Premium ISO Handlebar Grips – Best Grips for Harley Motorcycles

Kuryakyn premium ISO handlebar grips work on 2008–2019 Harley Davidson motorcycles. The grips have soft rubber material with a non-slip exterior that is ideally placed to reduce the vibrations on the handlebars. They have recesses between the non-slip pads to allow efficient airflow between your fingers. 

These grips use a dual system that provides vibration absorption and reduces hand fatigue. They fit the hands perfectly and guarantee maximum comfort during long-distance rides.

The Kuryakyn premium ISO grips have black paddings and chrome detailing, providing great aesthetics. They also come with aluminum caps that you can use on top of stock grips with air tank-type handlebars.

Important Features

  • Good grip: It has a chrome-plated ISO grip placement that dampens vibrations to provide a non-slip and smooth surface.
  • Comfortable: The glove has great quality control with a Throttle Boss for ultimate ride comfort.
  • Unique quality design: It has unique removable end caps to allow the usage of air tank-type handlebars. This matches the contoured Throttle Boss to help relieve forearm fatigue.
  • Great airflow: The grip has unique recessions between the grip pads for optimal airflow and heat relief.


  • Compatible with electronic throttle control.
  • High-quality material and very durable.
  • Provides great relief from the heat.
  • Compatible with many bikes.


  • It may be challenging to install.

VERDICT: Kuryakyn motorcycle grips are among the most comfortable motorcycle grip systems. They are mainly compatible with Harley models, so ensure they fit your motorcycle before installation.

6. ODI Vans Cult Motorcycle Hand Grips – Best for V-Twin Motorcycles

These are a set of modern and performance-effective grips specifically made for V-twin motorcycles. They have a domed center section for the fingers and palms, making them fit snugly around the handlebars.

ODI Vans Grips absorb shock and minimize vibrations to reduce hand fatigue when riding. They are also designed with a Vans wave pattern to give a secure grip and a comfortable riding experience.

These grips have a vintage look and come in different colors to add a cool, aesthetic look to your motorcycle. They have 1” and ⅞” diameter options, so they won’t fit small motorcycles or those without throttle sleeves.

Important Features

  • Excellent grip: Has a proprietary rubber compound created by Cult and produced by ODI to provide the best surface texture.
  • Safe and comfortable: It features a classic van waffle sole pattern with a domed center section for vibration dampening.
  • Durable: The grip is specifically made of rubber that is weather resistant and offers high durability for long-time use.
  • Absorbs shock: It has a high level of flexibility, which helps absorb shock and reduce the vibration on the hands.


  • Provides all weather control.
  • Easy to navigate and install.
  • Prevents hand fatigue.
  • It has an authentic Vans sole design.


  • The material is not as soft, so driving barehanded may cause hand discomfort.

VERDICT: ODI Vans Cult Motorcycle Hand Grips are made for high performance and come as a pair. The product has excellent quality and guarantees a comfortable and secure grip.

7. Arlen Ness Black Fusion Grips – Best Stylish Finish

These Fusion Grips feature a linear knurled rubber grip fitted with air pillows to provide extensive comfort. The design is smooth, so you won’t have to worry about friction causing fatigued fingers, sweaty hands, or blisters. 

Arlen Ness Fusion Grips have slotted end caps and 11/4-inch aluminum billet inner collars that ensure firm installation. The diamond mesh texture also increases friction and guarantees the best handlebar grip. It reduces twist throttle slippage and gives you better control as you ride.

The intricate black-centric design adds a stylish touch and is aesthetically pleasing. It would fit nearly every color theme and make your motorcycle look sleek and outstanding.

Important Features

  • Stylish finish: Machined billet aluminum collars, end caps, and rings have a flawless black finish for great looks.
  • Safe and comfortable: Each grip has integrated air pillows and linear knurled rubber grips for extreme comfort.
  • Excellent traction: The diamond-knurled pattern provides unparalleled traction for your hands.
  • Compatibility: Arlen Ness Fusion Grips feature 11/4” billet inner collars compatible with most motorcycles.


  • Versatile for a wide variety of bikes.
  • Their intricate machined details give them a unique finish.
  • The texture provides a superior grasp.
  • Extensive compatibility.


  • The rugged design of Allen Ness grips makes them firm.

VERDICT: Arlen Ness Fusion Grips have smooth and comfortable materials. Also, the design of these grips gives a firm and rough feel to offer a good level of grip. It will easily add extra traction for riders of all hand sizes.

8. Surpassme Motorcycle Grips – Best Simple Design

Surpassme Motorcycle Grips have a simple design and are made of soft, comfortable rubber. The grips are shock-resistant and do a great job absorbing vibrations from bumps on the road and the engine. They will certainly go a long way to ensure good flexibility and prevent hand fatigue.

These grips come as a pair; one is 1” (24 mm) for the right handlebar and the other ⅞” (22 mm) for the left handlebar. They have a mesh-textued vintage old diamond design with anti-slip properties. It stays grippy in wet conditions and ensures you do not slip off the clutch or throttle around tight corners.

Important Features

  • High rubber: Made of high-quality rubber that is low temperature resistant, prevents corrosion and is durable.
  • UV resistance: The grips have TPR rubber resistant to UV radiation, so the color will not fade quickly.
  • Compatibility: Fit for most bikes with a 1” right handlebar and 7/8” left handlebar, including ATVs and other motorized vehicles.
  • Comfortable to wear: The TPR rubber grip is skidproof to avoid slippery hands. This feature relieves hand fatigue even after a long journey.


  • Durable and will not age quickly.
  • Prevents hand fatigue from vibrations.
  • Soft and easy to grip.
  • The design is comfortable on long rides.


  • The grips do not have cruise control clamps or flanges.

VERDICT: These motorcycle grips are soft and shock-resistant, keeping them very comfortable on the hand, even on long rides. They may not have included instructions, but they are pretty easy to wrap around your handlebars.

9. HTTMT ET006 Motorcycle Grips – Best for Budget

HTTMT ET006 Grips easily slip onto your motorcycle’s handles, making riding longer distances enjoyable. They are long and thick and can increase the hand grip thickness by 6 mm to 8 mm. Their excellent padding reduces vibrations and increases the rider’s comfort.

The grips have an anti-kinetic EPDM fabric that is UV-resistant, making them durable even when constantly left under the sun. The best part is that HTTMT ET006 grips are compatible with most motorcycles, so you don’t have to worry about your bike’s fitment.

This product is affordable and relatively cheaper than all the grip alternatives on this list. It performs very well and would be ideal for budget-conscious buyers.

Important Features

  • UV-resistant: It has a durable UV-resistant material that does not crack or weaken even with extended exposure to the elements.
  • Comfortable: The covers improve the rider’s comfort by adding thickness to the standard grips and reducing vibrations.
  • Easy installation: It fits easily and only requires you to lubricate using soapy water and slide it over the stock grip. Once the water dries, you are ready to ride.
  • Adjustable: You can cut the HTTMT ET006 Grips into the required length to fit the handlebars.


  • Fits a wide range of motorcycles.
  • Provides great comfort.
  • Increases the grip thickness.
  • Reduces vibrations.


  • They do not fit some larger cruisers.

VERDICT: The HTTMT ET006 Grips do a good job of keeping your fingers engaged to your motorcycle handlebars. They are pretty straightforward to install and easily fit over standard and heated hand grips.

10. ProTaper Pillow Grip – Best Anti-Vibration Motorcycle Grips

These grips offer a high degree of comfort and are good at reducing hand fatigue, especially for off-road riders. The Pro Taper Pillow Top Grip is very popular for its vibration-isolating features. In fact, there are hardly any anti-vibration motorcycle grips this efficient.

Pro Taper Grip has a revolutionary Vibrasonic pillow that helps absorb shock and reduce vibrations. They’re ideal for motorcycles with handlebar vibrations or those riding on rough terrains. These grips fit softly into your hand.

The handlebar grip and throttle tube grip are of different inner diameters. It will fit a 7/8” bar or an oversize bar that tapers to 7/8” at the ends.

Important Features

  • Self-cleaning: The grip has a special coating that cleans and removes the mud from the outer surface.
  • Long lifespan: It has an Anti-Rip Tip made of a heavy-duty compound that increases the life of the grips and makes them durable.
  • Strong grip: Its inner core, tacky gel-like compound, bonds well with the bar interface making it perfect for off-road riders.
  • Eliminates vibration: It has a Vibrasonix pillow top to cushion impact and eliminate vibration.


  • Easy to install.
  • Excellent ability to resist vibration.
  • Safe and comfortable.
  • Its design is quite sturdy.


  • They are too soft and can be easily torn.

VERDICT: This grip works well to relieve the pressure transferred through your hands when riding on rough surfaces. Its level of cushioning makes it great at minimizing shock and lessening handlebar vibrations.

How to Identify the Perfect Motorcycle Grip?

There are a few things you need to know before you become a pro at identifying the good ones from the mediocre ones. Give these details a good read, and you will be able to identify the best grips for you instantly.

Shape and Size

It will not matter how good the handles are, if they are not compatible with your bike, they are mostly useless. For this, you have first to examine the dimensions of your bike. Usually, the left side is 7/8-inches while the throttle side is 1-inch.

However, different bikes might have different specifications from these. They have to match if you want your grips to work. So, study the handles on your bike and match it with the size and shape of the grips.


Compatibility is not everything. You cannot expect to get the best results by just seeing if something fits. You have to make, so it synergizes with your bike to generate the best results possible. You cannot just go in blindly.

For example, if you are riding a Harley Davidson bike, you need to get something that has high-grade vibration resistance. If you do not account for that, you will not be able to make the most out of your investment. So, make sure you are getting the type you need.


If the material is bad, then you will not be getting much use out of your grips for long. Of course, the better the material is, the more expensive it is, so you know to consider that too. Whatever you take, make sure that the exterior is non-slip so that your hands stay firm.

On top of that, you will want something comfortable as well. Your hands will be planted onto the grip for hours on end after all. If it’s uncomfortable, it will lower your willingness to ride and hamper the experience immensely.


Finally, you have to pay attention to what you will be paying. Generally, you would not want to spend over 20 dollars on a handle. However, if you are trying to get something premium, you might have to invest more.

Grips wear out, and you have to be ready to invest in repairing them time and time again. So, it could be safer to buy multiple cheap units. However, the more expensive a unit is, the longer it could last, and the nicer it could feel.

Ultimately, how much you are willing to spend depends on you. Nonetheless, you have to be sure that whatever you are getting is worth the investment based on your preferences. In case it is not, try to look for a different unit.

How to Install the Motorcycle Grip on Your Motorcycle?

The old grips tend to wear and melt into the cylindrical handle, which is why a specific procedure is needed to take them off. Moreover, as these grips are bounded on all sides, they must be attached which also requires some expertise. The whole procedure is as follows:

  • If the old grips are of no use, then you can cut them off using a sharp object.
  • To remove the old grips in one piece, unhook the bar ends and other parts of the handle using an Allen key. Make sure that the Allen key fits properly.
  • To lubricate the inside of the old grip, use a screwdriver, and insert it between the handle and the grip and the screwdriver should be coated by something slippery.
  • Take the screwdriver out and slowly move the grip outwards till it comes off.
  • Clean the bars properly and make sure that the surface has no gunk or glue.
  • Lube the insides of the new grip with hairspray as it helps in sliding but dries down very quickly. It also acts like glue when it dries down.
  • Use plenty of hairsprays and slide the grips on to the bar. This will require some force and technique, but with proper lubrication, it should be reasonably straightforward.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are both the grips of the same size?

No. the grip on the right bar has a bigger diameter.

2. Can the grips absorb water?

Some of the grips are specialized to absorb water.

3. Will the grips leave the hand with a sticky feeling?

No, the grips are synthesized rubber and will not leave a sticky feeling on the hand.

4. What kind of grip is suitable for a Harley?

Heavy cushioned grips are best suited for a Harley.

5. Is it possible to use a grip cover over a damaged grip?

Yes, however, it is best to change the damaged grip.

Final Words

Hopefully, our reviews on the best motorcycle grips were an easy read to learn why grips are so essential and how you can maintain one. Control is everything while riding a bike, so don’t throw that away by not using a simple item such as a grip.

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